Jul 16, 2012

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Question – If You Could Spend 24 Hours As One Of Your Favorite Heroines, Who Would You Be?

I got this week’s Question idea from a guest post Stacey Kennedy did for Juliana Haygert’s blog.  I read the question Stacey brought over and knew right away that I HAD to ask the same question to you guys.  Well, not exactly the same since the question in that blog post is geared for authors, but a readers rendition.  Are you ready for it?  It’s a great question.  Okay, here goes…

(And by the way, I know you read it already in the title of this post but just bear with me.  And if you could act surprised and super impressed, I would totally appreciate it.  ;))

If you could spend 24 hours as one of your favorite heroines, who would it be?

Isn’t this a great question?!  I knew you would all love it. But now, to come up with an answer…

I am sure some of you will base your answer on the hero your favorite heroine is currently ‘engaging’ and that could definitely come into play, but I don’t think I will go that route.

Oh, I know!..and I am sure you will all be shocked at my answer.  *giggle anxiously*



I would be Kate Daniels from Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series.  She is my most favorite heroine and I would love to be her for one day.  I would prefer to be her on one of her quieter days though.  As much as it would be cool to know what it’s like to have magic powers and all that jazz, fighting for my life isn’t something I would like to deal with on my “24 hour fantasy adventure”.  And I suppose the fact that she is mated to Curran isn’t such a hardship either.  She has great friends, lives in an insanely cool world and is just…awesome.  So yes, I would love to be Kate for one day.

There are many many many MANY other options out there so tell me…who would you be?

  1. I answered this question when Stacey asked it and my answer hasn’t changed. I would like to be Mackayla Lane (Fever series) when she was in “Priya rehab”. Mmmmm Barrons…. *swoon*
    Do I need to say more?

  2. Eve from the In Death series. I would spend all day with Roarke in his water bed having sex and drinking coffee. Then we would snuggle with the cat and have more sex.

  3. As soon as I saw this question, I knew Kate Daniels was my answer, too. Awesome sword, cool friends, and let’s not forget Curran. mmmmm

  4. This is so hard. First three that come to mind:

    Eve from the In Death Series (because hello, Roarke!)
    Kate Daniels from the Kate Daniels Series (curran!)
    Mackayla Lane from the Fever Series (Barrons!)

    However, Mac wins. 🙂

  5. Ok, crap. I forgot about Charley Davidson. She’s a close second to Mac, lol.

  6. Nalini Singh’ Elena, I would love to kick ass like she does!!!

  7. Well Kate would be so cool…hm, I do not think, Mercy perhaps..no Toby from Seanan MacGuire’s series

  8. Michele says:

    It would be hard choice between Kate Daniels or MacKayla Lane…but I’m thinking I would go with Mac.

  9. Jessica says:

    Ooo I LOVE this question! Your questions are always great, Julie, but this one has to be my favorite.

    For my answer – I think I’d have to go with Merit from the Chicagoland series. Merit is my kind of girl –She’s a geek with a dorky sense of humor. She’s not a girly girl. She has a huge sense of honor and duty. She always tries to do the right thing no matter what the cost. These traits and others make her someone similar enough to me that I’d feel comfortable living inside of her skin, but she’s also larger than life. Someone I wish I could be more like. She has more wit than I, and I’d love to be able to blast out those snappy come backs on a whim. I’m normally the girl that sits and replays conversations in my head after they are done, and thinks of all the clever things I wish I’d said. She’s also strong, and fast, and an amazing swordswoman. Who wouldn’t want to be that kick ass? She has a circle of amazing friends, an interesting job, and regularly gets to save the city. And, last but definitely not least, she has the love of my absolute favorite fictional man – Ethan. Who is as bound by duty and honor as Merit herself is, which makes him 100% yummie in my book, and earns him an eternal place as my #1 book boyfriend.

    Mac was a strong runner up for me. Mac 1.0 is NOTHING like me, so I’d have a hard time dealing with living in her skin then, but Mac 4.0… oh yes. I’m actually re-reading the Fever series for the third time right now. I just love her and the world she lives in so much. The post-fae apocalypse world is just fascinating. And Barons… holy shit.

  10. Bookaholic Cat – Niiiice. 😉

    Katie – Sounds, well, perfect. lol

    Vanessa – I’m so with you!

    Colette – You made some excellent choices. 🙂

    Diane – Oh, she’s a great pick! Would you be her before or after her ‘transformation’?

    blodeuedd – I apparently need to check out this Toby person. lol

    Jessica – “And Barrons…holy shit” LMAO! And NO to Mac 1.0. It has to be the ‘other’ one.
    I LOVE your answer. I had not thought much about Merit because I was thinking about the series and how it has me all ‘meh’ lately. But the way you worded it, you’re right: Merit is an amazing character. Who wouldn’t want to be her? 😉

  11. Most definitely Mac! But not when she’s recovering from being Priya, I would want to be her at the end of the series when she and Barrons are both themselves, know everything about each other, and spend days in his underground mansion before taking on the book. Yummy!

  12. nsch1018 says:

    Claire from The Outlander series.

  13. I am torn between Cat from the Night Huntress series or Kate Daniels. On one hand I would get Bones and on the other Curran. At the end of the day I have to go with Kate because she is a total badass and she won over the Beast Lord for goodness sake!

  14. Secret McQueen. I know exactly how I would spend those 24 hours. I would tell Lucas off (and might I add, I’ve been building the soliloquy in my head for days now) and convince Desmond and Holden that they want to be part of a menage relationship with me as the center.

    There. I said it.

  15. Patricia Mannix says:

    I would be Charlie in Darynda Jones Reaper stories, 1st Grave on The Right, Second Grave on the Left and so on…..She is humble, funny, hot and has an awesome job…

  16. I am torn between an early Anita Blake (up to blue moon) or Dante valentine. Both are totally hot ass kickers. And necromancy is an awesome power. Anita has her choice of richard and jean claude. I would choose Richard…. So beastly. But Dante has the unbelievable japh(demons invented sex) not to mention she is an xtra hot half demon. I also love chess putnam but couldn’t handle the drug problem.

  17. Oh I think I would hve choose Kate as well, you’re right she is so amazing. But I think I have another heroines, October Dayer from the Seanan McGuire series, She is awesome as well, she also has great men, Tybbalt is so intriguing.

  18. Most certainly Kate! I’m a huge fan!! And Curran…Miam!!!
    I love everything in her, qualities and flaws. There are some others great heroines but she’s definitely the best! 😉

  19. Ann-Catrin Sköld says:

    I left my first answer at facebook, but I can´t make up my mind really.
    I really, REALLY wouldn´t mind spending a night having mindblowing sex with Eric Northman (Yikes, Yahoo, Yum!)…or Ethan for that matter…or John Matthews, or…

    So…Sookie? Merit? Xhex? But what about Cat? Merry? And don´t forget Jane Jameson!! Gabriel….*sigh*

    Nope, can´t make up my mind! 😀

  20. Okay, I have no desire to kick-ass but I want to be adored by all Supes and if that means kicking-ass then so be it. This leads me to the only heroine adored by all Supes, Sookie. She gets Yummy Eric, Yummy Bill, be still my heart Alcide and that Tiger and those fairysand lets not forget Sam. Yes, this makes for a crowded 24 hours but I’m up for it.

  21. I agree with everyone here! So many cool heroines to choose from. Kate is amazing, snarky, kick ass and has Curran. Claire has Jaimie Fraser – ‘nuf said.
    I might be Jane – cuz I have lots of scars like she does and she has Rhage… (my favorite BDB brother….)
    Speaking of beasts, lest not forget Pia – not only does she get to fly Drago airlines (hee hee), she is a great thief and has some good street smarts…
    Then there’s Charlie – Reyes… Double yum!!
    SO many to choose from… can I hang with them all?

  22. Liz – I do like that part of the series. Good choice!

    nsch1018 – Because of Claire or because of Jamie? 😉

    Ellie – “she won over the Beast Lord for goodness sake!” LOL Love it!

    HJ – I LOVE your answer. And yes, you said it. lol

    Patricia – She is an excellent choice.

    Anna – I do not know Dante. I must check her out!

    melliane – October is another one I am not familiar with. I love her name!

    Zendastark – Miam indeed. 😉

    Ann-Catrin – Sounds like you need 24 hours times 8 or 9! lol

    Dot – That sounds like a very good choice for you Dot!

    Sooz – I love Rhage! And yes, let’s not forget about Pia! Another great suggestion. 🙂

  23. ahaha @bookaholicCat read my mind for my first grinning reaction. But I think I will go with @nsch1018 and say Claire. She is so smart and heck and Jamie. Ok at least I put smart first.

    I need to get my butt in gear and read about Kate Daniels.
    As usual, great question.


  24. Michelle – I am SHOCKED that you picked Claire! <--- totally dripping with sarcasm 😉

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