Oct 15, 2012

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Question – What Is Your Reading Spot?

I asked this Question back in January 2011 but feel it is a good one to ask again.  You see, there are quite a few of you who are new(er) to the blog and who weren’t around the first time I asked this.  And if you were following the blog way back then, maybe your reading spot has changed.  So you see, it’s worth asking twice.  😉

We all have one special place in our homes where we tend to plop down most often to read.  If you do a Google search for “Reading Nook”, you will find some pretty spectacular reading spots.  Mine…well it looks nothing like those.  As long as I have been reading for fun, I have had the same reading spot.  And I can’t picture myself reading anywhere else in my house.

Me, I read in my rocker/recliner chair.  It creaks when I rock but it has special ‘Julie dents’ so it fits me just right.  (If you look closely at the photo, you can see the lighter circle where my head sits lol)  Put a blanket on my lap and I am good to go.  For me, that is the Best.  Spot.  Ever.

my reading spot

How about you guys…  What is your reading spot?

  1. As lazy as this answer is—my bed when I am at home! I love to curl up under a comforter and just read. Now if I am out and about–a patio with a glass of wine!

  2. Although I read most often on my couch I honestly will read anywhere. If I’m into the book enough I will read standing up in the middle of a room and not even realize that I’m doing it (done that my whole life, used to drive my Mom nuts). But I love the idea of a “reading nook”! If there was space in the library I’d love to put a comfy chair in there & be surrounded by books while reading.

  3. I have a couple of places that I LOVE to read. My first spot is in my Dad’s recliner in the living room. I work third shift and so I spend my nights off sitting in the chair reading. My other favorite spot is in bed. But I’m also like another commentor who mentioned that if they are really into a book they could be standing up in the middle of a room reading, the same holds true for me as well.

    Great question!

  4. My bed…yup that easy

  5. Funny you should ask! My house is usually picked up because I hate clutter EXCEPT for the recliner loveseat in the family room. That’s mine and it is surrounded by books and magazines and notes about book/authors I want to read and more stuff. No one else sits there and no one touches my stuff 🙂 Like those that commented before me, I will read anywhere, anytime.

  6. I am a bed reader. Occasionally when I get kicked out cause hubby wants to go to bed, I take over the couch but it is not near as comfy.

  7. The couch; it has a light next to it that is sufficiently bright for reading, two blankets in case I get cold, near a window for the summer and the coffee table not far where I put my tea or wine!

  8. Sundays in bed with Magic & Flynn (the cats) while the husband is enjoying football in the other room.

    Otherwise, I curl up in the corner of the reclining loveseat with our lab, Sadie.

  9. I prefer my couch, with a comforter over me, and a glass of hot tea by my side. Ebooks I still read behind the computer but I don’t have a desk chair, I have the chair that is part of a set with the couch, so it is soft and big and filled with extra pillows and I can spend hours in it.

  10. I have my book nook upstairs. I have cherry wood book shelves, two glass and wood computer desks, a reclining leather couch, and matching love seat. This bonus room is also the home to my movie room – I have a projection TV and a 110″ screen. Needless to say, it’s my favorite room in the whole house. Movies, books, and computer games all in one beautiful place. <3

  11. The bath or my bed. And on the bus to and from work. And maybe the couch. The recliner, too. Occasionally at the dinner table and even in the kitchen while cooking if it’s an exceptionally thrilling read (I’m pretty sure I read parts of Shadowfever while cooking spaghetti). I might be a little obsessed with reading…

  12. Felicia – If I curl up in bed, I fall asleep…no matter how good the book is. 🙁 The patio sounds nice though!

    Allison – Standing in the middle of a room! Love it!

    Jamie – Another recliner reader. Woot!

    blodeuedd – That is easy 😉

    Linda – I love that you need absolute order except your reading spot. lol

    Michelle – I don’t like reading on the couch either.

    Diane – Sounds like the perfect set up!

    Susan – It’s fun to have ‘company’ when you read. 🙂

    aurian – Your chair sounds comfy. 🙂

    Jessica – Sounds like heaven…

    Sara – LMAO Love it!!!

  13. Oh for that I think the perfect place is my bed!

  14. Anywhere! I mostly read on a book-reader now, so I don’t even have to have both hands free. Mostly I don’t read at the table in restaurants, unless I’m on my own. I don’t read while crossing really busy roads, although quiet roads are OK. And I don’t read while driving (except audio-books and in really bad traffic jams).

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