Nov 27, 2012

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Review: Trapped by Kevin Hearne (Iron Druid Chronicles #5)

Urban Fantasy
November 27 2012
Mass Market Paperback
320 pages
Del Rey
Received from publisher

Yummy Man – Atticus

From Goodreads –
After twelve years of secret training, Atticus O’Sullivan is finally ready to bind his apprentice, Granuaile, to the earth and double the number of Druids in the world. But on the eve of the ritual, the world that thought he was dead abruptly discovers that he’s still alive, and they would much rather he return to the grave.

Having no other choice, Atticus, his trusted Irish wolfhound, Oberon, and Granuaile travel to the base of Mount Olympus, where the Roman god Bacchus is anxious to take his sworn revenge—but he’ll have to get in line behind an ancient vampire, a band of dark elves, and an old god of mischief, who all seem to have KILL THE DRUID at the top of their to-do lists.


Trapped is the fifth installment in Kevin Hearne’s fantastic Iron Druid Chronicles series.  Nope, this is not really a romance series.  But I am sure it will appeal to those of you who are drawn to books that have a sort of ‘urban fantasy’ type of romance storyline.  Meaning that you are able to sit through book after book of great chemistry and conversation before actually seeing anything develop between the main character and the one you are dying to see him with.  But when they do get together, man are you happy.  So if you are a romance lover and can survive a series like that, you will love this one.  Also, there is great magic, rich stories and plotlines and some of the best dialogue I have read.  It all makes for a very unique and entertaining series.

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of this series, and Trapped has to be one of my favorite installments to date.

The story finds us twelve years after the ending of book four.  We witness something pretty awesome in this book: we see the ‘birth’ of a new Druid…in a matter of speaking.  That is right everyone!  Granuaile has finished her 12 year apprenticeship and we see how she gets bound to the earth in order to become a full-blown Druid.  I found it very interesting to see how Kevin wrote her ‘induction’.  The detail he put into his scenes were just marvellous.  It’s a long process but it wasn’t dull at all.  Of course, it helped that occasionally Atticus and Granuaile had to stop in order to run for their lives.  Again.

I did find it a little frustrating when the story would jump from one issue that Atticus dug himself into to the next without one being solved.  We do bounce back but…  There are three main villains I suppose and you can’t even fully call them villains because they are only protecting their honor and trying to write a wrong that was brought on by Atticus sometimes 12 years ago and sometimes longer.  I never loved what Atticus agreed to do in the third book and it’s still finding ways to bite him in the ass.  I hope eventually that the scales are a bit more balance and we can see Atticus fully enjoying his life and not constantly running for it.

Atticus is the main hero of this series.  The books are told from his perspective.  It really didn’t take long for him to become one of my all time favorite characters to read.  He really is brilliant.  His humor, his wit, him loyalty and his charm are all perfect to me.  Does he make mistakes?  Yes, bucket loads of them.  But it’s mostly in the name of loyalty and friendship.  And occasionally to save his own ass.  But all decisions work with his character and make for an interesting story.  I do wish that sometimes he didn’t piss off so many people and have them all hunt him.  Sometimes I feel it’s a bit much – but I’ll chat more about that in a bit.

Granuaile, I absolutely adore her.  And she is f*cking perfect for Atticus – pardon my French.  But in all honesty, there could not be a more perfect match for him.  She is witty and clever (hence Oberon’s nickname for her of Clever Girl”).  She’s interested in everything he is interested in.  She truly loves the earth and wants to be part of it and is honestly honored by the idea of becoming a druid – earth’s protector.  And her sass!  She can easily keep up with Atticus and I love that too about her.

Oberon, the dog, is still freaking awesome in this book.  He still provides some of the funniest lines and makes you want to hug him and squeeze him and give him pork products throughout the story.   He is a gem in this series and in this book.

There was tons of action and interesting twists thrown in this book.  I love how Kevin twists your ‘typical’ mythological characters and makes them fresh and new.  We meet a few new ones too this time around and they were such fun!  Brighid comes back as well as the Morrigan.  I love the Morrigan!  She is scary but in the best of ways.  And her very last line in this book…can’t wait to see how that all plays out in Hunted, the next book due out June 2013.  Oh and Leif makes an appearance too.  Not such a fan of his, but I must say that I am intrigued by his part in the story and how it will play out in the next book.  Really, there wasn’t a down moment for me while I read this book.

Overall, I loved this installment.  Kevin is a fantastic writer.  His imagination and his humor never ceases to amaze me.  I always look forward to cracking open an Iron Druid Chronicles book.  Trapped now lives on my keeper shelf as will all of the other installments, I’m sure.

5 stars

Giggle worthy quote

“Granuaile admired it in silence for a few moments, her mouth open and her eyes wide in shock.  It was a beautifully wrought staff of oak, carved with knotwork beyond my ken.

Luchta, watching her over Goibhnui’s shoulder, asked, ‘Why doesn’t she say anything?’

‘Silence is the perfectest herald of joy,’ I said.

<Perfectest?  Can I get a ruling on this?>

‘I was quoting Shakespeare, Oberon therefore, it’s allowed.’

<That guy gets away with everything!  Too bad he didn’t live long enough to enjoy it.  He’d go up to people and say, ‘You look like your father, and he had a face like a poxy tit!  I’m Shakespeare, so that’s allowed.’>”

Books in the Iron Druid Chronicles series –
Hunted (June 2013)

  1. Funny, I was looking at this series on audible today, I noticed the every book had high ratings, and then I saw your review.
    This sounds like something I can really enjoy in those times when I get tired of strictly romance…I know, it happens to me once in a while.
    Thanks for the awesome review, I will be adding it to my TBL 🙂

  2. Oh boy! Getting old sucks 🙁
    I just remembered my friend Lisa reviewed the first in the series on my blog…dah! And I remember it sound so good then…LOL
    Anyway, I will be getting to it soo.

  3. I’m so late in this series I have the first one in my TBR pile and I really need to start it! Glad you enjoyed this one so much, great review!

  4. Julie, I started this series based on your enthusiasm, and I have to agree with you that it is excellent. The characters are so clever and funny, and the storylines infused with mythology are so much fun.

  5. Loupe and Delhia you need to listen to Julie and read these books. They are some of the best books in the market.
    Julie, I agree 100% with you, as always great review. 🙂

  6. Lupdilup – You’re cute lol

    melliane – It’s so much fun. I would love to hear what you think of it. 🙂

    Nikki – Agree, agree, agree.

    BookaholicCat – 🙂

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