Aug 29, 2012

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Silly Stuff – What Would Your Romance Novel Hero and Heroine Name Be?

A while back, Susan Mallery posted this on her facebook page and I thought it was quite cute, so I thought I would share them with you guys this week.  You just follow the instructions on the charts – all you have to know is your full name – and you’ll be able to tell what your romance hero and heroine name is!  Fun, right?!

Here is the romance heroine chart –

And here is the romance hero chart –

So by following these charts, my heroine name is Waverly Jacklicker and my hero name is Wellington Juicylover.  Niiiice. *snort*

What is your romance heroine and hero name?

  1. ROFLMAO! Well, I’m Heidi Sweetgiggle, but the husband is Hawk Juicycrack!! Maybe he’s a gorgeous plumber with a wild side? Awesome!

  2. Mmm….Melody Jackmagic doesn’t sound all that special. Although the hubby is Manny Lustyjackal. I think CndMrs got the better names. *grin*

  3. Melissa G says:

    My name would be Gracie McAction. Hmmm I guess I like my heroines to be kick ass.

    My husband would be Garth RaspyStubble. Well the last name fits but I can’t see him as a “Garth”. All I can think about is Wayne’s World. 😉

  4. Heidi AmpleAction, geez. I messed up the order of the intials at first and had Heidi HumpAction, snort.

    Hubs is Hawk KnifeDasher, that sounds more like a Fantasy character than romance to me.

  5. I don’t have a middle name ! What should I do ? I can’t stay Heidi Naughty ! (or Hawk Nude, that’s even worse)

  6. CdnMrs – OMG Yours (and your husband’s) are amazing! LOL

    Jackie – Melody Jackmagic isn’t too bad. Sounds like a sorceress in a coven who would be meek in personality. 😉

    Melissa – Those are great! And I never thought of Jason. *snort* He has two middle names so he would be Wellington JuicyWhiskersEjector. Ew LOL

    Allison – You’re right about hubs sounding more fantasy. And LMAO at HumpAction!

    Desme – What’s wrong with Heidi Naughty? ;p

  7. mine is melody sweetaction. I have something to live up to.

  8. I’m Gracie Dearmagic. DH doesn’t have a middle name so he is only Garth Young.
    I like it better if I use my name for hero’s: Garth Dangermaster.

  9. LOL I’m Paige Jackaction. ROFL… err… “Jackaction”… what does THAT bring to mind? *wince* lol

    My husband is Jock JuicyAbs (which would also be my hero name as well since we have the same initials).

  10. Well as I have two middle names I had to choose one, if so, it would be Angelique Dearcherry and Adrian Dangercrack.

  11. Ha! Olivia Sweetkitten falls for Rafe Dangerabs (hubs) in an epic romance. Thanks for the laugh!

  12. The letter that my last name starts with is not there :/
    Oh pooh, I will go with the closest thing then

    Angelique LoveSoldier

    My hero
    Shane Kniferider

  13. Dakota Jack and Dante Juicy for the win. 😉

  14. maureen – Sweetaction…I would say. LOL

    Bookaholic Cat – Yes, your hero name is much better. His sounds like a country singer lol.

    Jessica – JackAction. Yup bunnies. Bunnies come to mind. lol

    Melliane – Dangercrack! That is awesome! LOLOL

    Sara – I would totally buy that book! 😉

    blodeuedd – Angelique Lovesoldier…sounds almost sweet! lol

    Jen – Yours are actually not too bad! lol

  15. I love everyone’s names!!!!! Mine are rather yucky…
    Savannah Dearaction
    Hubby’s= Shane Passion Hunter

  16. OMG I got for a heroine Brianna Sweet Organ and Biff Steel Organ for a hero, and now tell these don’t sound like some Regency stripper names ;-D LOL

  17. Roxanne Jackmagic (O.o) and Rafe Juicymaster. Oi, that something alright!

  18. Okay, I just have to say… Roxanne Jackmagic sounds like the result of the marketing department of an adult toy line getting drunk on the job…

  19. Heidi Lovecherry…romance heroine or porn star? Hmm….
    This was fun, even better is reading everyone’s romance name!

  20. REALLY?!

    Yasmeen Jackjock


  21. Oops…

    It’s Yasmeen Jackaction…. yeah that’s better.

  22. Readsalot81 says:

    Hmmmm… I’m Brianna Von Licker. *snerk* Or the heroes version – Biff Vain Lover. Hah!

  23. Haha my hubs is Perry Lusty Abs & I’m Paige Dear Magic!

  24. OMG ROFLMAO I did mine, the results:

    I’m Felicia Bottom Love and as a hero I’m Finn Buster Lusty

  25. Angelique Eerielicker and Ethan Alphalover. I doubt my romance novel would become a best seller LOL!

  26. You gots to be kidding me! Now my characters names have to be Kikki Toobottom and Kent Thunderbuster That’s just stupid. :d

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