Jun 18, 2012

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Question – Why Do We Keep Buying More Books?

Father’s Day weekend means busy weekend and busy weekend means brain is distracted and brain distracted means…okay okay, I’m just trying to come up with an excuse for not coming up with an original Question for you guys this week but since brain is distracted, I’m coming up empty.  So instead of coming up with an excuse or coming up with a new one, I’m just going back to October of 2010 for this week’s Question.

We all have about 1,386 books to read in our piles.  Yet when we go into a book store, we still leave with one or two or eleven more.  We can’t stop ourselves! But why do we do it?  Why do we keep buying books when we already have so many in our to-read piles?

  1. Because I’m a book addict and if I could live in a house made of books, I would.

  2. Wren B. says:

    New ones that ou wanted come out, a blogger friend recommends a book or it has a good review. Maybe because books are something that will never lose value and can be art on our shelf and a showcase of who you are as a person. With people who read a lot, when ever I visit their home I usually look at their book shelves. A book shelf can tell a lot about a person. It is our way of expressing ourselves. So is it really that bad? Who cares how long it takes to read them all. Because in reality you will never stop reading anyway, so you will always have a TBR pile.

  3. No reason other than we love reading and plan on continuing!

  4. We are preparing for the apocalypse.

  5. When I go into a brick and mortar store and walk out with a book, it is either:
    1. The cover got me I needs to have the cover art on my shelf.

    2. I started a series in paperback so I must finish it in paperback.

    other than that, its all KIndle for me.

  6. I don’t smoke so I need an addition. That would be books. 🙂

  7. Because I can’t buy only one… it might be lonely. And I can’t leave a book store without buying something.

  8. Because I am cray-cray! It’s the only acceptable answer. I have discovered I am more addicted now to the acutal buying and trolling for books that finding the time to read the ones I have.

  9. Barbara Elness says:

    Because it’s a sickness, an addiction – there are always more great books out there that we just can’t pass up, even though we’ll never get them all read. 😀

  10. Katie – Ooo a house made of books! If that weren’t dangerous, I would totally want that too!

    Wren – You’re right! You WILL always have a TBR pile since you will always read! Smart girl. 🙂

    Diane – Well said.

    BookaholicCat – Cute.

    Michelle – You are very right about starting a series in print and continuing in print. I do that too. 🙂

    Amy – A healthier choice I think. 😉

    Sierra – “Because I can’t buy only one… it might be lonely.” LMAO and very true!

    Judi – I was like that when I got into reading – I liked buying so much I ended up with books I now know I will never want to read! lol

    Barbara – We can’t pass most up because we don’t want to miss out. Very true! 🙂

  11. Jessica says:

    LOL – well, I’m happy to say that I’ve managed to avoid this particular foible since I got my Kindle. I only let myself buy one book at a time (even if it’s a series – I still just buy the one book), and I force myself to read it right away. There are only two books on my Kindle that are unread, and those were books I started to read but just couldn’t stomach.

    However, if I rewind mentally to my physical book reading days, I’d have to say that I purchased excessive numbers books because they were available at Half-Priced Books (or any other used book store), where the stock was variable, and waiting to buy the book might mean it wouldn’t be there next time I came in.

    Back in those days, I also wasn’t as addicted to reviews, so I might buy a book just because I thought it looked interesting. These days I have to read the positive and negative reviews, and probably the sample chapters before I’ll buy a book. I cross check Amazon and Goodreads reviews, and check Goodreads friends and bloggers for their thoughts. The sheer amount of information available allows me to make mostly good choices for my reading list and ensures I don’t have to take as many “risks” on books. Of course, it also means I may miss out on some books that I may love (but the general population hates). But ah well – we win some, we loose some.

    – Jessica / Mithrendiel

  12. Ah the question my husband will never get an answer to…. =)


  13. B/c it’s the one thing that we can “collect” w/out being turned into the Hoarder’s show by our friends and family. And b/c I know that my belief is that I will always have time “eventually” to read it. And ditto to what everyone else has said. Fellow readers and respectable bloggers and even that damned Amazon “if you liked this, you’d like *this*” bar keeps bringing to my attention books *Imustreadnow*. So I get them. And my kindle has made it worse. While I may only have the 1,386 books that you can *see* I have 3x that on the Kindle (cuz I always get suckered into getting the freebies cuz I figure if it’s horrible I can delete it but what if it’s awesome and I passed on the freeness?). We need a reader’s anonymous, Betty Ford type clinic to detox the book addictions.

  14. Readsalot81 says:

    Because dammit, if I must have an addiction, it’s going to be to a hobby that enriches my life, enables me to learn new things, and meet the most awesome people EVER.

    LOL@that damned Amazon bar. I’ve discovered some amazing books that way. 🙂

    I look at books the way some *cough* people look at money. You can never have enough. Discovering new authors, going back to re-read favorites *sigh* This question is making me peruse my kindle! (Thanks a lot! j/k)

  15. Because we keep on hearing about and seeing new exciting/yummy/interesting/funny books and we are tempted and greedy! If we didn’t come across the news of their release I’M sure our book buying would decrease by 90% at least 😉 And yep. it’s an addiction: we can’t resist temptation of a shiny new cover 😀

  16. Sigh, everyone’s gotta have one addiction and this is mine. I tell the hubs that at least it’s healthier than smoking or drinking and a lot cheaper than gambling. I was somewhat under control when I had to physically go to a bookstore. Even Amazon prior to ebooks was under control. However, once I got my Kindle, that was it. I was lost. Those darned free and bargain books did me in. Even with a book budget of $50/mo (which I stick to pretty well), I’ve still managed to build up an inventory of 500 or so books on my K, and that’s with only downloading books that sound interesting to me. How did this happen? I have no idea, but if you figure out a solution, please, please, please let me know.

  17. easy thing to answer, it’s the fault of everyone lol!!!! really! my fault?? not at all. There are so many wonderful covers, so many amazing sinopsis and sequels. It’s more like “how is it possible ot not by any books?”. because really I don’t think I could do it. Well I can try for one month, but it’s already a lot lol.

  18. Lol I totally agree that it is an addiction. I buy three times as much books in a year than I can read. But if I ever get fired and cannot afford to buy books, I will not get bored for at least 10 years. I still keep buying the paperbacks, mainly because I want to see my books, and especially as I want to keep collecting my excisting series in paper.

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