Sep 10, 2012

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Question – If You Could Interview Any Author, Who Would You Interview?

I love doing author interviews.  I always think of questions to ask them while I read their books and even after I finish.  Even in my everyday non-book life, I wonder about things and ask lots of questions so interviews are natural to me.

Sometimes I email the author asking to interview them and sometimes they email me.  I find it a huge compliment when an author tells me they loved my questions or had fun answering them.  (Yes, I am aware that they probably say that to all the bloggers who interview them but let’s not burst my bubble, shall we?  ;))

I have had the honor of interviewing 48 authors since I started blogging in May of 2010.  This is not the first time I mention this, but a while back someone asked me “If you could interview any author, who would you interview?” and my answer was easy:  Ilona and Gordon Andrews.  Yes, that wish of mine came true back in June of 2011 and I am still amazed that I got to interview them.  I mean these are the authors of my mostest favorite series featuring my mostest favorite heroine!  This may seem a little odd, but sometimes I click on my ‘Interviews’ tab at the top of my blog page and just scroll down to see all the great names that I have had the privilege to interview.  It is quite the list.

With all of the interviews that I have done, there are always going to be more that I would love to do.  I think Gena Showalter would be an interesting interview because she writes SO many books in a year.  Seriously, where do all of her ideas come from?!  JR Ward would be another fascinating interview.  I would ask her about her fans reaction to her books and how she deals with it all.  And Jill Shalvis would be another interesting interview.  I would ask her about creating such likability in her characters because you can’t help but love pretty much every one she writes in her book.

And the longer I sit here the more authors I can think of so before this post becomes too long, I will quit here…

You don’t have to be a blogger to daydream about interviewing an author; anyone can think about it.  So go ahead and think about it!  If you could interview any author, who would you interview?  And on top of that, is there one burning question you are dying to know the answer to?

  1. Ilona and Gordon Andrews would definitely be two of the authors I would most like to interview. I just finished reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer, and I would love to interview Marissa and pick her brain a little with questions about the future of the series. Great question!

  2. Wow 48, it’s amazing, I’m so jealous! I think it’s always so great to have the possibility to ask some questions to a author we like. I think I would love to interview Ilona Andrews, she is so awesome, I’m sure I would have many and many questions to ask.

  3. I would love to interview author Paullina Simons of The Bronze Horseman trilogy. All the angst she poured into the story of Tatiana and Alexander and being an immigrant from Russia, I would love to know more of her inspiration in penning one of the greatest fictional love stories ever written.

    I also think J.D.Robb and J.R. Ward would make for a very interesting interview.

  4. One I would like is Jim Butcher, for obvious reasons.

    Would love to do one with Ilona Andrews too, but for some reason I think one with Andrew alone could be a lot of fun, with some cool tongue-in-cheek responses.

    I’d also like to interview people of books that I haven’t liked much for some reason, since I’d like to air some of my grievances, and give them an opportunity to defend themselves or attack me in some fashion. I think it’s only fair.

    Just did an interview with Jenn Bennett, a well liked urban fantasy author, whose first book I didn’t enjoy much. And the results were awesome I thought.

  5. There are three authors that I’d absolutely love to have lunch or cocktails with. The funny thing is that all three are so different that to get them all in the same room would be a riot!

    I’d LOVE to meet Gena Showalter, Rachel Vincent and Jane Austen. Whatta trio, huh?

    Isalys / Book Soulmates

  6. Well, for me it has to be J.R. Ward and Diana Gabaldon, I absolutely would love to pick their brains out…I hope I said that right..LOL

  7. Nalini Singh and Nora Roberts!

  8. The funny thing about author interviews is that I normally don’t care for them. I know I know.
    I find that most interview questions are the same. “What inspires you?” blah blah blah

    What I prefer are interview questions that are specific to the book themselves. Like – Diana Gabaldon – What made you decide to have Jamie drop and lose Bree’s pictures in the ocean?

    Most interview questions are just boring for me so I don’t read them. I love to meet authors though. I have been so fortunate that I have pretty much met all my favourites so far! Isn’t that crazy since authors are like my celebrities! One day I’d love to meet Julie Garwood but I swear I’d be so star struck that I wouldn’t know what to say. lol

  9. It would be my absolute favorite authors, of course. Those would be Ilona and Gordon Andrews, Devon Monk, Patricia Briggs, Jeaniene Frost, Jill Shalvis and Larissa Ione. I’m probably leaving somebody out and will cringe later that I forgot them, but that’s a start.

  10. I would love to interview some of the authors I have been reading and enjoying for over 20 years. The new and hot authors are interviewed plenty all over the blogworld. Jude Deveraux, Bertrice Small, Catharine Coulter, Elizabeth Lowell, Clive Cussler, for a few examples.

  11. This was a tough one for me, my initial thought was I’d love to chat with Neil Gaiman, just because I adore his work, appreciate his humor, and love the way his mind seems to work. But hanging out with Neil would be just for the delight of his company – I wouldn’t have a conversational agenda, therefore he’s not a good answer for your question.

    So I’m going to have to go with Karen Marie Moning. To date, I have never had an author surprise me as much as she did with the Fever series, or seen one write such a complicated and well executed mystery. She kept the mystery alive and fresh for five whole books and then delivered a completely surprising, yet satisfying conclusion. I’d ask her about her creative process, how she conceptualized the Fever world, and then how she managed the mystery. I’d like to know if she had all the answers at the start of writing, and tossed us red herring clues along the way for fun (something I loved about Fever – just when I thought I had “the Answer” I’d find out I was wrong).

    – Jessica / Mithrendiel

  12. Vanessa – It’s always cool to be able to ask about the future of beloved series…but they don’t always answer those questions lol.

    Melliane – You have done lots of interviews too and with many amazing authors! I am amazed by what you’ve done!

    Amy – I have heard a lot about that book. And I agree with JR and JD – they would be very interesting interviews. 🙂

    Bastard – Jim Butcher! Shocking! ;P (I think he would make a great interview)

    Isalys – What a trio is right!

    Lupdilup – Great choices! 🙂

    Diane – Nalini would be awesome!

    Michelle – I’m with you actually – I don’t often love reading interviews because most are very similar. That’s why when I write my questions, I do my research and try to ask as many unique questions as I can. Plus, I ask what I want to know…so if it’s what you want to know too, bonus. 😉

    Northwoman – Patricia Briggs would be an incredible interview. And Larissa Ione too!

    aurian – Interviewing all-time favorites that you’ve been reading for years would be SO neat!

    Jessica – I totally understand what you mean: there are some authors that would make better company than interviews lol.
    And Karen Marie Moning as your interview choice is GREAT! How she did what she did would definitely make a great question. 🙂

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