Dec 21, 2012

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Review: A Low Down Dirty Shane by Sierra Dean (Misfits & Mayhem #1)

Urban Fantasy
December 25th 2012
92 pages
Received from author

Yummy Man – Shane Hewitt
Kick Ass Chick – Siobhan O’Malley

From Goodreads –
Thick-skinned vampire assassin meets smart-mouthed druid archer. Run, Cupid, run.

Shane Hewitt has been many things—failed husband, supernatural punching bag, and now a bitch to the vampire council of New York City. He thought killing rogue vampires was the hardest thing he’d ever do. Until a hot redhead smashes into him, shouts orders and announces she’s saving his life.

The sole female warrior in a family of druids, Siobhan O’Malley knows how to take care of herself and protect the big city from beasties who breach gateways from the fae realm. The last thing she needs is a misguided, leather-clad hottie’s help to get the job done.

Except maybe he’s exactly what she needs. Siobhan is expected to be a willing, virginal sacrifice on her twenty-fifth birthday. Sex with Shane to stay alive? If he can pull his foot out of his mouth long enough and stop driving her crazy, no problem.

Now if only the bad guys would leave them alone long enough to get the deed done.

Warning: Contains a wee red-headed archer with deadly aim; a leather-jacket-wearing vampire hunter with a habit for saying all the wrong things; and a life-saving ritual that will leave them both panting.


I don’t think it’s any secret that I am a fan of Sierra Dean’s Secret McQueen series.  If there was any doubt, let me clear that up by saying *jumps up onto table and shouts*I LOVE her Secret McQueen series! *gets off the table* *adjusts clothes and tries to look presentable*

A Low Down Dirty Shane is Sierra’s first non Secret book but it is set in Secret’s world.  It is a book about Shane and how he happens to come across a fiery woman who turns his life upside-down for a while and how he dives right in with hardly a second thought.  Let me tell you, it’s brilliant.

We meet Shane in the Secret books but don’t really know much about him.  He just sort of follows orders and cowers from Secret – which makes me giggle.  In this book, we see him shine and let me tell you, the guy is hilarious!  I can’t wait for you guys to read this book because there were many moments where I found myself giggling out loud.  Sierra is amazing at writing great dialogue – inner or between characters – so the scenes where Shane is thrown for a loop (which is often in this book) or chatting with his buddy or spending time with Siobhan are so much fun!  Shane is a very mellow sort of guy with a great sense of right and wrong.  Once he met Siobhan, he stuck by her…even though her situation was a bit, shall we say, odd.  He’s loyal to his friends and that too makes him my kind of guy.  There is just something crazy sexy about him.

Siobhan has been raised knowing that on her 25th birthday, she is to be sacrificed in order to keep peace and possibly save the world and blah blah blah.  Yeah…  She’s not too keen on that idea.  After meeting Shane, she feels he may be able to help her.  And upon further thought, she knows he can.  *wink wink, nudge nudge* I loved Siobhan.  She’s spunky and smart and really funny yet she’s not so pig headed that she doesn’t know when to ask for help.  She is such a good match for Shane.  I absolutely loved reading her and I really hope that she will make many more appearances in future Sierra Dean/Secret books.

This is Sierra’s steamiest book to date…and that’s saying something.  Shane…that dirty dog.  And Siobhan is pretty frisky herself…for a virgin.  They are not only hot as a couple but great as one too.  Their chemistry in the bedroom was wow but so was their chemistry when they are just chatting, or just walking down the street, or taking on some crazed family members who want to sacrifice you for the greater good.  I absolutely adored these two together.  Adored!

The story is typical Sierra Dean UF.  Meaning there are some pretty nasty scenes filled with some pretty gruesome monsters and assholes to boot.  But it’s also filled with crazy action that keeps you on the edge of your seat.  This was an interesting story that read really quickly.  You never want to have anything else to do the day you pick up a Sierra Dean book because putting the book down sucks.  You always want to go back to it and A Low Down Dirty Shane was no exception.

As you can tell from my review, I not only liked A Low Down Dirty Shane, I freaking loved it!  I adore snarky clever characters, witty funny dialogue and fast paced stories and Sierra does all of those things perfectly.  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

5 stars

Giggle worthy quote

“’Move,’ she shouted in response.

It wasn’t like New Yorkers were in the habit of apologizing for causing bodily harm, but it was still an unusually rude way to greet someone you’d just smacked into.

‘Well, hey now, I think – ‘

‘No.’ She grabbed hold of his jacket’s sleeve and pulled him behind her as she started running again.  ‘I don’t mean get out of my way.  I mean move your goddamn ass.’

Shane – no stranger to bossy women telling him what to do – thought, What’s the worst that could happen?’”


  1. Poor Siobhan, but it sure makes for a good plot

  2. I really want this one. As soon as it is January, I will find a way to buy it 🙂 Great review Julie!

  3. I’ve never read any of Sierra Dean’s books, but I definitely have this one on my to-buy list. Great review, Julie! smiles…

  4. Looks like a fun read. Thanks for sharing this!

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