Jun 19, 2012

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Review: Lucky in Love by Jill Shalvis (Lucky Harbor #4)

Contemporary Romance
May 22 2012
Mass Market Paperback
400 pages
Grand Central Publishing

Yummy Man – Ty Garrison
Kick Ass Chick – Mallory Quinn

From Goodreads –
Mallory Quinn has had enough of playing it safe. As a nurse and devoted daughter, she takes care of everyone but herself. And as the local good girl, she’s expected to date Mr. Right. But for once, she’d like to take a risk on Mr. Wrong. And who could be more wrong than Ty Garrison? The mysterious new guy in town has made it clear that he’s only passing through, which suits Mallory just fine. Besides, his lean, hard body and sexy smile will give her plenty to remember once he’s gone…

For the first time in his life, Ty can’t bear to leave. Helping this sexy seductress-in-training walk on the wild side is making him desire things he shouldn’t — including leaving the military for good. As their just-for-fun fling becomes something more, Mallory and Ty wonder if they could really be this lucky in love. After all…anything can happen in a town called Lucky Harbor.


Lucky in Love is the fourth book in Jill Shalvis’ Lucky Harbor series and let me tell you, I love this series.  They are nice sweet reads that will take you away and not stress you out too much.  Sometimes, I need a book like that.

The first three books focused on three sisters.  Lucky in Love and the next two installments focus on three friends.  Two of the women know each other and are already friends and the third is new to town and just happened to be eating at the diner when a freak storm hit, stranding the three women.  They bonded over chocolate and now meet once a week to eat chocolate and chat about each other’s lives.

Mallory is a nurse at the local hospital and is well loved in the community.  What’s not to love after all?  She is sweet, caring and loyal – the perfect friend and the perfect nurse.  Mallory has been living her whole life pretty much for everyone else.  Her friend Amy (the heroine from book five) thinks it’s time to her to live a little crazy-like.  Of course, Amy thinks a little romp with a mister-wrong is just what Mallory needs but Mallory isn’t really on board with that.  That is until she ends up, without really knowing how, with a date with Ty, the mysterious new guy in town.  I did like Mallory quite a bit.  Torn between doing what she wants and what she believes is right for her family and for everyone else, I totally get her.  Her siblings are all crazy and mostly irresponsible so it’s always been up to Mallory to be the ‘good-girl’.  She’s not against that in any way but it has held her back a bit.  Not in her career or anything like that but in her life and in finding what makes her truly happy.

Ty is a man with baggage – and who doesn’t like a hero with emotional baggage?  I’m not sure why but it makes him a little extra yummy, I think.  He’s reluctant to attach himself to anyone in Lucky Harbor because he is not planning on sticking around.  He’s only there while he’s recovering from an injury he sustained working in his military-like job.  He used to be a SEAL Medic but now that he’s not with the military anymore, he’s doing the same sort of work but on the private side of things.  He is hurt in the storm that had Mallory and her friends stranded at the diner and the ladies help him out.  That is how he ends up with a date with Mallory – courtesy of Amy.  I really loved how Jill wrote Ty.  He is hesitant with his feelings and how he falls for Mallory is perfect.  He can’t get her out of his mind but is still planning on leaving.  He sticks around just one more week without really being able to explain to himself why.  He’s drawn to her but tries hard to withdraw.  How he falls is so true to character, it’s awesome.

Mallory and Ty make a wonderful couple.  Both loyal and sincere, they help heal each other but not try to fix the other.  I find this important since there is nothing more troublesome than someone trying to ‘fix’ someone else.  That never works and it annoys me when an author ‘goes there’.  But Jill didn’t. She wrote a charming couple that understands each other and accepts that both members are in need of tenderness and really hot sex.  Really, Jill done good.

There is one little part in this book that actually brought tears to my eyes.  Not big snotty tears but sweet/sad tears.  I like to tell you guys this because it does take a lot for me to cry in a book so I am assuming that if you are a crier, you will cry for sure.

I find the cast of side characters – and there is a slew of them – really adds to the charm of the town.  From the busybody seniors to the heroes and heroines from the upcoming books, you get a good feel of the closeness of this community, how they all look out for each other and care.  Yes, sometimes it’s disguised as nosiness, but we all know it’s love.  *grin*

All in all, I was very pleased with this installment.  This series continues to be on my auto-buy list and I am very much looking forward to the next book, At Last, which is due to release June 26th and Forever and a Day, due out July 31st.

5 stars

Giggle worthy quotes –

“Mallory had finished Amy’s car and came up to his driver’s window.  ‘Hey,’ she said.  ‘Thanks for coming.’

He let a slow, suggestive smile cross his mouth.  Clearly realizing what she’s said, she went bright red.

‘Roll up your window,’ she warned.  ‘Or you’ll get wet.’

She paused, then blushed some more.  ‘Dammit, now everything I say sounds dirty!’”


“’Lesson number four,’ Amy said.  ‘Get a hold of his phone and scan through the contacts.’

‘I’m not going to run through his contacts!’  Mallory paused and considered.  ‘And what would I be looking for anyway?’

‘Anyone listed at My Drug Dealer.  That’s when you’d run not walk.’

Mallory blinked.  “The guy who left his phone at the diner has a contact that says My Drug Dealer?’

‘And also Bitch Ex-Wife.  Oh, and Mommy.’  Amy sighed.  ‘Not a keeper.’”

Books in the Lucky Harbor series –
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The Sweetest Thing
Head Over Heels
Lucky in Love
At Last (June 2012)
Forever and a Day (July 2012)

  1. Agree, agree, agree. I loved this book! Fabulous review, Julie! smiles…

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