Jun 14, 2012

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Silly Stuff – Awkward Family Photos

I haven’t posted from this website in a while and I’m not sure why because Awkward Family Photos is always good for some giggles.  Why did I choose to share these particular photos?  Because they were funny, of course.  😉

The floating hand on the right makes me giggle.  lol

Please tell me they were told to do that with their eyes…

Aw…how cute.  Oh wait a minute, little boy has a black eye!  lol

Wow, oh, um…  Wait a minute!  It’s all the same dude!  Not sure what to say to that… lol

What a cute little boy.  Oh wait a minute, he’s standing on daddy’s face!  lol

Someone, somewhere thought this was a good idea for a photo.  lol

Ditto.  lol

*stares at computer screen*  *moves head from side to side trying to make sense*  *blinks*  *shakes head and walks away*


  1. Thank you for the laughs. 🙂

  2. Haha, these pictures make me feel better about my own family 🙂

  3. LOL! Omg the last one

  4. LOL Julie! These are just too funny.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. That site cracks me up!!!! WTH?? That last picture…I have no words!! 🙂 LOL

  6. So fun, thanks for sharing!

  7. I love that site. One day at work it was a 1/2 hr before quitting time and my friend and I got on that site and we ended up just crying with laughter. I love it. Best site ever.

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