Dec 14, 2012

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Review: Ask Her At Christmas by Christi Barth

Contemporary Romance
December 3 2012
100 pages
Carina Press
Received from author

Yummy Man – Kyle Lockhart
Kick Ass Chick – Caitlin McIntyre

From Goodreads –
Caitlin McIntyre’s heart stops when her best friend drops to one knee and proposes. Kyle Lockhart never once hinted over the years that he has any idea she’s in love with him. Not wanting to jeopardize their friendship, she’s never let it slip. Good thing, too, since it turns out he’s only practicing—he’s about to propose to someone else.

A business merger might not be the most romantic reason to propose to a woman he barely knows, but Kyle’s determined to win the respect of the dying father who’s never seen him as quite good enough. Kyle’s always depended on Caitlin’s friendship, while trying to ignore the physical response she arouses. So he turns to her when it comes time to craft his proposal, not realizing his decision will affect their relationship, forever.

This Christmas, Kyle and Caitlin get one last chance to admit their feelings for each other, and find a mutual happily ever after, before he commits his life to another woman and Caitlin leaves town and him…for good.


Ask her at Christmas is a cute little novella by Christ Barth.  You can find this story in the Romancing the Holidays anthology (along with stories by Jaci Burton and Helen Kay Dimon) or you could purchase it on its own through Carina Press.  Either way, if you are looking for a sweet little friends-to-in-love story set to a Christmas backdrop, then you should check this one out.

Caitlin and Kyle have been best friends for years.  And I mean they are the best of best friends.  They chat on the phone every night and have little weekday traditions that the two have shared for what seems like forever.  I love when friends are written this way.  I’m not sure a relationship like this would ever work in real-life but man do I ever love reading about them.

Caitlin has been in love with Kyle for ages but has managed to keep him in the dark.  And in the dark is where things will stay since Kyle is planning on asking someone else to marry him.  Monica is the woman who is to claim Kyle’s hand and you won’t like her.  Christi wrote her very well because, of course, we are not meant to like her.  We want Kyle to open his eyes and see Caitlin standing right in front of him.  But nope – he sees Monica.  I just wanted to smack Monica around a bit and I must say that my eyes narrowed at a few things that she said to our beloved mains.  As I said, I thought she was well written.

I liked Kyle.  I could feel for him and the predicament he’s been put into.  I wished he grew a backbone once in a while but didn’t really hold it against him because I have never been in the situation that he is in.  You see, my father isn’t an a**hole.  *grin* And, as much as I like Kyle, I loved Caitlin.  She is so loyal to Kyle and so great.  She just wants him to be happy even if it means she’ll be left aside.  I liked how she wasn’t whiny or annoying – she just, after thought and consideration, knew her place and prepared to go about her life.  She made me smile too.

And the ending is super sweet.  The words that Kyle says to Caitlin when he finally figures his feelings out are just beautiful.  Christi really has a knack for writing amazing end scenes that are just schmaltzy enough to make us *sigh*.  Yes ladies, this author knows how to touch our super-romance-craving hearts.

All in all, this was a quick and cute read.  If you are in the mood for something sweet, give this one a try.

4 stars

  1. This sounds like a perfect Christmas read!!

  2. Colette – It really is cute. 🙂

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