Jul 19, 2010

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Question – Are We North Americans Getting ‘Cover Jipped’?

Every Thursday, Kayleigh over at Sorid Fantasy posts her “Throwdown Thursdays”.  These are really fun posts!  She pins two book covers against each other and we have to decide which we like best.  Many times, Kayleigh has us chose between a domestic cover and an international cover (usually one from Europe).  I’m often amazed at how beautiful the international covers tend to be.

Which leads me to my question:  When comparing the covers of some well loved books, are we North Americans getting ‘cover jipped’?  Are European covers a great deal more attractive than ours?

Here are some examples to help in your decision:

Ilona Andrews Here vs. There

JR Ward Here vs. There

Jeaniene Frost Here vs. There

Lara Adrian Here vs. There

Kresley Cole Here vs. There

  1. I don’t know..sometimes a UK cover really catches my eye – but I think US has some good ones too. I know Lover Mine was much better here than over there 🙂

  2. Mandi – I agree with you there. Lover Mine over here is one of my favorite covers EVER! I want a poster of it on my ceiling then I can put whoever’s head on it — and of course, it will always be my hubby’s head… *clears throat*

    I giggle and the dude’s lips on the UK cover of Lover Unbound… What’s with that?! lol

  3. There are some US covers that I love and there are some I hate. Same with UK covers. It’s really just one big crapshoot.

  4. I don’t think so with those particular books. I like both covers for the Andrews and Ward books.
    I ADORE the Jeaniene Frost US covers more than any others I’ve seen for fantasy fiction.
    And I really like the US covers for K.Cole much better than the UK covers.


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