Jun 11, 2012

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Question – What Do You Do After Reading A Really Good Book?

My definition of a really good book: A book you would rate 5 stars or higher pretty much from page 12. A book you know you’ll read again someday – in fact, you wouldn’t mind reading it again this weekend.  A book you think about constantly when you have to close it while you’re reading and that you think about for days after you are finished. A book that makes other books you pick up right after crap.

They are books you recommend to everyone.  And I’m not just talking reader / blogger friends.  I’m talking random strangers on the bus or in the check-out line at the drugstore.  And they are books that, if you find out someone else didn’t like it quite as much as you, makes you question your friendship with this person.

I’m sure by now you know exactly what I mean, so picture the last book you read like that in your head.  Now picture what you did when you reached ‘the end’ of that book.  Did you clutch it tightly against your chest and delight in your “damn that was a frikkin’ amazing book” afterglow?  Did you re-read your favorite parts?  Did you re-read the book?  Did you run to your computer and stalk the author’s website or run to twitter and stalk the author to find out when the next installment will be releasing?

Me, I do the stalking thing.  After I found more info about the next installment, I re-read the ending or another favorite part until I am sated and go on to my next read all the while knowing it will most likely not grasp my full attention until a day or two once I am ‘over’ the other book.  Sad but true.

So what about you – What do you do after reading a really good book?

  1. I usually close the book with a sigh of contentment. And then wish that I can write something as good someday.

  2. makes you question your friendship with this person
    hehe….I can relate. I definitely start an immediate re-read. There are some books, it takes me several days to several weeks to let go of. *sigh* I love those books! smiles…

  3. Michele says:

    I do the same as you…stalk the web trying to find more info on the next book.

  4. Usually, I sigh very loudly then I re-read my favourite parts and to finish, I hope I’ll forget most of this wonderful book to feel the same pleasure when I’ll re-read it! 🙂

  5. I almost always re-read. Otherwise, I run the risk of not being in the right mind frame for the next book I read and rate it unfairly, thus possibly ruining another opportunity for that warm, glowing feeling. I think I read Kiss of Snow three times last year before I could move on.

    Of course, sometimes I’ll go back and read from the beginning of the series to build up to the wonderful book to get the full effect.

  6. My last one was A Soldier’s Duty by Jean Johnson, I gave it 10,5 stars. And yes. I did stalk her on Twitter and went to her website. She also emailed me that she loved my review, and I actually printed the email and it is hanging in my office. I really really hope I can get my hands on an ARC or something of the next book. Which will be out in August somewhere.

  7. *coughs since I never give 5s anymore, just to old re-reads*
    But I go to Goodreads and put the next on my to buy list

  8. pamelia says:

    I actually hug my Kindle and do a little happy dance. Then I either re-read it or go find the next book in the series almost immediately.

  9. As soon as I realize how good the book is I just seem to fly through reading it; then realize I missed bits so read it again; pass it on to my friends until it gets back to me and then I read it again!!! Then to my keep shelf it goes.

  10. Funny you should ask. I just finished one this morning – About Last Night by Ruthie Knox. It gave me such a warm glow. I live for that feeling. It’s why I read. Right now, I’m just quietly hugging it to myself. Unfortunately, this is only her second book, and I’ve already read her first so there is no backlist to glom (sob). Hopefully she writes fast.

  11. Northwoman says:

    I reread the best parts. I tell everyone I know. If there is another book following it in the series, I immediately try to find it. Sometimes, if I already know I LOVE the series or character, like when I was reading *cough* Kate Daniels *cough* or Allie Beckstrom, or Mercy Thompson, and I was lucky enough to have the next book already, I immediately pick it up and started reading. Of course, I stalk the Internet for stuff about the book, about the author, about the NEXT book. If the book I read is the last in the series, I do all that but I mourn and whine that I have read them all. In fact, I started panicking when I saw I only had 1-2 books left to read.

  12. LOL I think I did everything you listed. I did do a re-read right away. I needed to start from the beginning once again since I knew how it ended. I wanted to experience all over again.
    It happened to me with Diana Gabaldon, Lisa Kleypas, Julie Garwood and Karen Marie Moning. That is a very normal reaction after finishing their stories.
    I think I want to go and hug my books now.

  13. After finishing a great book I do the stalking thing too. Why? Because I want more and soon, because I wish I could move to the author’s home and read over her/his shoulder while she/he is writing next book.

  14. The first thing I do is stalk the author’s backlist and devour any and all I can get my hands on. I’ve done this with Linda Howard after reading CRY NO MORE and Jennifer Becton’s CHARLOTTE COLLINS.

    I re-read but not right away. I want to give it time to settle so when I go back it is like the thrill of the first read. Mary Balough’s A MATTER OF CLASS comes to mind.

    I’m always delighted when I read a first book in a series and love it and then find out that there are many more in the series already published for me to read.

  15. I’m always so sad when I finish an amzing book. I re read the last senteces a few times to be sure I didn’t miss anything and I need to wait a little to start another book. And you’re right I search a lot of infos about the book, even some reviews if it’s possible. eveything is so interesting.

  16. Jessica says:

    Man, I have a lot of Question posts to catch up on. 🙂 I’ve been kind of absent online lately due to a excessively long jury duty.

    Man reading all the replies here as made me feel so much better about my tendencies after reading a good book. I DO always want to read it again, but I’ve been ashamed of this inclination. It seemed crazy to me to re-read a whole book/series just because I loved it so much, so I’ve always fought the urge. Instead I go back and re-read my favorite (Kindle highlighted) sections. Now thanks to you lovely people, I’ll probably go and re-read without shame. 😀

    I’ve also been known to hug books on a regular basis. It lets them know I love them.

    I do immediately go and try to figure out when the next book of the series is coming out, which often leaves me despondent. I read the blurb (if it’s available) and try to imagine what’s going to happen in the next novel. It helps me get over the thought of waiting another month, year, whatever for the next book.

    I check the reviews other people wrote for the book, make comments, and generally bask in the afterglow with likeminded individuals.

    I then go and obsessively try to find books like the one I loved. I use the “Customers who bought this Item Also Bought” list on Amazon and the “Readers Also Enjoyed” list on Goodreads. This exercise is often disappointing, as few books can compare to the ones I really fall in love with. But it at least makes me feel better, and every once and a while, I’ll strike gold twice and manage to dredge up another amazing book.

    It generally takes me a while to feel like I’m really “over” a great book. It’s a bit like breaking up with an amazing guy – I go through those stages of grief we talked about in another one of your Question posts, where every other book I try to read seems lack luster by comparison. But sooner or later I move on, promising myself I’ll allow another re-read in a year (thus far I’ve read the Fever series every year since I first picked it up – it’s a little teat I give myself every year around 4th of July or Halloween).

  17. Jennifer – Yes…signing at the end of a book is a great feeling. 🙂

    Christi – I’m not surprised you re-read right away. If it’s a book I just adored and can’t get out of my head, I would do the same. 🙂

    Michele – Yes! A fellow stalker! 😉

    Zendastark – Yes yes yes. I agree completely.

    Sara – Ooo reading from the beginning of the series! Great idea!

    aurian – 10.5 really is a very good book!

    blodeuedd – I think we do get pickier as we read more. lol

    pamelia – I hug too! Yay!

    Diane – I like the idea of passing it on to friends then reading it again. 🙂

    JenM – I purchased About Last Night because you said it was amazing. It’s on my Kobo waiting to be read…soon I hope. Thanks!

    Northwoman – OMG You do exactly what I do! lol

    Michelle – I re-read the Fever books the first time I read them too. And felt just as p*ssed afterward because at that time book 5 was not out yet. lol

    BookaholicCat – “I wish I could move to the author’s home and read over her/his shoulder while she/he is writing next book.” LMAO!

    Dot – It IS nice when you find a good book only to find out there are 5 more already out! Super bonus!

    melliane – I’ve done the ‘reading reviews about the book’ thing too. But only positive ones. If I read a negative one, I just get mad. lol

    Jessica – “I’ve also been known to hug books on a regular basis. It lets them know I love them.” LOL Love it!

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