Aug 13, 2010

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Review: Cooking Up a Storm by Emma Holly

Contemporary Erotica
June 18 1998
Mass Market Paperback
272 pages
Virgin Black Lace

Yummy Man – Storm
Kick Ass Chick – Abby

From Goodreads

“The Coates Inn Restaurant in Cape Cod is about to go belly up when its attractive owner, Abby, jumps at a stranger’s offer to help her – both in her kitchen and her bed. The handsome chef claims to have an aphrodisiac menu that her patrons won’t be able to resist. Can this playboy chef really save the day when Abby’s body means more to him than her feelings?”

How did I come across this title?  I was checking out an author’s massage boards when I came across a discussion titled “hottest sex scene you’ve ever read”.  Of course, I had to click on that and read away.  “Cooking Up a Storm” by Emma Holly came up often.  So that made it official – I had to read this book.  And boy oh boy, it really did have a lot of hottish sex in it, let me tell you…

Well, I didn’t think such a thing was possible, but I found this book had too much sex in it! Just as I was learning something about the characters and finally starting to give a damn about them, up starts another sex scene! Goodness gracious, there is even a sex scene that involves harem dancing and togas! (How the heroine kept a straight face during that, I’ll never know! lol) And the men involved were not even considered all that good looking.  If I have to suffer through a foursome that includes stage props, the least you could do is include “too beautiful to be true” men.

The book starts off alright.  Abby seems cute and Storm (a french-canadian named Storm?!…) was intriguing enough.  But I never quite had the opportunity to relate to any of the characters on enough of a level to hope it would all work out in the end for them.  There was even an “attempted lesbian love scene” sub-plot and a “my father’s friend wants to do me” story line that made me just scratch and shake my head.  The idea behind the story was good (a down on her luck inn keeper and a famous chef who saves the day), but there just wasn’t enough juice in the bottle to make is a great book.

So there it is: Is it possible for there to be too much sex one book? Yes, yes it is.  Especially when it gets in the way of your really caring for the characters. Not an awful book, but I was a little disappointed in the end.

2 stars

  1. Oh my – an attempted lesbian scene sounds like a hard one to pull off 😉

    I HAVE to relate to the characters and actually want them to have sex for an erotica to work.

  2. Mandi – I’m with you there. The characters HAVE to be awesome so I don’t feel the spark!

  3. This is one awesome blog post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

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