Jul 2, 2012

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Question – Do You Own Multiple Copies Of A Book?

Larissa Ione writes two of my favorite series.  When the latest book in her Lords of Deliverance series was announced (Lethal Rider), it was said it would be released on June 1st.  So I waited and waited mostly patiently.  Then, all of a sudden, it’s out.  It’s May 22nd and it’s available in stores!  Well…  I quickly went to my favorite bookstore’s website only to see that it wasn’t changing the release date to May 22nd and that I would have to wait until June 1st to be able to order it online or to find it in stores.  (insert *mumble grumble* and many choice cruse words including #$%@!)  Frustrated beyond belief, I went to Kobo.com for the hell of it.  And there it was.  As if it were waiting for me.  Lethal Rider available to buy right then and there.  With a click of a button.

I have the first two books of the Lords of Deliverance series in my book closet on my keeper shelf which means really I needed the print copy of Lethal Rider, but I wanted to read it right away.  What a conundrum.  Well okay, not really.  I knew what I had to do:  buy the eBook and pick up the print copy when I come across it in a store.  And that’s what I did.  So right now, I own two copies of Lethal Rider.  (And if you are wondering if it was worth buying twice, yes it was)

Other reasons for owning two copies of the same book:

  • your first copy is so warn from re-reading it’s falling apart
  • you lent your copy to your friends and they lost it so you bought a new one…the same day your friend finds your original one
  • you dropped yours in a puddle while waiting for the bus and bought a new copy but didn’t have the heart to throw out the first copy

I own two copies of a handful of books, mostly because of the same reason I gave you for Lethal Rider.  But what about you:  Do you own multiple copies of a book?

  1. Allison says:

    I purposely own 3 copies of all the Downside books, ebook, paperback & audio. I own all of the Fever series in ebook and audio and I have a couple in paperback.

    I have, many times over the years, accidentally ended up with multiple copies of the same book because I didn’t remember that I’d already bought a book and read it and ended up buying it again. I have managed to weed those out though. Another reason to love my Kindle–it tells me I already own it before I buy it again!

  2. Ahem..I might be 😉
    My reasons are that I got a review copy and then they sent me the finished book. Or that I had a book and then i won the same, and could not say no to an autographed book

  3. Yes I do; sometimes because I simply forgot and bought a second copy, sometimes because my first copy is falling apart; or sometimes because like you I am impatient and got the e-book, then the print and if it’s really a favorite an audiobook too!

  4. I totally have multiple copies of some books! Mostly, I get Kindle copies first and then I love it so much I feel the need for a paper copy. I have also bought paper copies of books so that I can have the author autograph them. And once I bought the paperback version of a hardback because it had an additional scene.

  5. Oooooh yes I do. There are certain series I have to have on my shelves, but if I can get my hands on the must have book sooner via Kindle I’ll get that copy as well get a copy for my shelves. Also, if I LOVE a book, I’ll never loan out my copy. I’ll pick up a second copy or if I see it in great condition at a used bookstore I’ll pick it up for my loaner.

  6. Yep! For authors on my keeper shelf, I have both their paperback/hardcover and a digital copy for my ereaders. I want plenty of backups…just in case. 😉

  7. Not only do I own multiple copies of books, I buy multiple copies to give to family and friends when I find those irresitable books. For example, I have bought multiples of Kevin Hearne, Charlaine Harris and D.B. Reynolds just to name a few. I’m a compulsive share-er of good genre fiction. It’s an illness not unlike TBR shelf stuffing.

  8. Yup, I do have multiple copies of some books (usually of my favorite ones). I have duplicates of some books because one might be autographed and the other is my reading copy. Sometimes if I love an international book cover (usually UK) enough of one of my favorite books, I would purchase it. I’ve bought a couple of ebooks (after reading sample pages) and needed to buy a physical copy. And sometimes I just forget that I already have a copy of some book (which I haven’t read yet) ^_^

  9. Allison – Well, if you were to end up with multiple copies of any series, the Downside series would be a great one!

    blodeuedd – No! Never say no to an autographed copy! lol

    Diane – I actually hadn’t thought of the audio copy too! Makes sense though. 🙂

    Liz – Those re-issued hardcover books in favorite series really are hard to pass up. 🙂

    Jess – Keeping your copy is a great idea. I once lent out my copy of the BDB’s Dark Lover and didn’t get it back in time for my pre-Lover Mine-release-re-read. So I bought another copy. So I totally get you.

    Jordan – Plenty of backups…I like that! lol

    Dot – I love it! 🙂

    Amy – I like the idea of getting some international covers. There really are some pretty ones out there… *eyes Book Depository site*

  10. Yes, I do. Because even with a mile long booklist of what I own, I still look wrong and buy another copy. Or indeed something happens to the first one. It gets old and falls apart, it falls in the bathtub, or it is borrowed and never returned. Or I have it in Dutch and want it in English as well.

  11. Jessica says:

    So I’m a bit anal about my books. I carefully read them, never dog tag, highlight, leave the book resting open, or even bend the book too far open while reading it. I try to avoid ever creasing my paperback bindings, or breaking my hardback bindings, and, when left to my own devices, I’m successful in this endeavor. Unfortunately, my mother and grandmother are the banes of my book collecting existence. We all read the same books, so borrowing is inevitable, and both ladies have their own unique reading styles guaranteed to damage my books. My grandmother reads paperbacks with the covers bent almost completely back on themselves. I’ve honestly never seen anything quite like it. I’m shocked the bindings even allow that range of motion. My mother also reads with the books bent too far open, but nowhere near the physics defying angles of my grandmother. However my mother also leaves her books resting open on tables when she’s done reading them, she often spills coffee on them, or takes them up to her work, which is at a pool, where they inevitably get water damaged. The end result is books loaned to my family come back with mangled bindings, waterlogging, and mysterious stains, which leads me to purchasing new, replacement books, which I keep hidden in my private no-loaning-allowed book stash.

    Since purchasing my Kindle, I also have another reason to buy double copies of books. I always do my first reads on my e-reader, but if I really, REALLY loved a book, I’ll also buy a physical copy for my “library” -which is more of a mish mashed collection of bookshelves currently, not a true library. However one day I hope to have a real library, with floor to ceiling recessed bookshelves, and even a little rolling ladder. So I keep buying physical books to ensure I’ll have material to stock said library once I finally get it. : D

    – Jessica / Mithrendiel

  12. aurian – Aug…falls into the bathtub. How frustrating…

    Jessica – No!!! about your mom and grand-mother! I can’t believe they treat your books that way! And I started doing the same as you with my Kobo and new-to-me series that I am just starting but am unsure if I will enjoy. I buy digital and if I love, I buy print and continue in print. 🙂

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