Oct 24, 2012

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Silly Stuff – Texts from jokesglores.com

Katie tweeted me the other day with a really funny auto-correct mishap.  When I went to the site to look at it, it was not on the site I was expecting to find it.  *gasp* It was at a new-to-me site called Jokes Glore.  I found that a lot of the stuff on there was a bit stupid (and not in my favorite sort of way) but some of the texts were really good.  Those are the ones I chose to share with you guys today.


Smart ass…

This would be the sort of thing I would have had to do to get Jason’s attention 😉

I don’t know that band but I think the punchline is funny.  Now if that happened to me…whole n’other story.  *grin*


This one is just AWESOME!

  1. We’re gonna build a fort? LMAO!!

  2. LOL…the fort one was great!!

  3. LOL. These are funny Julie!!! A lot of them talk about pregnancy, is there something we’re missing?? 😛 😉 Tehehe, I had to ask!!! So happy to be back. 😀

  4. Aaaah love it!

  5. These were awesome! Needed a good laugh this morning…thanks for sharing!

  6. LOL! Thanks Julie, I needed that 😀

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