Oct 17, 2012

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Silly Stuff – Even More Awkward Family Photos

I love Awkward Family Photos when I need a quick laugh. Some other ‘silly sites’ you need to go through pages and pages until you find something that will make you laugh out loud. But with AFP, I almost always find something on the very first page. I thought I would share some of my newest favorites with you guys today.

Now we look at this and think ‘wow’ in a less-nice way.  But back then she would have the been the envy of all of her friends.  Heck, she would have been the envy of me too!

The look on her face…perfect.  lol

Oh no no no no no….

This one made me laugh like crazy because I have had four potties at one time in my bathroom while training my daycare kids.  I have never put them in front of the tv but just the idea of three on the potty makes me giggle…

Oh this poor woman looks so uncomfortable…

When I first saw this photo I thought “What is wrong with this one?  It’s actually a good shot!”  Then I paid closer attention and noticed WHO was taking the photo and WHAT she was doing at the time.  Holy hell!  Then I was stunned speechless LOL


  1. The girl on the first photo has hair just like Merida’s in Brave !!

  2. LOL! Too funny! 😀

  3. I did not get it at first either..then I see where her feet is, what the guy is wearing.. hospital, lovely

  4. First picture is me in the mornings… I’m not kidding you.
    Last picture is priceless, the best part is that everybody is looking at the camera – LOL

  5. The last one has just traumatized me!!!

  6. I was a Labor & Delivery nurse for a couple of years, and yeah, you wouldn’t believe how many people were in the room at the delivery sometimes (parents, in-laws, cousins, etc), all of them with a view to a part of the body that should always be private LOL.

  7. WOW it’s a lot of hairs for the first one!

  8. I have a desk calendar my DH got me from xmas last year with Awkward Family Photos. It’s one of those a picture a day kind. Some of them are funny.

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