Jul 26, 2012

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Review: The Ripple Effect by JA Saare (Rhiannon’s Law #3)

Urban Fantasy
July 31 2012
268 pages (according to my Kobo)
Mundania Press
Received from author

Kick Ass Chick – Rhiannon Murphy

From Goodreads –
There is always a price to pay…

Rhiannon Murphy visited the future, witnessed hell on earth and made choices to change things for the greater good. Unfortunately there are consequences for her actions, the penalties for her interference possibly more than she can bear. Determined to sever her debt with a fallen angel, she pushes everything aside, focusing on locating Marigold Vesta’s resting place.

Until death comes knocking at her door.

When Disco’s maker arrives in New York, he resents Rhiannon on a level she can’t begin to comprehend. Yet Marius isn’t her most dangerous adversary, not by a long shot. Marius’s sire — a half-demon — is determined to see the necromancer who stunned the vampire world on her knees. If she won’t bend, he’ll do everything in his power to make her break. No price is too high, meaning no one is safe — including Disco and Paine.

Dealt a blow from which she can never recover, Rhiannon turns to the only person who can help her: the fallen angel who is relying on Rhiannon to save her soul. Bartering with a creature from Heaven is probably just as dangerous as starting a war with a demon from Hell, but with nothing to lose it’s no longer about life or death.

It’s about getting even.


Excuse me while I try to collect my thoughts for a moment.  This book… Oh boys…

The Urban Fantasy genre is meant to put readers through the ringer.  After all, that’s one of its traits.  You must keep that in mind while you read The Ripple Effect by JA Saare, the third book in her Rhiannon’s Law series, because if you don’t keep that in mind it would be very easy to get frustrated with this book and very easy to curl up in a ball and repeatedly chant “why? why? why? why? why?”.  So be sure to keep that UF aspect in your head while you read because people, this is definitely a true Urban Fantasy book.

The Ripple Effect starts just a few weeks after the last book leaves us.  Rhiannon is just going about her life, trying to figure out how to accomplish the task she was given in The Renfield Syndrome and trying to avoid Disco.  Yes, she saves him then but afterwards he did something truly unspeakable.  And because of that, Rhiannon is convinced she must forget about him…but can’t.  She is crazy in love with him after all.  She has grown closer to Paine too (as friends) and that is something Disco isn’t too fond of…but Disco can suck it *grin*.  The beginning of the book grips you right away.  Rhiannon is helping out her friend Goose, using her necromancy skills.  It’s a heavy and creepy action scene that sets the tone of the book.

Let me advise you that The Ripple Effect is the darkest book to date in this series.  And I mean it is dark.  I’m talking really gruesome and extra gory. Rhiannon witnesses some really nasty stuff and goes through the ringer in this one.  Over and over and over.  Every UF series has what I like to call a ‘transition book’:  installments where the hero and heroine go through an extra helping of hell but it’s all necessary to keep their characters growing.  These installments also tend to set up for the next direction that the series will take.  Well, The Ripple Effect is this series transition book.  There is a bit of snark in this one but not nearly as much as usual.  As I said, this book is dark.

Oh Rhiannon… *shakes head* Yes, she goes through hell this time around but seriously, I wanted to smack her so badly for most of the book.  I mean, a good 65% of the book, I wanted to reach into my Kobo and shake her up a little bit.  (And I’m not the only one – even the author admits to wanting to smack her lol)  She is in possession of a knife that demons fear.  Disco’s sire wants the weapon so it can be destroyed, or something, but Rhiannon refuses to hand it over because if she loses it she can’t prevent the future she witnessed in the last book from happening.  Everyone is asking her, telling her and finally begging her to let it go but she won’t.  Well, that doesn’t go over well.  At all.  Rhiannon gets punished and pretty much every one she cares about too.  No, she doesn’t truly deserve what she goes through but I couldn’t help thinking “yeah, well, you brought this on yourself crazy lady”.  Now there’s an amulet that I’m convinced plays a big role in all this too…but still, pretty much all her fault.  At the end of it all, we see lights finally go off in Rhiannon’s stubborn little head and I am looking forward to seeing her grow and where JA takes her in the next book.

Disco is…well he’s Disco.  He is truly sorry for what he did in the last book but he’s also stuck because his sire, Marius, is around and humans are supposed to be tools for vampires to use.  For those of you who have read this series, you are aware that Rhiannon is not treated that way that way.  Disco doesn’t treat those under his protection as objects – something his sire does not understand.  Disco must please his sire but also wants to win Rhiannon back.  Yes, you are right, he is in quite the pickle.  We do get a hint as to how powerful Disco really is and man, that was cool.  I can’t wait to delve a little deeper into that in the next book.

Bane is a really cool character and he has an interesting story, I just know it.  You know there are just some characters out there that, even though they are on the page for only a short time, you just know that there is something special there.  Well, that’s how I felt when I read Bane.  I hope JA writes more about him because he is an intriguing guy.  And Goose, I always like him.  He’s awesome.

Paine…oh Paine.  I love him.  I often think he’s better for Rhiannon than Disco.  (Now now members of ‘Team Disco’, please don’t throw things at me.  It’s not polite) My heart breaks for this guy and I really want to hug him myself but his little ability of seeing how and when the people he touches are to die would kill the mood I think.  Paine, he is awesome and that’s that.

The ending of the book is intriguing.  I am very curious to see how everything will play out and how long it will take for Rhiannon and Disco to fix the cluster-f*ck they’ve caused.  It seems they will be spending a lot of time together which is nice because I need to see them have some quality time to remind me of why they are so good together.  Because maybe I’m hung up on Paine a little bit.  *grin*

The Ripple Effect is not for the faint of heart.  You will cringe, you will cry, you will want to throw the book across the room on many occasions.  But all those things just show that JA has the talent to write a story that will really get her readers’ emotions boiling.

4 stars

Giggle worthy quotes

“Rhiannon’s Law #47:  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be MacGyver.  Many household products can be used as an explosive device or weapon.  Al it takes is a little imagination.”


‘’You are something else.’

I couldn’t tell if he was giving me a compliment or a veiled insult.

‘I try to be an individual.  It’s all the rage.’”

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  3. Great review. Can’t wait!

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