Jun 25, 2012

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Question – Did Your TBR Pile Get Bigger After The Stork Brought Your eReader?

Last week, I asked you guys to try to explain why we keep buying books even when our to-be-read (tbr) piles are already out of control.  A few of you mentioned that your piles either grew or got more controlled after you got your eReaders.  When I read your comments a light bulb went off!  What a GREAT Question!  So thanks to those of you who wrote about your Kindles in your comments for the inspiration.

I love my print books.  I would rather have the print copy of a book than en eBook version if I can get it.  I don’t hate my Kobo – I actually really love it – but there is just something about the feel of an actual book in my hands that sends butterflies to my stomach.  My tbr pile is 97% print books.  I do have a few eBooks on my Kobo that I have yet to read and purchased (meaning I didn’t get them for review) but most of my purchased books are print books sitting in my book closet trying to get my attention every time I open the door.

When I first bought my Kobo, I didn’t go crazy buying eBooks.  The convenience of being able to get a book a.s.a.p. without having to wait for Jason to come home from the city with a book he picked up for me at the bookstore after work is awesome, but it’s not enough for me to fully convert.  But I know of quite a few people who went a little crazy when their Kindle first arrived on their doorstep, the ‘click, buy and read’ too great of a lure for them to resist.

So what about you:  Did your tbr pile get bigger after the stork brought your eReader or did owning an eReader actually help control your pile?

  1. My TBR pile most definitely got bigger as a result of my eReader. It’s so much easier for authors to send bloggers eCopies of their books which means I receive more review requests which makes it harder to say no when the book is right there. It’s a vicious cycle. LOL

  2. My TBR pile increased exponentially, much to my husband and bank account’s chagrin.

  3. I don’t actually buy that many books for my Kobo. Like you, I would much rather have the physical book if I’m going to pay for it. But I do love my Kobo for the access to library books. My town has only a small library, and after 8 years living here, I’ve read everything they have that I actually want to read 🙂 Having the Kobo means I can access more books through my library membership, and keep that tbr pile slim and trim.

  4. Azucena Rodriguez says:

    My TBR pile really grew because of my Kindle. Before, and to this day, I would only buy the books/series/authors I was really interested and invested in. I had so many sounds-interesting-I-would-like-to-try authors/books but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take up space with such books (what if I didn’t like them?). Once I finally caved in, money-wise because I wanted a Kindle since the very beginning, and got myself a Kindle, all my dreams came true lol. I was able to purchase all those books I wanted to give a try and if I don’t like them, I can just delete them. I’ve also found many self-publishing authors this way. And what makes my TBR pile bigger? All the discounts Amazon gives every once in a while, I keep getting books for free or at a lower price just because I can. I’m so ashamed of myself, I have too many books waiting for me at home and on my Kindle… LOL!

  5. My TBR piles are out of control in both physical books and on my Kindle. I absolutely love my Kindle and did go crazy buying books at first because it was so easy – instant gratification! I like how most books are less expensive in e-form since money is tight. Plus space is an issue for me – my bookcases are almost full. And when I go on a trip, it’s much easier to bring the Kindle instead of a stack of books. I read so fast I always need to bring multiples. But with my absolute favorite authors I usually buy the physical books. Some that I LOVE I have in both forms.

  6. Ferishia says:

    My physical tbr pile started growing at a steady rate right after I started reading PNR books. I would visit Borders (RIP *sniffles*) weekly, sometimes 3-4x during a week. I then told my husband that for Christmas, that I just wanted a Kindle and a few accessories. Right after receiving it, my tbr pile just EXPLODED. It was so much easier to browse, click & buy ebooks from AMZ. I was constantly looking and buying books it seemed. Now, a few years and several kindles later, it’s not as bad, but I am still buying ebooks even though I already have an large tbr list of them to read. *sighs*

  7. Michele says:

    Mine got ALOT bigger when I started using my Nook. Especially since I can add samples to my library.

  8. Jessica says:

    As much as I hate to admit this, I NEVER buy physical books any more. I promised myself this would never happen, but the convenience and ease of reading books on my Kindle is just too great. I love how portable the device is (it fits nicely in my purse) and the reading light in invaluable for those nights I want to read in bed after my husband goes to sleep.

    My TBR list got substantially shorter once I purchased my Kindle. In the past I used to buy tons of physical books. If I saw something that interested me, I’d buy it. My reasons mostly involved laziness – I didn’t want to have to run back to the store, or to another store halfway across town *wince, or wait on Amazon shipping. For me there nothing was worse than finishing book 1 of a series and having to go out and buy book 2. So I’d just buy everything that interested me, and my TBR pile was HUGE. Heck, I STILL have books I bought way back when that I haven’t read yet.

    Fortunately E-books are never out of stock, and my Kindle has free access to Whisper net, so I can buy books any place, any time I want. So I now buy books as needed. With the exception of pre-orders, I won’t buy a book until I’m ready to read it. This means I finish one book, go online and buy the next one I want to read. No pre-buying. This helps save me some money since the number of books I read a year has gone up exponentially since I bought my Kindle (We’re not even halfway through the year and I’ve already read 84 books this year *wince*).

    I just checked, and the only unread books I have on my Kindle at this moment are Crossed, Stray, and Lord of the Fading Lands (both of which I purchased but found too boring or annoying to finish).

  9. It just got bigger and bigger!And I’m still buying books and e-books constantly!!!

  10. Oh lordy…. My TBR pile has become a mountain range. While, like you, I love print books (the look, the feel, the ability to have something tangible), I’ve also fallen in love w/ my Kindle. I will always continue to buy my favorite authors in print (and to be honest, I love covers) but my risk taking has fallen dramatically. If I want to take a chance on a debut author, I do so w/ my Kindle now. For the most part, e-books are cheaper and if I don’t like it, I’m not out a full price of a mmp and I don’t have to get rid of it. More space on the bookshelf! And… I’ve definitely been able to try a lot more new authors and genres b/c they are much cheaper and the freebies abound. I’ve definitely fallen in the “must buy the freebies even if they look awful in case they aren’t and I miss the sale”. If they are horrible, I can just delete. If they aren’t, I’ve found a new author for free.

    I do have to say in my defense, that I haven’t spent any more money than I did before. Surprisingly, I do have a book budget cuz I know I’d read myself out of house and home. All of the books I’ve purchased on my Kindle have been greatly discounted or free. And b/c I’ve been buying more e-books, my physical book buying has slowed.

    So… My TBR pile has grown wildly out of control. Easier to hide but I figure, I can read everything… eventually 🙂

    I feel like I”m in AA… but… I’m Erin and I’m a book hoarder. My TBR pile consists of about 250 physical books and 6000 electronic. *exhales* I might need an intervention 🙂

  11. Allison says:

    My TBR pile has grown like crazy. My whole life I read a ton, was constantly at the book store buying something to read and then I stopped for a couple of years for numerous reasons. I’d never look for anything new, I’d only buy books from authors I knew & loved. Unfortunately for me a lot of times that meant I’d buy a book more than once because it had been a few years since I’d read it & I forgot I read it! Or there was nothing I wanted and so I didn’t read.
    My husband wanted to get me a Kindle the instant he heard about it but I resisted, I love the feel of books, I don’t need it, I had every excuse imaginable. Then one day I decided I’d try it, it couldn’t hurt,right? Ha! I think my husband might regret the decision just a bit…nothing like him looking over the CC bill and saying “how many books did you buy!?!”. He honestly really doesn’t care, he’s a good hubby like that, but I think he’s a little overwhelmed by the volume at times.
    I LOVE my Kindle & don’t buy physical books barely ever anymore; I don’t have the space as it is for the over 1,000 books we already have. The only physical books I’ve bought in the last few years were the Downside books because I love the series so much that I wanted the books on my shelves! And the whole reason I was even introduced to the books was because the first in the series was $.99!
    I’ve discovered so many authors that I never would have looked at in a book store! Plus, I do like the fact that the ebooks are often cheaper than the books. I have started various series because the first book was cheap or free (of course the rest of the books in the series aren’t, great marketing plan there).
    So, yes, my TBR pile that was almost non-existent has grown since I got my eReader! And I’m very happy about that!

  12. I prefer print books but love my Kindle. All those free Kindle books are too seductive to pass up and when fave authors throw up their books for $.99-$2.99 how can a bookaholic pass them up. So my TBR pile is overflowing with both Kindle and print. I’m ready for the apocalypse or house arrest.

  13. Northwoman says:

    OK I HAD to respond to this post. The biggest reason my TBR pile has gone is Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks blog!!!!! I want to read all the stuff you read and review and the authors you have been interviewing.

    But I said this in a previous post comment. I love “tree” books and get tons at the library but also have too many books to move around (I moved last fall) so I am switching new purchases to ebooks. Also I can get ebooks from the library without going anywhere and return them without going anywhere. Very energy and time efficient.

  14. Well I don’t have any ereader, so for now I read my ebooks on my computer, yeah I know I really need to buy one. But for your question I can tell It’s worst!!! or it is the case for me, because I have so many ebooks to read, much more than the real books. I often buy the book after reading it en eformat. But well, I’m sure I’ll never be bored lol.

  15. Carmel – I have to say that he original reason I got my Kobo was so I can read the eBooks I was sent by authors or for reading NetGalley books. lol

    CdnMrs – Bank account, shmank account. 😉

    Vanessa – I LOVE the library books thing for the Kobo!

    Azucena – What you say makes total sense: why pay so much for a book you’re not even sure you’ll enjoy? It really does add up. But eBooks are less expensive and the ‘smaller’ author’s books are really inexpensive!

    Liz – Space! I am forever trying to re-organize my book closet to make room for my keepers. One day I will run out of room and I don’t even want to think about that…

    Ferishia – Instant gratification is pretty cool. 🙂

    Michele – I didn’t know the Nook did the library thing too! Good to know, thank you!

    Jessica – You only have 2 unread books on your Kindle. That is amazing! And you know that I have never thought about the ‘never running out of stock’ part of eBooks. So true! lol

    Diane – Aww…the sign of a true addict. 😉

    erinf1 – “Oh lordy…. My TBR pile has become a mountain range” LMAO! And I love covers too. 🙂

    Allison – The Downside books…great choice if you are going to buy the print books for your keeper shelf.

    Dot – “I’m ready for the apocalypse or house arrest.” LOL Love it!

    Northwoman – I don’t even want to event think about having to move one day! lol And you’re welcome for growing your pile. Many bloggers have grown mine too. 😉

    Melliane – I do that too! I read an eBook that I get for review and if I like it a lot, I buy the print version! My husband thinks I’m crazy…so I don’t tell him when I do that anymore. 😉

  16. Oh yes it did! I always jump on the free Kindle ebooks and most of my TBR pile is made up on NetGalley and author eARC requests so I would say 90% of my TBR pile is made of ebooks.

  17. Petula Winmill says:

    Mine grew A LOT because I live in Spain and it is so hard to find good books in English. Our local library has an English section but that is all donated books so quite limited. That is why I also donate any books I have read to them. To be able to get my books so easily on my Kindle is a big help.

  18. Yes, it most definately did. Actually, I’m past pile, mound and hill and went straight for mountain. I very rarely buy physical books anymore (only if the e-book is going to cost more than a bound copy, which is very rare).

  19. I just got my Kindle this month and let me say I went crazy wild with the freebies and cheap reads. Part of the reason is we moved and my room is so much smaller I have no room for my print books so I am going to downsize a lot 🙁 that makes me sad as alot are my fave authors.

    But, this way I can be so sneaky in my book buying because I was getting books right and left in the mail and my family thought I lost my mind LOL.

  20. My tbr pile has gotten HUGE since I got a e-reader and even worse since I’ve gotten a tablet and have multiple different apps I can use to buy and acquire books. I would say my tbr pile has tripled. It’s a bit of a problem. A good problem, but still a problem. 🙂


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