Oct 10, 2012

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Silly Stuff – Preparing for Halloween

With Halloween coming at the end of the month, I thought I would share some great ideas for costumes that your significant other can wear.  I think the following suggestions are just great and will certainly be remembered for years to come.  Let’s see…

This one will make your man look oh-so super sexy…

A man blow-up doll!  How genius!

“Droopers”!  Because it would usually say ‘Hooters’.  OMG that is SO funny!

This one is called “country lovin”.  Whoever came up with that name…I hope he got a raise!

Oh my! *blush*

Now this one…so perfect!  I want Jason to wear this one to work on Halloween.  His boss will be SO impressed!

I will be waiting for your emails telling me what a great help I was in helping your mate find the perfect costume.  These are the best of the best and if worn, I’m sure your man will be the most talked about for years to come.  And all the stories told will be tales of wonder.  Your man will be looked upon in awe and YOU will be the reason he is such a hero.  It will be because YOU found him the perfect costume.

Then again, maybe not. 😉

*note – this post is filled with sarcasm.  I mean, it’s dripping with it.  There are many horrible costumes out there but there are also some pretty fantastic ones.  All of the costumes that I featured here today, I found at Amazing Halloween Costumes.


  1. Lol, omg those are so bad

  2. AAAAh so great! too bad we don’t celebrate this here…

  3. blodeuedd – Yes. Yes they are.

    Michelle – 🙂

    melliane – No Halloween in France?! Pourquoi pas?! C’est le fun!

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