Jun 6, 2012

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AAD Author Spotlight: Interview with Jaye Wells plus giveaway

I am very excited to have this week’s Author’s After Dark Spotlight Author here.  Her books are favorites among urban fantasy lovers and I am happy to say that I have finally jumped on the bandwagon and read the first book in her series.  (You can read my review here)  Without further ado, my twenty-third AAD feature author…Jaye Wells.  *holds up “applause”sign*

Questions about AAD:
Have you attended Authors After Dark before or are you an AAD virgin like me? 

This will be my first AAD and I’m totally psyched it’s in New Orleans.

What are you most looking forward to at AAD2012?

I think the tours will be a blast. I can’t wait to take my campers to settings from my Sabina Kane series in the Garden District. I find New Orleans endlessly inspiring and it will be fun to share that with my readers.

Which author(s) attending AAD2012 are you most looking forward to meeting?

Honestly, the fact I already know so many of them was a major draw to attend the event. In addition to hanging out with my readers, I’ll also get to catch up with a lot of my author friends. But I definitely look forward to meeting all the authors and readers.

Questions about your WRITING and READING HABITS:
What did you do when you found out you were being published for the first time?

I was in a play area with my son when my then-agent called with the offer. As I recall, we’d been cutting snowflakes out of construction paper. When the agent called, he said, “Are you sitting down?” So I literally squatted on a child’s stool that was maybe 18 inches off the ground. When he told me that Orbit wanted a three-book deal, I leapt up, screamed and immediately burst into tears. I think several children were scarred that day.

Of all of the books you’ve written, which is your favorite?

Gah, this is such an unfair question. Right now I’d have to say BLUE-BLOODED VAMP because a) I finished it most recently and b) I’m so proud of how it wraps up the entire series. Plus I got to write about vampires and demons wreaking havoc in Rome. What’s not to love?

Have you ever written a scene that made you blush?

Yes and no. It wasn’t the scene itself but the situation> See, I was working in a Starbucks one day one a pretty hot scene from BLUE-BLOODED VAMP. All the sudden I looked up and see a priest walk in. I spent the rest of that writing session terrified he’d know I was writing sex by the expressions I was making.

Who was your favorite hero or heroine to write?

Obviously Sabina Kane is my favorite so far.

Who is your favorite hero or heroine to read?

This one’s tough. There are so many great UF series out right now and I’m friends with most of their authors. If I picked one or two I’d be in trouble. So I’ll just say my favorite hero to read of all time was Lestat.

Have you ever been surprised by a reader’s reaction to a scene that you wrote – either good or bad? 

I’m surprised by all the ladies who see Giguhl as some sort of sex symbol. In my head, he’s pretty gnarly looking, but I guess a good sense of humor and a forked penis can make up for green, scaly skin and black horns.

Have you always been a reader or are you like me and got turned off by the mind-numbingly boring deep and multi-layered books you had to read in High School only to ‘find’ reading again as an adult?

I’ve always been a reader. My mom and grandparents on my dad’s side were booksellers so I’m afraid it was in my genes.

What book do you most remember having read in High School?

Some of my favorite books of all time were ones I read in high school—A TALE OF TWO CITIES, FAHRENHEIT 451, ANIMAL FARM

Questions about YOU:
What is your favorite movie?

Impossible to name just one, but I’d watch STEALING BEAUTY every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Chunky Monkey or Cherries Garcia. Or anything with chocolate.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I’m naturally a night owl, but having a kid kind of put the kibosh on that. Let’s just say it’s best not to speak to me before I have at least one strong cup of coffee.

Tell us something people might be surprised to learn about you?

I’m a huge history buff. If I wasn’t writing UF I’d probably write historical fiction of some sort.

Question about your UPCOMING RELEASE(S):
Your kick ass Sabina Kane series is a favorite among UF readers/bloggers.  Tell us about your series.

The Sabina Kane series is about a half-mage, half-vampire assassin. She is caught between two races that hate each other and must decide which one she will choose. She’s assisted in her quest by a hot mage and a Mischief demon.

Blue-Blodded Vamp, the fifth and final, was released May 22nd and is now available everywhere!  *throws confetti* What can readers expect from this latest installment?

Since this is the final book, readers can expect resolution for all the main story lines. I can’t say all of the resolution will be happy, but I am very proud with how the story turned out. As always there is lots of humor and action.

Do you feel that all will be revealed by the end of Blue-Blooded Vamp or are you leaving little pieces open for possible novellas and such?

The main story is definitely resolved, but I hope to write novellas and short stories set in the universe in the future. Since it’s such a complex world there are lots of opportunities for more stories set there.

Book one in your Sabina Kane series released April 1, 2009.  That means you have been living in that world for well over three years.  That means you know these characters inside and out and that you have spent every day with them for well over three years.  And now you’re done!  Are you in panic mode or are you looking forward to moving on to something a little different?

I am a little sad to be leaving the gang behind, but I think it was time. To continue would have meant manufacturing drama that wasn’t natural. I’m excited to work on new series and explore new worlds.

Thank you SO much for taking the time to answer my questions Jaye.  Looking forward to meeting you in NOLA!  Yippee!

Thank you! Thanks also to all the readers who have followed Sabina on her journey. So many people have championed this series and talked about it with their friends.

I can’t wait to see everyone in New Orleans!

Jays is giving a copy of Blue-Blooded Vamp to one lucky winner!  Just leave a comment below and bam! your entered.  Giveaway open in Canada / US / UK.  You must leave your comment my Sunday June 11th 2012 11:59EST.  Good luck to everyone who enters and THANK YOU to Jaye for offering this awesome prize!

Here’s where you can find Jaye –

  1. I can’t wait to read Blue Blooded Vamp! Love the series and can’t wait to meet Jaye Well’s at AAD!

  2. Kelly Fine says:

    Love the series and cannot wait to read this final installment! AAD sounds amazing…would love to go to an event like that someday.

  3. Chris Hall says:

    I love this series! It has a great world and some really great characters.

  4. Since this is the conclusion to the series can you give us a hint about a future series maybe?

  5. Merisha Abbott says:

    haven’t had a chance yet to read your books, but they sound great and love the cover art!!!

  6. Love this series haven’t had a chance to pick up Blue Blooded Vamp yet so winning one would be great!!!!!

  7. Thanks so much for the interview and giveaway! This is such a great series!

  8. Melanie says:

    I was pleasantly surprised to read that you are a history buff–I love history as well. I love your books as well. I can’t understand the whole crushing on Giguhl thing but I do think he has a great personality and sense of humor! LOL! I also like the character Erron Zorn–but Sabina takes the cake as the best. She’s by far one of the angriest, bad-ass heroines I’ve read and I really like her as a character. I also love the covers to your books–they’re amazing works of art!!

  9. Thanks for the chance to read your work! Looking forward to checking it out.

  10. Amanda Lisle says:

    I’m pretty excited about the new book!

  11. Barbara Elness says:

    I’m sorry to see the last book in the series, but I can’t wait to read it and find out how everything is wrapped up. I’m looking forward to seeing what Jaye comes up with next, I know it will be fabulous. 😀

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  12. Northwoman says:

    As always, excited to learn about a new author and have a new giveaway. Thanks, Julie!

  13. First, let me say I stalk Ms Wells!! I love her writing probably more than most-SHHH!! But Sabina and Giguhl have me under their spell 🙂 second I am stupid excited to see her and so many other in new Orleans cuz I live near & I’m not missing it, not even for a hurricane! The only reason I haven’t read BBV is because I’m gunna cry- its the END! And lastly, thank you for giving me a little more of one of my favorite authors! I absolutely cannot wait to see what she writes next!! 🙂

  14. Not entering! Congrats on the new release Jaye, and I do admire you for being able to finish the series, and not dragging it out. I am looking forward to whatever new world you will invent 🙂

  15. I’m not participating in the giveaway. Love this series and can’t wait to meet Jaye in NOLA. Is it August yet?

  16. This sounds like a terrific series. For those of us who find it torture to wait for the next book to come out, it’s great to be able to inhale the entire series with no waiting. Thanks for the giveaway.

  17. My count down calendar says 61 days to AAD. I can’t wait. I also got on one of the tours with Jaye and I am super excited about that…..



  18. Thank you for the interview and giveaway! 🙂

  19. Maria Pronounced Mariah says:

    I don’t know how I have missed this series! I love the titles!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Molly Frenzel says:

    I love this series! Can’t wait to read Blue-blooded Vamp.

  21. Very fun interview. The heroine sounds strong.

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