Jun 15, 2012

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Guest Review: Infinite Betrayal by Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie

Marcela from The Bookaholic Cat (one of my favorite blogs!) is saving my ass today.  I got a little swamped with things and she offered to read one of the many books on my to-review list.  Plain and simple, she is my hero. Now, enough sucking up and let’s just get to her review.  *grin*

Paranormal Romance
March 21 2011
199 pages
Liquid Silver
Received from authors

Yummy Man – Mathias
Kick Ass Chick – Mina Roarke

From Goodreads –
Mina Roarke had always been told she was special. In what way, she never fully understood until circumstances led her down a path of adrenaline-charged danger, blazing sexual heat and ultimate betrayal.

Mathias, a warrior for a secret shifter race known as The Coteri, has been ordered to protect Mina at all costs. Although his oath to protect her is paramount, can he rein in his animal instincts long enough to not claim the one person he’s forbidden to have?


Infinite Betrayal is the first book in the Infinity series by Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie.

Mina Roarke is devastated after the death of her mother.  Now she is all alone, or at least that’s what she thought. While going through her mother’s closet she finds a box full of letters, letters belonging to the father she believed dead. She realizes her father is alive and living in Germany and her mother not only lied about his death she had been exchanging correspondence with her father for the last twenty-eight years.

At the insistence of her best friend, Chloe, Mina departs to Germany in search of her father. When she arrives in Germany she doesn’t know where to start the search for her father.  Turns out she doesn’t have to do anything as her father knows she is in Germany.  Only hours after arriving, she is approach by Mathias de Bounevialle, a man sent by her father to take care of her for couple of days while he made some arrangements for her security before being able to meet her.

Mina’s father is King Roderick of the Coteri. The Coteri is a secret race of shapeshifters. Members of the Coteri race are forbidden to mate with humans.  That is the main reason Roderick needs to take extra precautions to protect his daughter.

There is an immediate attraction between Mathias and Mina but Mathias, for respect to her father, is doing his best to not act on his impulses. But when Roderick’s enemies learned about Mina things get complicated and in dire circumstances it is harder to fight their attraction.

There were many things I liked about this book and others I didn’t like that much. I’m going to be as objective as I can without giving too much away.

I really liked the world the authors created in this new series; I loved the idea of the Coteri race as secret protectors of nature and humankind. The characters are all interesting and multilayered and you feel invested in the story and in their lives, so much that you really want to know more about each of one of them.

I also liked that the Coteri don’t shift to a specific animal, they can shift to different animals but they do have a preferred one.

The villains in this book are really evil.  Creepy evil.  They are so evil, you are going to wish them painful deaths.

Mina and Mathias’ attraction in one of mine-at-first-sight and in this case works because of their natures. Mathias is the typical alpha:  deliciously sexy and with a protector’s core. I loved how he fought against his attraction towards Mina; that made the buildup of the sexual tension a steamy one. With Mina I had a like/not like relationship.  She was ok sometimes and others she was annoying as hell, she thought too much when she didn’t need to think and didn’t think when she really needed to think. Her reactions to situations were somehow contradictory at times, she was a strong and smart woman in one scene and a in the next scene she was somebody else.   I have my reservations about Chloe’s actions but in a way I understand her. You need to read this book to know what I’m talking about.

The secondary character made this book better.  From them I really loved Tremaire and Talon.

Now here I come to the big “buts” I had with Infinite Betrayal. The first one is the many mistakes for lack of research about simple things. For example the authors said many times that in Germany they drive on the wrong side of the road.  Sorry but no.  The only countries in Europe where they drive on the “wrong side of the road” are United Kingdom, Ireland and Cyprus.  Also Germany uses the metric system for measurements and not imperial/US system (feet, inches). The book is full of little mistakes like that, for some it may not be a problem but for me it was.  I prefer my books to have the facts right.

And now my biggest problem with this book:  I’m going to be a bit spoilerish so if you don’t want spoilers I recommend you to skip to the last paragraph. As I told you before the villains in this book were bad, really bad, but one in specific was the worst of all.  This villain is Luca. Luca kidnapped Mina and locked her in a room where he tortured her and raped her. Ok, bear with me, the book and Mina says she was not rape because he didn’t penetrate her with his penis, but he penetrated her with his fingers.

“He violently shoved several fingers inside her and turned his wrist, forcing her to bite her lip, stifling the scream bubbling up her throat. His hand moved forcefully between her legs and he ran the other over her bruised breasts.”

Sorry but according to me and to World Health Organization that’s rape. They defined rape as “physically forced or otherwise coerced penetration – even if slight – of the vulva or anus, using a penis, other body parts or an object”. So as you see that was rape.  I don’t like books with rape or torture and this book had both.

“Her body was covered with bloody bite marks and bruises. There was more blood pooled between her legs, staining the sheets and…”

I think the authors wrote those scenes to show us how evil Luca was but I think the violence in the scenes where unnecessary and a bit too much, at least for me they were.

Despite the problems I had with Infinite Betrayal I can say there were more things I liked than not, as the Coteri world, Mathias and the secondary characters. The next book in this series Infinite Surrender will be Talon and Chloe’s book and I’m really looking forward to reading it.

3 Paws Stars

Books in the Infinity series –
Infinite Betrayal
Infinite Surrender (TBA)
Infinite Desire (TBA)

  1. I’ll wait to read your thoughts of the next books before I make my decision on this one.
    I don’t like when they make big mistakes like that ither, is almost like the slam me back to earth, but they can get away with stuff I don’t know about:)
    Great review!
    Hi Julie!

  2. *waves to Marcela*

    Ohhh creepy villains, I do love those. Evil should be evil

  3. Lupdilup, I’m planing to read next book, I’ll let you know what I think.

    Blodeuedd, *waves back* I like creepy villains too, but I want the authors to be honest and call things how they are, not sugar coated pretending is something else.

  4. Hmm thanks for the review, and no, this book won’t end up on my shelves, even though the world building is great. I hate simple mistakes like that, if all it would have cost the author was one question in Google.
    And a heroine you can’t really like that is annoing, nope, can’t stand those either.

  5. Aurian, I understand completely, I’m the same but still I’m going to give a try to the second book, I hope that one doesn’t have as many mistakes as this one.

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