Oct 22, 2012

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Question – What Characters Make You “Home-Sick”?

In my review of Two Ravens and a Crow by Kevin Hearne last Thursday, I mentioned that since the last book in the series came out in April and the next book isn’t due out until November, that I was getting “Atticus-Sick” from not having read about him in a while.  I was missing him and missing the feeling I get (usually the warm and fuzzies) when I read him.  Thank goodness for that novella because it fixed my home-sickness for Atticus and I think I will now make it until November.

I am sure I’m not the only one who has characters that make them feel that way.  Atticus from the Iron Druid Chronicles series is one of my “home-sick” characters but I have another.  Actually, I have a couple of others.  Kate and Curran from the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews are my other ones.  I miss them as soon as I close the latest book and I feel like I’ve come across friends who have been away far too long when I open up a new story in the series.

I have a few others that are slowly creeping into “home-sick” status, such as Secret from Sierra Dean’s Secret McQueen series, but for now Atticus, Kate and Curran are my three “home-sick” characters.

How about you…  What characters make you “home-sick”?

  1. Chess and Terrible definitely. Adrien and Jake from the Adrien English series but sadly no more books are planned for that series. Also, from back in the day, William Monk and Hester Latterly from the William Monk series by Anne Perry.

  2. I’d have to second Kate and Curran as I read all the books last year and now there’s a big gap and I need something to fill it!
    Also I’m missing a bit of Adam and Mercy time. 2013 come quicker!

  3. In agreement with Kate & Curran..would also include Mercy & Adam, Mac & Barrons, Charley & Reyes, Alex (Alex Craft series), Drew & Carden (Watchers series). Oh…so many!!

  4. OMG…and the most important one I forgot…Julie & Tony from the Julie Collins series!!! How could I have forgotten them!!

  5. I seriously need to break down and purchase the Kate Daniels books. Such a dedicated following.

    I get homesick for Jamie and Claire Fraser. The massive books only come out every two or three years. Diana Gabaldon does satisfy or torture (depending how you view it) with daily snippet updates.

    I get a bit homesick for the forest in Nalini Singh’s Phy-Changeling series.

    I get homesick for the mansion in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward.

    I get homesick for Trenton NJ in the Stephanie Plum series.

    Also I think Dublin for Barrons and Mac.

  6. you always come up with the best questions!
    Harry Potter’s whole universe, of course. I re-read the series once every couple years.
    Also, Kate & Curran, and ditto to PP’s mention of Dublin. I’d add Downside & Terrible to the list, too.

  7. I’d have to say… Charley and Reyes from the Charley Davidson series, Kate & Curran (and Derek, let’s not forget him. At least as much as Kate and Curran.) Also, the Edge from Ilona Adrews’ series. I love this world so much I dream about it at night.

  8. Kate and Curran, Mac and Barrons, October Daye are a few. I have been trying to avoid withdrawal. There are a several series I want to start, but I’ve been holding off to allow for more releases, like Kevin Hearne, Kim Harrison and Diana Rowland.

  9. I think the characters I get the most attached too are the ones that I had the privilege of growing with. They started off flawed (often cripplingly so), and I saw them change and become something more than they were. I saw them conquer their fears, defeat their inner demons, get knocked down, and rise again and again to continue fighting. I love stories where the inner war in the characters souls is almost as important as the one going on outside. Its characters like that who really get under my skin.

    Without a doubt, I’d say I’m home sick for Mac and Barons and the Fever world. Everything about that series was just so perfect to me. Mac is the kind of character that I didn’t even think I’d like in the beginning. She didn’t have the dark and gritty flaws I normally admire in protagonists, instead she was shallow, and a bit vapid. She wasn’t a deep thinker and didn’t seem to care about the fate of the world. But she grew – oh lord how she grew. And then the world fell apart – and suddenly this once legally blond Barbie girl is taking on the big bads and fighting to save everyone. Mac stands out for me because I didn’t love her because I saw pieces of myself in her, I loved her because she earned my love over the course of the series. I miss her – and Barons. But thank goodness I won’t have to miss them for long – there’s only a few more days until Iced releases. YAY!

    And then I’d have to say Jax and March and the Grimspace world by Ann Aguirre. For many of the same reasons I loved Fever. Jax started the series fairly selfish, with very little care for anyone but herself, but she grew so much through the series. I actually cried near the end, because it was just so beautiful and I didn’t want it to end.

    Lastly I’d say I’m strangely homesick for Penryn and Raffe from Angelfall. There’s only one book out in that series, but I guess it really made an impression. I’ve already read the first book three times, and I find I’m strangely homesick for those characters and that universe.

    GREAT question! 🙂

  10. I am on board with all the Kate & Curran comments. I have to admit that I have the whole series by my bedside and revisit parts of every book on a weekly basis at least. One of my favorite character developments being Bran. He just made me laugh out loud so many times, and then still cry for him at his end.

    Sometimes I doubt myself on these, but for some reason Dante and Japhramel, Gabe, and the rest of the posse in Lillith St. Crow’s Dante Valentine series. I felt the series did not end as well as it could, but there was still something I liked in all these characters in the first few books that I revisit from time to time. In the same doubt category is Raine Benares (Lisa Shearin series) and her boys, again for the mix of humor and the cool world…also ended weakly. Lastly, Hunter and Joanna Archer in Petterson’s Sign of the Zodiac series, I love how they started, the middle…eh, but they ended strong. Loved the comic store storyline, it made them fun.

    And Sharon Shinn’s Thirteenth House series, I really enjoyed each of the couples in each book of the series. More comforting than passionate, but really spoke to me.

    Then I have to go outside of traditional UF/PR and bring up Anne and Frederick in Jane Austen’s Persuasion. My pulse still speeds up reading his letter to Anne near the end.

    There are more, but those are the ones popping into my head at this late hour.

  11. Allison – Chess and Terrible! Great choice. 🙂

    Ally – I am SO glad you are now a Curran and Kate fanatic 😉

    Michele – I don’t know Drew & Carden. Must check them out!

    Michelle – You have a good point. Sometimes it’s not just the characters you miss but the world or the ensemble, like the BDB. 🙂

    Sara – Harry Potter of course!!!

    Desme – Charley and Reyes! Absolutely.

    Dani – Holding off is not a bad idea…but that means you have great self control! Go Dani!

    Jessica – Totally agree that you miss characters that you have grown with. It’s hard to miss someone after just one book. Possible, but hard. And man I wish I got into the Grimspace books. Those characters sound amazing!

    JDo – I love how many Kate & Curran fans there are!

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