May 21, 2012

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Question – Who Is Your Ultimate Alpha?

Who is your ultimate Alpha?  Now before you answer that, I’m warning you that there is a catch…and a little backstory.

Last year, Chelsea over at Vampire Book Club had an idea.  She came up with a list of awesome characters, all of which could easily rule the world.  Then she had people vote on who they thought was the ultimate alpha from her list.  There were brackets and rounds and bloggers who championed for each contender.  And with all that, Alpha Showdown 2011 was born.  Even though people voted for the character they thought should win, the authors got involved bribing readers to vote for their characters.  Do you remember that “sex from Barrons’ Point of View” scene Karen Marie Moning wrote last year?  She wrote it because Barrons won Alpha Showdown 2011!

Well, Chelsea’s at it again!  Alpha Showdown 2012 started last Monday, which is all nice and dandy, but today’s Alpha choice is what I’m really excited about.  You see, today you get to vote between Terrible from Stacia Kane’s Downside Ghosts series and, oh yes, Kate Daniels from Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series.  Kate, I adore.  Readers of my blog probably know this by now.  She is made of awesome and is my most favorite character ever.  And today I am over at Vampire Book Club trying my darndest to convince you all to vote for Kate.  So go over and vote for Kate.  Because she deserves it.  And because I want you to.  ;p

Now, as I said, Chelsea has set up brackets which makes Alpha Showdown so much fun, but what if there weren’t any brackets?  What if you could just pick a winner from the list?

That’s what I decided to do for my Question today.  I’m asking you who is your ultimate alpha from Chelsea’s list below?

Bones from the Night Huntress series
Rachel Morgan from the Hollows series
Charles Cronick from the Alpha & Omega series
King Dorian from the Dark Swan series
Lothaire from the Immortals After Dark series
Cat a.k.a. the Red Reaper from the Night Huntress series
Dmitri from the Guild Hunter series
Gin Blanco from the Elemental Assassin series
Ethan Sullivan from the Chicagoland Vampires series
Atticus O’Sullivan from The Iron Druid Chronicles series
Curran from the Kate Daniels series
Hawke from the Psi-Changeling series
Eric Northman from the Sookie Stackhouse series
Tohrment from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series
Terrible from the Downside Ghosts series
Kate Daniels from the Kate Daniels series

You could always say why you picked who you did, but it’s not necessary.  And don’t worry, I won’t track you down and egg your house if your choice is not Kate Daniels.  *g*

  1. Danielle says:

    My vote would go to Hawke from the Psi-Changeling series.

  2. Loved your write up about Kate Daniels.
    For me it’s a tie between Kevin Hearne’s Atticus O’Sullivan and Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels.

  3. Michele says:

    From this list, hands down I would have to pick Curran.

  4. kamluen says:

    barrons barrons barrons….from shadowfever….

  5. Definitely Curraaaaaaaaan! Love him ♥ !

  6. Curran! all the way… Now that I’m not that enthusiastic about Terrible’s chance of winning.
    Why why, why? he had to be against Kate, I love her too…LOL

  7. From those..Kate *scared if I say something else* Lol, nah totally Kate anyway

  8. Barbara Elness says:

    Man, that’s a really hard choice, but since I’d say my very favorite series is the Elemental Assassin series, it would have to be Gin Blanco.

  9. Curran for sure, but Kate is a definite close second!

  10. Hawke from the Psi-Changeling series by Nalini Singh but I’d like to add one of my own: Raphael from the guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh!!!

  11. Kate and Curran are my favorites. If I have to pick between them I’ll have to go with Curran.

  12. From this list I will pick Hawke by Nalini Singh. As a female I want to add Anita Blake by Laurell K. Hamilton. I think she will beat your Kate 😉

  13. Danielle – I really have to catch up on that series.

    CdnMrs – I love Atticus too, but I do agree with you that Kate is more ‘Alpha’.

    Michele – Curran is almost neck and neck to Kate for me. Love him!

    kamluen – He won last year and I do think he totally deserved it. 🙂

    Zendastark – Curran = Yum and awesome!

    Lup – Terrible vs Kate is an interesting match up for sure.

    blodeuedd – Whoo!

    Barbara – Gin is totally kiss ass!

    Sara – Kate and Curran are close, absolutely. It’s part of what makes their series so gosh darned good!

    Diane – Ooo Raphael! Good addition!

    Bookaholic Cat – All these votes for Curran makes me want to read a Kate Daniels book. lol

    aurian – I have never read Anita Blake. I really should apparently. lol

  14. Northwoman says:

    I am totally for Kate AND Curran. I’m a fan of Eric Northman and also Devon Monk’s Shamus Flynn. Oh and Larissa Ione’s Kynan Morgan.

  15. Hey girl! My number guy won last year, Jericho Barrons which was a dream come true! But why wouldn’t he not win? Haha!. But this year. It would be a dream come true for my second favorites to win. Kate or Curran! and if not them, then Bones! But honestly I’m rooting for Kate or Curran. And it would be horror if both of them were up against each other. I would no idea who to go for! Haha! But we’ll see!

    I’m cherring Kate on and checking every 5 minutes at the status! Go Kate!

    Btw, Love your blog/content and just started following via Google Reader! 😉

  16. definetly Kate!

  17. AAAh how can we choose? So many awesome characters. Well if I had to pick only one I think I would pick Curran. well this one is a real real ALpha! He is so amazing!

  18. Kate & Curran. I cannot choose one over the other.

    Of characters not on the list Sicarius from Lindsay Buroker’s Emperor’s Edge series (e-books) is my favorite manly man.

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