Apr 28, 2012

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Jim C Hines Is Doing It Again

A while back, author Jim C Hines posted one of the funniest posts I have ever seen.  He took photos of himself in various poses you often see women do on the cover of urban fantasy books.  Well, he’s doing it again only this time, he’s focusing on the men.

To give you a peek, he’s done this…

and this…

and this…

You guys have to check it out.  His commentaries are really funny too.
To see all the fun, check out Jim’s full post here.  You can also check out the ‘original women’s version’ here.

Happy Weekend!

  1. Rain Maiden Jen says:

    Batman cup is a nice touch. Love it!

  2. Hahaha, he never fails to amuse. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’ve seen it earlier, and totally loved it! So funny, and so true.

  4. It’s amazing! So fun, always a really nice idea. thanks for sharing!

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