Jul 28, 2012

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AAD Author Spotlight – Interview with Cynthia Eden plus giveaway

My twenty-ninth and final Authors After Dark Spotlight is none other than the very sweet (and patient) Cynthia Eden!  *starts ‘the wave’*

Questions about AAD:
Have you attended Authors After Dark before or are you an AAD virgin like me? 

I am an AAD virgin!

What are you most looking forward to at AAD2012?

I am looking forward to meeting all of the other attendees. I love going to events like this because there is so much wonderful energy in the air. Everyone loves books. Everyone is excited—a fantastic experience!

Which author(s) attending AAD2012 are you most looking forward to meeting?

That is such a hard question! And, honestly, I don’t think I have just one. I’m looking forward to meeting every author, reader, blogger, etc. that I can! I love meeting new people. Making new connections—well, that’s always a convention highlight for me.

Questions about your WRITING and READING HABITS:
What did you do when you found out you were being published for the first time?

I think I celebrated with a whole lot of chocolate. That’s my normal celebration routine.

Of all of the books you’ve written, which is your favorite?

Hmmm…I don’t know that I have a favorite. When I’m writing a book, *that* one is my favorite. I love the characters and the story.  I am totally focused on that book. But, then I finish that book, and I start a new one, and the “love” period begins for me again as that new book suddenly becomes my favorite. Does that sound crazy?

Not crazy at all!

Have you ever written a scene that made you blush?

Oh, I suspect that I blush quite a lot while I write.

Who was your favorite hero or heroine to write?

My favorite hero is Sammael (Sam) from ANGEL BETRAYED. He’s one of those bad boys who can never become completely good. (And right after Sam, my favorite would be another bad boy, Niol, from MIDNIGHT’S MASTER.)

Who is your favorite hero or heroine to read?

I love the hero and heroine in JD Robb’s In DEATH series.  Such wonderful chemistry.

Have you ever been surprised by a reader’s reaction to a scene that you wrote – either good or bad? 

With my latest release, ANGEL BETRAYED, I’ve had quite a few readers email me and say that they cried while reading the book.  That response totally surprised me—and delighted me. If you care enough about my characters to cry, well, then you have just given me the best compliment in the world.

Have you always been a reader or are you like me and got turned off by the mind-numbingly boring deep and multi-layered books you had to read in High School only to ‘find’ reading again as an adult?

Oh, I was so turned off by those books! I hated it when we were assigned reports on the old literary books.  But, I’ll confess…I was reading romances in high school too. So I’d do my book report on the assigned material, then I’d just jump right back into my romance novel.

What book do you most remember having read in High School?

I was on a serious Jayne Ann Krentz/Jayne Castle binge in high school.  Her GHOST OF A CHANCE is a book that I read again and again back then.

Questions about YOU:
What is your favorite movie?

The Mummy

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?


Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Night Owl

Tell us something people might be surprised to learn about you?

I attend hip hop classes two times a week. I have no rhythm, but the classes are sure great exercise! And they’re fun!

Question about your UPCOMING RELEASE(S):
The second book in your Fallen series, Angel Betrayed, just released June 1st.  Tell us about your newest series and about its second installment.

Thanks so much for asking!  My Fallen series focuses on angels who have been cast out of heaven.  When they fell from heaven, their wings burned away. As they lost their wings, they also lost their immunity to emotions…you see, my angels never felt emotions until the moment that they plummeted to earth. Now, every single emotion is hitting them. They feel anger, lust, love, envy—and these feelings are overwhelming them.

Sammael (Sam) is the hero of ANGEL BETRAYED, and he’s a tough bad-ass.  Probably the most feared Fallen out there, Sam is a guy well acquainted with sin, but, in this book, he is actually fighting for his chance to prove that he isn’t just a villain. Sometimes, even the dark knights can save the day.

This series’ heroes to date are both either ex or current angels of death.  Is there a particular reason you made them so and not, say, angels of bringing happiness with white fluffy kittens?

LOL, love that question! I think it’s because I’m not the white fluffy kitten type. I like the darker, hounds of hell pets instead (and, btw, hellhounds are in this book!). I wanted to show the diversity that could be found in the angel realm.  Many angels are actually warrior angels or punishment angels, and to carry out those jobs, they have to possess a darker side.

Next up for you is story in the anthology Howl For It with Shelley Laurenston.  Your novella Wed or Dead is about an er…atypical honeymoon.  Tell what makes Gage and Kayla’s honeymoon so interesting.

I think most honeymooners don’t try to kill each other on their honeymoon. Unfortunately for Gage and Kayla, a little death is definitely on the agenda for them.

You have pretty much always written paranormal based books but in 2010 you decided to venture into Romantic Suspense with Deadly Fear.  What made you decide to give that genre a go?  Do you find it trickier to write one genre over the other?

As I was writing my paranormal stories, I noticed that suspense elements kept sneaking into my plots. I wouldn’t just have demons in my books; instead, I’d have serial killing demons.  So I thought, hey…why not try a story just with the serial killers (minus the demon part)?  I discovered that I loved writing romantic suspense just as much as I enjoyed writing my paranormals.  I do have an easier time writing the paranormals, though, since I get to make up the world rules.  With the romantic suspense, it can be trickier when you have to stick to those pesky “reality” rules.

Thank you very very very much Cynthia for taking the time out of your insane writing schedule to answer my questions today.  I’ll see you in at AAD!  Woot!

Thank you so much for interviewing me!! See you at AAD!

Cynthia is offering an ARC the anthology Howl for It to one lucky winner!  Just leave a comment below by Wednesday August 1st 2012 11:59EST to enter.  Giveaway open internationally.   Best of luck to all who enter and thank you Cynthia for offering up such a cool prize!

Here’s where you can find Cynthia –

  1. elaing8 says:

    Enjoyed reading the interview.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  2. Howl for It sounds exciting. Nothing like a collection of good shifter stories!

  3. I have been reading Shelly laurenston for a while, and just stumbled upon Cynthia Eden, who I now LOVE. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book.

  4. Maria pronounced Mariah says:

    Better late then never! Cynthia is one of my favorite authors! I am looking for to reading this latest book of hers!

    Thanks so much!

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