Oct 29, 2012

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Question – What October 30th Release Will You Be Reading First?

October 30th, or tomorrow if you will, is a huge day for us urban fantasy fans. HUGE!  Here are just a few of the titles releasing that day:

Like holy cow!  As for me, there are four books that I’ve been drooling over releasing today.  These:

Oh. My. Goodess!  When I saw that all four of these books were releasing on the SAME DAY, I didn’t know what I was going to do.  I mean, which to read first?!  Thank goodness I got to knock two out of the running pretty early on since I’ve been very lucky and received a couple from publishers and read them already.  (And they were both excellent!)  But that still leaves two.  TWO!  I have yet to read Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet by Darynda Jones and Iced by Karen Marie Moning and I have to decide which to read first!

After much thought and consideration (and perhaps a bag or Double Stuffed Oreo cookies and a case of Bacardi Breezers) I have decided to send Jason to the bookstore tomorrow to pick up both books but I will be reading Darynda Jones’ book first.  The last book in the series was just amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on this newest one.  As for Iced, I am very interested in it of course but I have to admit that I am worried a bit about it too.  It’s told via Dani and she was cute in small doses in the Fever books but a whole book as told by her?  I am sure the story will be epic but…  So Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet will be read by me before Iced.  But Iced will most likely be next after that.

So that’s me.  How about you – What October 30th release will you be reading first?


  1. For me it will be Fourth Grave. I absolutly love Reyes and Charley and can’t wait to get my hands on this book. Plus I’ve had it pre-ordered since July and it should arrive by the time I get home from holiday, so I don’t have to wait so long now!
    As for the others I am ashamed to say that I’m not up to date with the series (I really have to start reading Sandy Williams’), except for Iced. But I’m not so sure I want to read it. First, I read the Fever books in french and I generally try not to switch languages in the middle of a series (I did it with Kate Daniels, but that was because at the time the series was suspended and book 4 four was nowhere in sight). Second, as you said Julie, while I liked Dani enough in the fever books, I thought her annoying during her POVs, so I’m not so sure I would enjoy a complete book on her. That being said, I’m also intrigued by Ryodan… Mmmh… Oh well, I’ll read Iced when it comes out in french.

  2. Trace of Moonlight and Out for Blood! Excitement!

  3. Weeks ago, I preordered: Iced, Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet, Out for Blood, Trace of Moonlight, Shattered Dark AND Black Lament. Not a clue which to start with…I’ve been debating for days now which was gonna be up first and I find myself coming up with great arguments in favor of each. It’s been too long since I’ve visited MAC’s Dublin and even tho its a new protagonist, it will be good to visit old friends, BUT I’m dying to see what happens with Reyes and Charley now, BUT there was such a huge cliffhanger with the last one that I’ve got to see what happens with Maddy, BUT Chrysabelle & Mal are tormenting me with with all their tension, so I’ve gotta know if these two FINALLY admit what’s between them, BUT….well, you see my dilemma.

  4. That’s easy for me. I order via Amazon because it’s an extra week’s wait at my local bookstore & it costs more. But Amazon have already emailed me to say I won’t get Iced til November 7th!!!!(It must be really popular, who would have guessed!) So Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet will be sat on my kindle come tomorrow morning and I’m so lucky as that’s my day off too! 😉

  5. These are all great series, so I hear… honestly, the only one I read is the Black Wings series. And I read and reviewed that one (last week). So my wallet is safe… for now! lol

  6. I did not know that Christina Henry has a new book out! I still have to read book 2

  7. Iced! I can’t wait! Karen Marie Moning has been trying to put people’s fears about “annoying Dani” to ease. The snippets she posts on FB aren’t exactly like the Dani we read in the Fever series. And you can’t go wrong with Ryodan and Christian McKeltar, who I’m told are front and center in this book!

  8. Darynda Jones’ Fourth Grave!!!

  9. I just started Darynda Jones’ series so I won’t be starting Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet for a while. I’m hoping that Iced will be available on audio tomorrow, if not, I might have to re-think my answer to this question!

  10. Jessica Sims’ Desperately Seeking Shapeshiftee

  11. What can I say but ditto. 🙂 I am looking forward to reading both Iced and Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet. Things have been super busy for me (with a newborn) and it slipped my mind that their release date is tomorrow (I am ashamed).I can’t buy them right now so I have them both on hold at the library. I am more excited about Mrs. Jones’ book but I’m one of the first to receive Iced tomorrow so I guess it will be first. I am a little worried about Iced because I did find Dani to be annoying, but Ms Moning asked her fans to have faith so I will give it a chance. 🙂 Anything for a chance to read more about Barrons. hehehe

  12. From those the first I’m planing to read is Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet. I need my dose of Reyes.

  13. Jennifer @ The Book Nympho says:

    Since I already have a copy of Fourth Grave I’ll read it 1st while I wait on my copy of Iced to come in the mail.
    I’m too nervous about reading Dani’s POV.

  14. Fourth Grave would have been my first choice if I hadn’t read it early. My second would be Iced. Mr. Real is another one that I’m eager to read =)

  15. With all the amazing releases this month, it almost feels like Christmas to me. 🙂 I think it will come as no surprise to anyone that I’ll be reading Iced first. My plan was to read the books in this order:

    1. Iced
    2. The Shattered Dark
    3. Days of Blood and Starlight (Nov 6 release)
    4. A Trace of Moonlight
    5. Fourth Grave Beneath my Feet

    But the digital copy of Shattered Dark doesn’t release until Nov 6 so I may pick up Trace of Moonlight early. We’ll see.

    I’m not sure I’ll read Out for Blood. I’m going to wait and see reviews on it first. I hated the 2nd book of the series and haven’t read any farther in it.

  16. More like what won’t I be reading LOL

  17. Desme – I finished Fourth Grave yesterday and it’s amazing! I wonder how long until Iced releases in French…

    Lee – Excitement is right!

    Michele – Wow…that is a HUGE pre-order! An amazing one too!

    Ally – No Iced until November 7th! Oh geesh…

    twimom – The one you have read is the one I have not LOL

    blodeuedd – It’s insane the amount of great books that came out this week!

    LizD – I will definitely be reading it next!

    Diane – Amazing! Let me know what you think once you’re finished. Unless you’re already finished. Then you can let me know now. 😉

    Carmel – Iced on audio! Woot! (I’ve never listened to a Fever book but I hear they are amazing in audio)

    CdnMrs – Another series I have not picked up yet. I hear those books are good.

    Candice – Do not feel ashamed. I am convinced that when babies are born they take a small part of our brains with them. I am still not fully recovered from the birth of my kids. I know this because my memory is not like it used to be. 😉

    Bookaholic Cat – I think you liked the book, right? 😉

    Jennifer – I hear the POV is not bad. I will be brave and read Iced soon. lol

    Cat – Mr Real!!!

    Jessica – It totally feels like Christmas! lol

    Felicia – LOL

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