Dec 7, 2012

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Review: The Weird Girls – A Novella by Cecy Robson

Urban Fantasy
December 4 2012
76 pages
Received from author

Kick Ass Chick – Celia Wird

From Goodreads –
Celia Wird and her three sisters are just like other 20-something girls—with one tiny exception: they’re products of a backfired curse that has given each of them unique powers that make them, well, a little weird…

The Wird sisters are different from every race on earth—human and supernatural. When human society is no longer an option for them, they move in among the resident vampires, werebeasts, and witches of the Lake Tahoe region. Could this be the true home they’ve longed for? Um, not quite. After the sisters accidentally strip a witch of her powers in a bar brawl, they soon realize the mistake will cost them. Because to take on a witch means to take on her coven. And losing the battle isn’t an option.

Includes a preview of the first full-length novel in the Weird Girls series, Sealed with a Curse—as well as introductions to the Weird World, and a letter from the author.


The Weird Girls – A Novella is an introduction to Cecy Robson’s new upcoming Weird Girls series.  As prequels go, this one really did a good job introducing us to the main characters and to the gist of the series.

The series revolves around Celia and her three sisters, all of whom have some special abilities.  They were victims of a curse-gone-wrong when they were younger and now are dealing with the consequences.  Each girl has her own ability that is completely different from anyone else’s.  For example, one sister is a shifter or sorts and another is telekinetic of sorts.  I say ‘of sorts’ because each sister has more than one ability and they are all a bit different than your ‘norm’ would be.

It took me a few times of hearing the sister’s name for me to remember who was who and what each did but once I got it, it was almost obvious.  Cecy does a good job giving each girl a different way of speaking and different mannerisms.   We have Celia, Shayna, Taran and Emma.  I can’t say I completely understand their powers yet but really, I can’t expect to seeing that this is just a glimpse into the world that will be expanded on in the full book.  But I can tell you that after reading this I was ready to read a whole book about each of the sisters.  But that is not how this series will roll as the books will all be told from Celia’s pov.  Not a bad thing as I really enjoyed her.  Strong yet vulnerable, an important combination for me to be able to relate to and to enjoy an urban fantasy protagonist.

The story started right away.  I’m talking about action in the first few pages.  I almost felt as though it was too abrupt for me since this is a new world with new characters – I almost needed a bit of a lead in.  That being said, once I adjusted to what was happening (it only took a few pages) I followed along for the ride…and what a ride it was!  Holy jumpin’ this book is non-stop!  (The witches!  What the hell is up with the witches?!  What is their problem?!)  Once you’re in, this story sucks you in deeper and deeper until you are spat out at the end.  But it’s not all heavy.  It’s not fluff either but there is some humor thrown in here and there to break up the heavy.  Because let me tell you, this book has some pretty gory scenes which shows that even though she has a fun and snarky sense of humor, Cecy isn’t afraid to go dark when it fits the story.

When I finished this novella, I wanted to know more about the world.  I wanted to know more about the girls and I wanted to know more about their abilities.  I just wanted more.  The Weird Girls – A Novella did exactly what a prequel is meant to do.  It tweaked my interest and made me look forward to December 31st – the day Sealed with a Curse, the first full-length book in the series, is due out.  Cecy has a beautiful writing voice and I’m anxious to see where she takes us next.

4 stars

Giggle worthy quotes

“’According to The Brown Book of Magic, in destroying the witch’s talisman, you’ve cut her power by half.’

‘Oh, well that’s good.’

The pause on the other end told me I was very much mistaken.  ‘Ah, Celia, witches are born with magic in them.’

‘I know, Danny.  That’s what differentiates them from humans.’

More pausing.  More trouble, I presumed.  ‘They spend their lives building their magic into their talismans – staffs, rings, necklaces, etc., to amplify the magic they’re born with.  Apparently it’s a lot of work and takes years of grueling effort.’

I stopped pacing.  ‘Um.  Okay.  So what does that mean?’

‘Ah, well, you basically stripped her of her position and she will likely never regain the power she’s lost.  It’s the equivalent of a General being reduced to Private status.’

‘Well, that’s not too bad –‘

‘After he’s publically whipped before the entire army.’

‘Um, no one saw – ‘

‘And peed on by feral dogs.’


Mrs. Mancuso hadn’t liked four young, single women moving in next door.  The first day we’d moved in she banged on our door.  Emme mistakenly thought some kind, neighborly soul had arrived to bring us ‘Welcome to Tahoe’ cookies.  There were no cookies, just a whole lot of attitude and a great deal of neck skin.

‘This is a family neighborhood,’ Mrs. Mancuso had huffed.  ‘They’ll be no whorin’ under my watch.’

‘Who says we’ll let you watch?’ Taran shot back.

I hadn’t realized women in their eighties flipped people off until then.

  1. Lol this sounds so much fun Julie! I do want to read it myself.

  2. I liked this little novella, it was fun to discover the Cecy Robson universe. And you’re right at the end we definitely want more!

  3. aurian – I really think you would enjoy this one. 🙂

    melliane – I’m glad this series is getting some good buzz.

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