Jul 21, 2012

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News – Lucky Harbor

Any one who has been a fan of any book series will totally relate to this.  There are five books already out in one of your newest favorite series.  The sixth book is coming out on July 31st.  There is no word if the series will continue beyond that.  You search the internet looking for clues.  You stalk the author of your newest favorite series to see if she can share some insight about whether or not she has plans to continue beyond the next book.  You start to sweat a bit because you are not getting any definite answers.  You worry that you will never see another new installment of your newest favorite series.

The Lucky Harbor series by Jill Shalvis is like that for me.  The sixth book, Forever and a Day, is coming out at the end of the month and we had yet to year about what’s next, if anything, for the series.  Well, Jill put our minds at ease this week announcing that she will be writing three more books set in the cute and quirky town.  Here’s what she said on her blog:

My publisher (Grand Central) has just contracted me to write more Lucky Harbor novels!!

I don’t have any more details other than that. Okay, well I sort of do. I know that there will be a new trilogy. I know that the first new hero will be a San Francisco Lieutenant Detective who goes through hell at work and escapes to the house his grandma left him in Lucky Harbor. All Luke Hanover wants is peace and quiet, except … there’s a woman in his house, looking a little bit wild and crazy as she stands nearly naked in his kitchen breaking up with someone’s voice mail. Meet Luke:

Hero number two will be Luke’s childhood best friend, Jack, a sexy hot Lucky Harbor firefighter. More on Jack to come later … (as well as the third musketeer, the three guys were childhood trouble makers)

I am SO excited!

Happy Weekend!


  1. YAY! New books for you! and a new series for me to check out!

  2. Ann-Catrin Sköld says:

    I just started to read the first book, Simply Irresisible and so far I love it!

    I had to take a break ( my dog desperately needed to pee) just when Maddie, with one hell of a hangover, opens the door and…Jax´s standing there! 😀

  3. Oh my God I just remember how much I enjoyed Simply Irresistible…LOL. Too many audiobooks..LOL.
    I have to move the next one on the series up the list.
    I also forgot to review. Oh.. how sad.. I’m getting old..oh no!
    Thanks Julie!

  4. This is surprising to me. When I met Jill in June at the Lori Foster event we got to talk with her in a small group setting in a conference room. She had said that she was moving away from Lucky Harbor. We all groaned and she was such a doll but I was sure she was serious.
    They must have given her quite an incentive. Woot! Great news.

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