Nov 19, 2012

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Question – Did Amazon Get It Right? (Best Books of the Year – Romance)

Last week, Amazon revealed it’s picks for 2012 Best Books of the Year – Romance.  Here is what they decided were the best romance books of the year so far:

I have to completely agree with Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews and Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis.  I also have Darker After Midnight by Lara Adrian on my fave list of the year so that is a good choice too.  Other than that, I can’t agree or disagree since I have not read the other titles on the list.

I know it’s not exactly a fair thing to do here since I have not read the books but I would like to swap some out for some of my other favorite titles of the year so far.  And no, they are not all considered straight up ‘romance’ but I don’t think Gunmetal Magic is really a ‘romance’ title so that is giving me ‘permission’ to add some romance-based urban fantasy titles, right?.  Besides, it’s my post so I can do what I want.  😉

In no particular order, I would add:

Of course I have MANY other books on my favorites of 2012 list but you’ll just have to wait for my list when I post it at the end of this year to find out what they are.

So what do you think…Did Amazon get their list right?  What books would you add to their list?

  1. I would totally agree with Bared to You and with Lothaire. Both superb books. Don’t knowif I o would classify them as romance…especially Lothaire, but they are both top of thclass books.

  2. readerdiane says:

    When the Duke Found Love is not even out yet!?

    I did like The Witness.

  3. Considering I have only read one I really can’t say 😉

  4. Of the list above, I’ve only read Lothaire (which I absolutely loved!!) and Bared to You (which was also pretty good)
    Ive read most of the other Lucky Day Harbour books so I imagine that this one is outstanding as well.

    I’ve been voting for On Dublin Street on Goodreads as the best romance of the year and I’d add that in above. I loved that book.

  5. I’ve read quite a few of them. Bared To You, The Witness, Gunmetal Magic, Redwood Bend, Lothaire & Darker After Midnight.
    However, I would only have voted for Lothaire and Gunmetal Magic.
    I would pick Leather Rider by Larissa Ione, Third Grave Dead Ahead, Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks and Blade Song by J.D Daniels.
    The Witness by Nora Roberts was good but not enough to be best romance of the year! Although I can’t think of another romantic suspense off the top of my head! And Redwood Bend no way! It wasn’t as strong as the book’s before or after in the series (Hidden Summit and Sunrise Point). Bared To You just annoyed me, do not recommend! And Darker After Midnight, I had higher expectations of the book than I received as a long time reader of the series but lots of people really liked it so I could understand why that one might be there.

  6. Sadly, I don’t read a lot of romance. Even PNR doesn’t quite appeal to me, so I can’t say if Amazon got it right because I haven’t read most of the books on that list. Boo me!! From what I have read, I can say I completely agree on Bared to You and Gunmetal Magic. However, I would also add Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster and On the Island by Tracey Gravis-Graves for adult romance, and Easy by Tammara Webber and Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park for mature YA romance.

  7. I gave both Gunmetal Magic and Darker After Midnight 5 stars and listed both as MY FAVORITES. But I agree, GM isn’t a true romance – it’s UF!

  8. There were a few in this category that I wouldn’t have considered romance. And frankly, I’m surprised that Bared to You got this far. I read it and it’s okay. I’ll read the rest of the series because I have to finish a series that I start, but I don’t think it’s especially fabulous or worthy of winning best romance book of 2012.

  9. I would have The Siren by Tiffany Reisz on there as well as Lethal Rider by Larissa Ione. I also really enjoyed A Rogue By Any Other Name by Sarah Maclean.

  10. I forgot Firelight and Moonglow by Kristen Callihan. Both were fantastic.

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