Jul 3, 2012

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Review: Darkness Devours by Keri Arthur (Dark Angels #3)

Urban Fantasy
June 26 2012
Mass Market Paperback
400 pages
Signet Select
Received from publisher

Kick Ass Chick – Risa Jones

From Goodreads –
Half-werewolf, half-Aedh Risa Jones can enter the realm between life and death, and she can see the Reapers who collect the souls of the dead. Now, she is using her gifts—and the investigative know-how of a man who broke her heart—to find a cabal searching for the power to control time, reality, and fate. And this is besides her work for the Vampire Council, half of whom want her dead.

But for now the Council needs her alive. Someone is killing blood-whore addicted vampires, and Risa must find the guilty party. If she succeeds, she may finally convince the council to lift the execution order on her life. But before she succeeds, she must first survive…


*Heads up – slight not-really-but-sort-of spoilers ahead.  I’m not giving away details, just talking about bits that confused/bothered me.*

I am torn about my review for this book.  On one hand, I loved it.  I am giving it a high-ish rating after all.  It’s engaging and makes your heart stomp thanks to its action and heart-fluttering moments.  On the other hand, it didn’t seem to do much to advance the series and one of the major plot lines…well, I didn’t really see the point of it in the overall story arc.

Let me explain.

Darkness Devours is the third book in Keri Arthur’s Dark Angels series.  This is an urban fantasy series that isn’t talked much about and I don’t understand why.  It’s awesome!  The characters are written really well and the paranormal beings unique.  The main story arc is fascinating and really keeps you guessing.  The first two books have focused on getting to know the beings present in this world and on how Risa, and pretty much everyone else, is looking for the keys that will ensure that the gates of hell remain closed.  Some want to find it to release the demons, some want to find them to lock them permanently making that no soul can be re-born but no demon can ever escape either and others want to make sure things stay as they are.  That has been the main focus of the series to date and that has been the most exciting aspect of the books, in my opinion.  Now we are at book three, expecting to find out where the second key is, who may have messed with the first key at the end of book two, following Risa (and her yummy Reaper guardian Azriel) as she tries to puzzle out the next clues…but what do we get?  None of that!  We get nothing about the keys!  We get crazy vampire lady, Hunter, and a story about how the vampire council wants Risa dead and how she has to prove her worth so they don’t kill her.  We heard of the vampires wanting her dead in the second book…quite a bit.  And now we hear about it…quite a bit…again.  I don’t get why they want her dead so badly.  I don’t understand why she should even show up on the vampire’s radar.  Yes, a deal was struck blah blah blah, but still.  Why Hunter?  Why does the whole book have to focus on a demon who eats vampires alive and WHY does Risa have to be the one who handles the case?  She’s not a Guardian, she’s not a cop, she’s not anything detective-ish at all!  That really threw me off.  The whole time I am waiting to hear about the keys and dad and keys and, you know, keys.  But nope, I hear about gross demons and vampires wanting Risa dead.

And there’s an ex of Risa that just came out of nowhere and I still don’t understand what his point was.  Things could have been done without him.  Really, they could have.  Why add sort-of-but-not-really feelings in the mix when Risa is already mixed up about Lucian and Azriel?  *scratches head*

Oh, and let’s chat a bit about the demons who keep kidnapping Risa and bringing her underground so Azriel can’t track her.  It happens in book one.  It happens in book two.  And yes sir, it happens twice in book three.  I think it’s time to come up with a new little twist because that one is getting frustrating.

End of rant

*deep breath*

There really was a lot of good in this book.  I still love Risa.  She’s strong but real.  She is extremely loyal to those around her, not afraid to show her vulnerabilities and is just trying to get by however she can.  I really enjoyed watching her with Azriel this time around.  He’s been a presence in her life for a little while now and it’s been interesting watching their relationship change and grow.

I love Azriel.  That is all you really need to know.

In book one, I really really liked Lucian.  Then in the last book, my sexy-man blinders were removed and I stared seeing him as a bit of a jerk.  This time around, he’s definitely a jerk.  Keri is trying to hint that he is in fact the ultimate bad guy but I’m starting to wonder if she’s making it too obvious.  I am looking forward to seeing whether or not he is the villain of all villains in this series or if this is Keri’s idea of trying to lead us astray.  It will be entertaining to find out!

The story in this book, even though it wasn’t what I expected for the third book in this series, was very good.  It really was an entertaining read.  It would almost make a good stand alone – almost.  But this series is definitely one you have to read in order or you will miss a lot.

I don’t want to paint a terrible picture about this book.  It was a solid read, there was just a whole lot thrown in that didn’t make much sense to the whole of the main story arc.  Did lots happen in this book?  Absolutely.  And Azriel was in most of the book and holy jumpin’ lots happens with him!

Honestly though, this series is worth checking out if you are a fan of urban fantasy books.  It really is well written.  Personally, I just hope that we get back to the keys and who is trying to take them, find them, steal them and so on, and if the way this book ends is any indication, we should be getting back on track in the next installment.  And we don’t have too long to wait as Darkness Hunts is due to hit shelves November 6th 2012.

3.5 stars

School-girl giggle worthy quote –

“’You cannot deny this, Risa,’ he said softly.  ‘You cannot deny us.’

Oh god, oh god, oh god…”

Books in the Dark Angels series –
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Darkness Rising
Darkness Devours
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  1. Oh great 😉 Another series that I should take a look at whether it would suit me or not

  2. blodeuedd – I wonder if you would like this… You probably would find it entertaining. 😉

  3. Hmm now I am not so sure about reading this series, when you wonder about the use of this one.

  4. I’m sorry it wasn’t so good. I’ve only read the Riley Jenson series and haven’t finished yet, I’m at the 7th book. So I think I need to read it before starting this one. But I’m quite curious about it. thanks for the review

  5. jenniferh says:

    I love the Riley Jensen books, and have enjoyed the first to in this seried, but I am biased, as they are set in Melbourne where I live, and even though they are set in an alternative reality, she has captured the feel of the city. Because of this, Darkenss Devours is in my TBR list.

  6. aurian – It’s still good, but you can also wait until I read the next book. lol

    melliane – You don’t have to read the other books to read this series – I didn’t – but I understand how you would want to. I love Keri’s voice. 🙂

    jenniferh – I love reading books set where I live. It almost makes them even better. lol And yes, put Darkness Devours on your list. It is a good book. Really. 🙂

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