Sep 25, 2012

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Review: All He Ever Needed by Shannon Stacey (Kowalski Family #4)

Contemporary Romance
September 11 2012
190 pages
Carina Press
Received from NetGalley

Yummy Man – Mitch Kowalski
Kick Ass Chick – Paige Sullivan

From Goodreads –
Born to Roam

Mitch Kowalski lives out of a suitcase—and he likes it that way. Traveling for work has the added bonus of scaring off women who would otherwise try to tie him down. But when he’s called home to help with running the family lodge, he’s intrigued by the new girl in town and her insistence that she doesn’t need a man—for anything. If there’s one thing Mitch can’t resist, it’s a challenge, especially a beautiful one.

Looking for Home

After a nomadic childhood, Paige Sullivan is finally putting down roots. Determined to stand on her own two feet, she lives by the motto men are a luxury, not a necessity. But when Mr. Tall, Dark and Hot pulls up a stool in her diner and offers her six weeks of naughty fun with a built-in expiration date, she’s tempted to indulge.

Mitch won’t stay put for a woman, and Paige won’t chase after a man—they’re the perfect match for a no-strings fling. Until they realize the amazing sex has become anything but casual…


*happy sigh*

I know I’ve said this before but sometimes, I feel down after reading a book.  Either it didn’t click with me (which always bums me out) or it was particularly violent and sits oddly with me for a few days.  To snap me out of my book-funk, all it often takes is a really well written contemporary romance.  That guaranteed HEA puts me back in a happy fluffy-pink-bows-and-cotton-candy-ribbons place.   All He Ever Needed by Shannon Stacey did just that.  What a sweet little book it was.

All He Ever Needed is the fourth book in Shannon’s Kowalski Family series.  Quick note before I go on:  these books are stand alone (I read the previous books all out of order and I wasn’t lost in the least).

This time around we tag along as Mitch, the fun-time guy in the family (a.k.a. the solidified bachelor) as he finally meets the woman who will make him stop his “I love women too much to settle with just one” ways.  I’m not saying that Mitch is a player or anything like that.  He makes it very clear from the very beginning that he is not into relationships and has no interest in settling down any time soon.  By making it clear, he shows the ladies a good time and when he leaves, they have big smiles on their faces.  I found that part was cute – that all the women that he slept with before encourage other women to give him a try.  And they really don’t have any hard feelings!  So funny.  Mitch is a successful business owner, very smart and extremely charming.  Even in you don’t usually like his ‘type’ of character it’s hard not to like Mitch.

When Mitch returns to his hometown to help his brother care for the family lodge while he recovers from a broken leg, he meets the new restaurant owner and is immediately drawn to her.  We see it, others see it, but Mitch doesn’t see it.  He just sees her as his latest conquest.  The new restaurant owner’s name is Paige.  She’s only been in town for a couple of years and absolutely loves it there.  She finally feels like she has found home and has no interest in a fling with Mitch – no matter how encouraged it is.

Paige, I loved.  Loyal, sweet, smart and fun – she’s the sort of person I would hang out with…you know, if she were real.  I really liked how she didn’t fall for Mitch’s lines and plays, even though she really really wanted to.  And once they do hook up, both feeling as though it’s a temporary thing until Mitch goes back to the city, they are one hot couple.  Paige and Mitch’s chemistry is amazing and not only during their hot and steamy times.  They sizzle even when they are just sitting at a table doing some work!  Their dialogue was really fun too.

Mitch has a bucket-load of siblings.  His brother Sean was the hero in book three (really cute book – love the pink Post-Its).  There are also brothers Ryan (hero for book five) and Josh (brother who broke his leg and hero for book six).  Ryan makes an appearance in this book and we get a glimpse at his lady love.  They have a “past” together and I’m curious to see what happened to them and how everything will come together.  But really, the book I’m most looking forward to is book six.  Josh is the baby brother, Katie is the tomboy who grew up in the same house as him…and now she lurvs him. And of course, he’s oblivious.  I can’t wait for their story!  Their characters were really well writing in this book so I can only imagine how great their book is going to be.

Shannon has always had a great style but I feel it’s maturing and getting stronger with each book she releases in this series.   Her voice is wonderful with its perfect mix of charm, wit and sweet and it makes her Kowalski books really fun to read.

Usually with the books in this series there is a character that sort of bugs me, but that was not the case this time around.  I found all the characters were well placed and worked well in the story.  And as always the family unit was wonderful.

Overall, I truly enjoyed All He Ever Wanted.  It’s a strong contemporary romance story that I feel good recommending to fans of the genre.

4.5 stars

Giggle worthy quotes

“Just a few more milling-around people to dodge and Mitch was able to put himself in Paige’s path.  She stopped short when she saw him.  ‘Hi, Mitch.  Enjoy the parade?’

‘Not as much as I’m enjoying that dress.  You look like every woman in a country song.’

She tilted her head, lips curing into a smile.  ‘So I took your dog and your truck and left you crying in your beer?’

‘Not that kind of country song.’”


“’I don’t need a man in my life.  And I have that written on a sticky note taped ot my fridge so I don’t forget it.

‘But you want a man, right?’

She pretended to think about it for a few seconds.  ‘Not especially.’

‘Who opens jars for you?’

‘I have a little gadget that does that.’

‘But…’  He grinned.  ‘What about sex?’

‘I have a little gadget that does that, too.’”


“Honey, love isn’t like rappelling into a cave, where you can control your descent and how deep you go.  It’s just falling into the hole.’”

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Undeniably Yours
Yours to Keep
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