Oct 5, 2012

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Review: Boyfriend from Hell by Jamie Quaid (Saturn’s Daughter #1)

Urban Fantasy
September 25 2012
Mass Market Paperback
400 pages
Pocket Books
Received from edelweiss

Kick Ass Chick – Justine (Tina) Clancy

From Goodreads –
They say justice is blind. But Justine isn’t.
Justine (Tina) Clancy is just an ordinary law student with a faulty arrest record, a part-time job in Baltimore’s radioactive Zone, and a family secret so bizarre even she doesn’t believe it. That is, until in a fit of fury she damns her boyfriend to hell—and it’s exactly where he ends up.

Much to her surprise, Tina is apparently one of Saturn’s daughters, with the power to wield vigilante justice. But poor Max didn’t deserve to go up in flames, even if he did almost run her over with her own car. Tina’s convinced someone cut the brakes—and now a relentless nemesis is stalking her through the Zone’s back alleys, where buildings glow, statues move, and chemical waste exposure comes with interesting consequences. Tina’s usually a loner, but now she needs a posse like no other: a shape-shifting kitten, an invisible thief, a biker gang, a snake-charming private detective, a well-meaning cop, and her sleazy, sexy boss. But in between freeing Max from hell, saving her own neck, and solving a mystery that threatens the Zone and her newfound friends, how is she ever going to study for finals?


Boyfriend from Hell is the first book in Jamie Quaid’s new Saturn’s Daughter series.  I read the blurb for this book quite a while ago thought it was a book I would enjoy.  When I read more about it, I found it sounded like a really interesting premise for a series and I looked forward to reading it.  Now that I have read it, I’m glad I did because there were some great things about it, but I have to say that I was a little frustrated by the pacing of the book.

Here’s what I liked about the book:

I liked Justine (Tina), the main heroine of the book.  She was a strong willed character that liked to let on that she had more self-confidence than she actually did.  Yes, there were times where I found her a little too stubborn or too deny-y or a little too wishy-washy, but overall I really did like how Jamie wrote her.  Tina is a soon-to-be lawyer (she’s just finishing up her schooling) and is going through some ‘interesting’ changes in her life on top of her graduating from school.  She really does go through a lot and I liked how she dealt with it all and took most of it in stride.  Mostly.  And I like how she starts off your ‘average’ woman with mousy hair, a limp and glasses.  It makes her transformation throughout the book even more fun to witness – even though the cause of her transforming is a little less ‘good’.

I liked Andre.  A lot.  His character suited his role in the book.  I liked how he was with Tina very much.  He’s the sort of character who looks like slime when you first meet him but you soon find out that there is so much more to him and only a handful of people ever really see the ‘real’ him.  I liked getting to know a little more about him.  He really was a solid character.

There were quite a few interesting twists and turns in this book – especially when you find out what and who some of the characters actually are.

The whole premise was good.  Make a wish and damn someone to tell to get it – even if you didn’t really mean it – is a very interesting idea.  And the sorts of characters you meet in the Zone – an area of the city that has been affected by chemical spills – are unique and fun to read.  I mean, there’s a were-chimp!  (sort of)  Really, all in all I was impressed with the bare bones of the story.

What I didn’t like about the book:

This book started off with a bang – literally – but then stalled out…for at least 85 pages!  I will be totally honest here and say that I even tried to skip a few pages but I couldn’t because even though nothing really happens, you find out info that is important and that you would be lost not to have learned it!  Finally at about the half-way point things started developing at a better pace but I still found the book didn’t pick up enough.  I think a lot of the story could have been focused a bit more making it easier to read and easier to get fully invested in.

Even though I liked Tina a lot and Andre, I can’t say that I ever truly felt a connection to any of them.  I was happy to read them and wanted things to work well for everyone but I never found that I completely cared about them.  The characters were strong enough for me to keep reading the book even though I felt like stopping a few times, but not strong enough to save the book entirely for me.

Overall, this book didn’t suck.  I think it could have been fine tuned a bit and the pertinent information could have been delivered a little more often as to speed up the pace of the book, but it didn’t suck.  I liked the idea of ‘Saturn’s Daughters’ and think the series has quite a bit of potential.  I’m just not sure if I will be reading more.  I think I’ll wait to see what you guys think of book two before I decide.  😉

3 stars 

  1. I’ve seen this book floating around, and most of the reviews I’ve read match yours. I’ll think I’ll get this one from the library, just to see where I fall with it. 🙂

  2. Hm, we will see. Speaking of that, seems like forever that I read an UF book

  3. I can understand your feelings and I confess I was so surprised by the ideas. And well mainly curious about Andre. I can’t wait to see what we will have in the second novel.

  4. I really want to read and like this book, but I will also wait for some more reviews, and probably of the second book as well.

  5. I agree completely with your review, the premise of this book was great but it fail in the unfolding of the story. I’m going to wait to read some reviews for the second book before picking it up.

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