Aug 23, 2012

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My Life’s Quirks – Wondering Where The Hell To Stick It…

Have you ever looked at your bookshelves, then at the book you just bought and wonder “where the hell am I going to stick this?”  It happens to me often, of course.  But when it happens to me, it tends to be mixed in with a panic attack.  Here’s why…

This is the outside of my book closet.  It is an armoire in my bedroom that I have converted into my book closet.

This is the inside of it when it is organized.  This takes a lot of work because I have a limited amount of space and I like to keep my books organized.  Essentially, my book closet houses my to-be-read books and my keepers.

You will also notice the swag I have taped to the walls.  Those are special things that I have received from authors when I send books out for them to sign.  The walls are almost completely covered…and I love it that way.

Usually, my book closet makes me smile.  When I am feeling a bit blue, I open it up and just look at it.  Often a long cleansing sigh occurs while I look at all the books that have brought me so many hours of absolute enjoyment.

Now seeing that organizing my book closet is an entire evening (or two) affair, I don’t do it as often as I should. Making room for books in my book closet takes time people and I just don’t have it!  So what do I do when I finish I book but have not had the time to find a proper home for it yet?  I pile it.  I have not had a chance to organize my book closet for a few months so right now, this is what it looks like…

See those piles?!  All books I have to find room for in my book closet.  Yeah…  *tries not to hyperventilate*

When I came home from AAD with all the books I received and all the books I purchased, I thought it was high time I get my act together and organize my beloved book closet.  So one evening, I took my piles out of my closet and put them on my bed along with the books from the con.  Here is what I ended up with…

Holy hell!!  On one hand, I am one lucky b*tch to have so many great books.  On the other, where the hell am I going to put all of them?!  And lets not mention the new swag I received from both AAD and authors who have signed my books via mail!  Just look at that pile of swag!!!

So after staring at my huge-arsed pile for about 7 minutes without blinking, I did what any respectable person would do:

I piled them all in front of Jason’s dresser and decided to worry about it later.  And it’s still there today.

Wondering where the hell to stick it.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.

  1. Lol Julie, you just need more closets, or decorate the living room with bookshelves. I did that when living alone, my house is filled with my books, and my boyfriend knew what he got into when he fell in love with me. He was warned I was not going to change or buy less books, so he has no right to complain 😉

  2. I’m a purger… every so often I just get rid of the books I know I’m never going to read (or read again). It’s painful, but not as painful as piles of books spilling over the floor for me to break my neck on 🙂

    Good luck!

  3. Ahahaha! I love it, you put them in front of Jason’s dresser! That is so something I would do. Take all my books out, drool over them for a while, then when it was time to actually organize and do something with them….stick ’em in a pile. Except most of mine are under my bed, I finish a book and under it goes. I really need to buy a book armoire =)

  4. Lol, yes I have the same problem and I dealt with it…they are at my parents *blush*

  5. Lol…you can always sneak a few (by few I mean rows) clothing from the dressers and replace them with your books. I also keep my books in a closet and even that is getting full.

  6. I keep adding bookcases to my purchases but I’m running out of wall space….

  7. Lol Julie, it’s the same with me. I have too amny books for my bookshelves, and now they pile up on the floor everywhere in my bedroom. I plan on having a big cleaning but it would take so much time. So soon I’ll get to it and stack my books in neat piles and will have to give away some of them as I don’t ahve enough space anymore 🙁 Thank God for my Kindle! 😀

  8. really impressive. So difficult to organize, I try once in a while but it doesn’t change a lot lol. I think you need another shelve, well like me.

  9. aurian – Yes, it’s important to come clean with the boyfriends from the very beginning. lol

    Vanessa – I am a purger too. That is the sad part: those books are my tbr books and my keepers! I have a lot of keepers. lol

    Lexi – I could do that! Buy an under-the-bed tote and store them there until I have the time to re-arrange my book closet! 🙂

    blodeuedd – That’s genius! lol

    Na – Behind the clothes… That may work. lol

    Diane – My wall space is non-existent. With the daycare in my house, the books would be removed all the time! And I don’t think the covers for my books are what babies should be looking at. LOL

    Stella – Yes, eBooks certainly help. But I love my print books…as you can tell. lol

    melliane – Agreed. I need another armoire. But where to put it. Maybe Jason doesn’t really need his own dresser… 😉

  10. love it! i think all booklovers have this problem at one time or another. after ala i had no place to put the tons of books i got. i settled for organizing by release month and then stacking in an out of the way corner. i love that your shelf makes you happy. 🙂

    thuy @ nite lite

  11. LOL I love your end result. I also LOVE that you like to open your cabinet just to look at your books because that makes you happy. I do that too. I sometimes pet the spines too. *giggles*

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