Sep 17, 2012

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Have You Ever Made A Substantial Mistake In Your Review?

As you can see from my ‘Currently Reading’ widget, I am reading The Shattered Dark by Sandy Williams right now.  I really enjoyed the first book, The Shadow Reader, and have been looking forward to this second installment since I finished that first book back in October of 2011.  When I think of that book, I not only think about how much I found it interesting and well written but I also think about the review I wrote for it.  You see, a few hours after my review went live, I made a grave discovery:  I had misspelled the main heroine’s name throughout my entire review.  Yup.  I did.  I had already emailed the link to my review to the author and immediately sent another email apologizing to Sandy for having mis-written McKenzie’s name.  (By the way, Sandy was awesome and said it’s been happening quite a bit and not to worry.  Do I think she was full of it and just trying to make me feel better?  Yes.  But I was just glad she didn’t yell at me.)

That is a pretty bad mistake to make in a review but it’s not the worst one I’ve made…

The mistake I still cringe about happened in my review for A Brush of Darkness by Allison Pang.  Just thinking about it makes me want to cower in a corner…  It was another instance of a mis-written name only this time around it was the main hero of the book, Brystion.  Oh and it was written wrong in my entire review.  Yup.  The Whole.  Damn.  Thing.  I had written Bastion.  Freaking Bastion!  That is pretty bad but That is not the worst part.  The absolute worst part is WHO brought my mistake to my attention.  You guessed it – the author, Allison Pang.  She sent me a DM telling me in the nicest way possible that “it’s Brystion and not Bastion”.  She even gave me a ” 😉 “!  She was so good about it but OMG I wanted to die!  I immediately went to change it but still.  I would like to think it was a spell-check error since I made the mistake each time I went to write the hero’s name but really, it could have been me in a daydreaming mode.  Not totally uncommon on my part.

So yeah…those would be my two most substantial mistakes that I have ever made in my reviews.  How about you?  Have you ever made a substantial mistake in your review?  If so, who caught it?

  1. I’m reading A Brush of Darkness now, and something tells me Brystion will now forever be Bastion in my head, lol. I’ve put the wrong title of the book in my header & misspelled authors names before. It’s so embarrassing when you don’t catch stuff like that before hand.

  2. You more than anybody knows how many mistakes I’ve made… and still do. lol

  3. We all make mistakes, but I think it says a lot about how readers can’t always connect with an author’s attempt to be unique with names. It seems that many writers brand their series with the main characters names and other writers come off as generic when they copy; we all think of Karen M Moning when we think of Mac, so writers in UF/PR should stay away from any variation of Mac, Mackenzie, etc; or like they’re trying too hard if the name is so hard to remember or pronounce in our heads,Brystion does not flow off the tongue easily, even when you say it silently in your head. I could go on all day with the use of Shea, Skyler,Keeley,and Kane in all the romantic sub-genres. I say you shouldn’t feel bad, you should consider it constructive criticism.

  4. I once put five hundred million when I meant five hundred thousand. A commenter pointed this mistake out in the comments! Whoops! Oh, cringe!

  5. Fortunately I’m not a blogger, so my reviews garner less attention, and mistakes are much less humiliating. But I make a ton of them. I fear I am known the world’s WORST speller. So most of the mistakes I’ve made in reviews involving spelling or grammatical errors that slip past my spell checker. Generally I catch my own mistakes when I re-read several days later (always days after -for some reason I can never see my own mistakes the day I write the review). But I have had people point out my mistakes in comments. I always feel terribly humiliated. Oh the joys of perfectionism. 🙂

    I totally feel for you on the name thing. That’s something I freakishly check before and after posting my review, because it’s a secret fear of mine that one day I’ll make that particular mistake.

  6. Yep I did a name switcharoo mistake too. It happens. I was embarrassed because I was called out on Amazon. Oh well. I fixed the boo boo. It is totally embarrassing though.

  7. I wish I could say I only had 2 mistakes ever…LOL
    That’s the main reason I don’t accept or ask for books from publishers (not they’re bringing down my door to give me but the few times I have agree to review for them, my stress level sky rocket, I feel pressured to put out a perfect piece, and that’s just impossible for me 🙁

  8. I misspelled the author’s name *headdeask* Horrid

  9. I have to agree with Nikki on that one: everyone in the UF/PNR world should stay away from names with variations of Mac, Mackenzie and the like.:)) And, well, we all do mistakes, especially when the names are not that common and easy to spell. It is kind of cringe worthy though!:)) *hugs*

    And OMG, I once misspelled the AUTHOR’s name! And it wasn’t only in a review, it was in a guest post too, so the name came out A LOT of times. When the author DM’ed me to point it out, I wanted to DIE. To throw my laptop out the window, hide under the bed and NEVER show my face on Twitter or the blogging world again!LOL I know I was being dramatic, but I really felt so bad! But the author still contacted me when her second book came out, so I guess she didn’t hate me. Much. Still… EMBARRASSING! Now I’m obsessively checking names when I write my posts. :))

  10. I alternatively referred to the hero as Jake and Jack (his name was Jack) through the review and the author called me on it. She was nice about it but I was mortified.

  11. Colette – No….it’s Brystion! Brystion! 😉

    Bookaholic Cat – None of your errors are that terrible though so that’s good. And you’ve caught a few of mine too. 😉

    Nikki – Oh good point about names! Some names are just naturally associated with certain books and to use them can feel wrong. But Makayla and McKenzie are different enough for me. 🙂

    Shannon – I like it when I am told of my mistakes in the comments yet not at the same time because everyone else who may have missed it will see it if it’s said there. lol

    Jessica – It is humiliating! As you said: oh the joys of perfectionism. lol

    Michelle – On Amazon! Yup, that would be a bit embarrassing…

    Lupdilup – Oh I’ve made many more than two mistakes lol. Those were my most memorable. 😉

    blodeuedd – Oh no!!! Not the author’s name! *heads desk with you*

    Deea – A lot of times?!..OMG that would make me feel terrible too!

    shelleyrae – Yup. Absolutely mortifying when the author calls you on it. lol

  12. I do that from time to time, I’m always so ashamed… Fortunately, Marcela is always here to tell me when it happens. I had a problem with the series. There is a character named Bastien/Batian, and I didn’t know the good name. So I wrote to the author ans she told me that it was one at first and it changed after in the story. Lol I’m finally not the only one to do that. But I’m always still anxious about my ENglish you know when I read some old reviews I see some big mistakes and I wonder how I could have written that. I finished a book with Japaneese names, lol in my review I didn’t use them at all, I don’t even remember them, too difficult.

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