Sep 26, 2012

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Oh My Lordy… Awkward Family Pet Photos

My Goodreads friend Sharon (remember that name – you’ll be seeing a bit of it soon on the blog) sent me this link.  She said it was a great place to find hilarious pics…and boy was she right!  Remember when I posted some photos from Awkward Family Photos as part of my Silly Stuff post?  Well, this is the same thing…but with pets!  Really guys, these are freaking funny.
Take a look and enjoy!

That is a lot of dogs…


One of these people thought this was a good idea…lol

I crack up at this one.  Two boys holding guns and one…holding kittens.  lol

Wow…there are no words…..


  1. Hahaha! The last picture is killing me, honestly WTH?
    Thanks for the laughs 🙂

  2. LOL….u posted some great ones!

    i agree about that last one…creepy!

  3. I love the expression on the cats’ faces in the last one !

  4. LOL! Made my day

  5. Love these pictures, it’s really fun! thanks!

  6. That site cracks me up like no other. Whenever I need a laugh, I head there. I’ve needed a laugh a lot lately.

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