Dec 11, 2012

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Guest Review: Must Love Lycans by Michele Bardsley (Broken Heart Vampires #8)

Christi is back and today she is reviewing book number eight in a very popular series. One that I have not read. And from what Christi says in this review, that is something I must rectify very soon.

Paranormal Romance
September 6 2011
Mass Market Paperback
292 pages

Yummy Man – Damien
Kick Ass Chick – Kelsey

From Goodreads –
Since the moment Damien showed up-gloriously naked-Kelsey Morningstone has been having a hard time keeping her relationship with the clinic’s latest amnesiac patient strictly professional. Even with her empathy abilities Kelsey’s not sure she can get past Damien’s anger to find the cause of his delusions. After all, falling for a patient is bad enough, but falling for a patient who thinks he’s a werewolf is a whole other kind of crazy..


I loved reading this story!! Must Love Lycans by Michele Bardsley is written in first person POV from the heroine and her point of view is so freaking funny. I am writing this review for Julie and one of the things she likes to do is highlight the “giggle-worthy quotes”… seriously, I have over 10 places marked in my book, and there were so many more that I could have highlighted. I was constantly giggling as I read this book. (This was my first Michele Bardsley read. There will be others because I LOVED her humorous voice!)

I adored this heroine. She’s had a hard life, with a mother who anyone would think was a nightmare. She’s dealt with that throughout her life using humor. Kelsey is a psychotherapist and the year before this book takes place, her entire life fell apart. See, she’s also an empath…she can read other’s feelings and help even them out. On the surface, that seems like a really good thing for a psychotherapist, but people have feelings for a reason and when Kelsey helps to “even” out her patients, she is actually making them even more unstable. They need those feelings to tell them that something is wrong.

The year before this story took place, she was treating a serial killer who went nuts on her. In the end, she got blamed for it, although she was a victim too (she just barely survived) and lost everything….her home, her practice, her reputation, and her mother (also a noted psychotherapist) turned on her in the worst way…in public and viciously. Then Jarred Dante came to her and offered her a job running the Dante Clinic…a very exclusive in-patient treatment center, where the patients are treated like royalty, each with their own suites (although on complete lock-down) and perks. Kelsey has only been at the clinic for three weeks when Damian shows up and something doesn’t seem quite right to Kelsey.

Here’s one of those great quotes when she first sees him:

I refocused my attention on the new patient.

The poor guy didn’t even have a pair of boxers to cover his… um… I blanked as he made another turn and revealed his front. Yep. There it was. In all its glory.

Sweet mamma jamma.

His penis was huge and it wasn’t even erect.

Heat swept through me along with a big heap of shame. Get a grip, Kelsey, you heartless slut. I was behaving unprofessionally — even though it was only mentally. Just because I hadn’t had sex in…. er, ever, didn’t mean I had the right to entertain the idea of sleeping with a client. 

No matter how gorgeous. 

Or well-endowed. 

For all my faults as a psychotherapist, I’d never had sex with a patient. (See, Mother? I could too be ethical.)

I love her. Her snarky sense of humor is so funny and entertaining, especially in contrast to Damian’s super-serious, always laced up countenance. They make a great couple and I love how she has the ability through her empath and training to see when people are getting too worked up. She has an amazing ability to relax just about any situation (and this book has a GREAT emotional story line so there are some great serious moments too) and it made this book so fun to read.

5 stars

Other giggle-worthy quotes –

“This dress was actually owned by Jessica Rabbit,” I continued. “It’s all boobs!”

Damian enchained my wrist to halt me, and then he swept me into his arms. “If you say boobs one more time, I will drag you into the nearest janitorial closet and fuck you.”

Electric thrills raced through me. “Boo–“

He kissed me. Hard. I threw my arms around his neck and enjoyed the hell out of it. He pulled away, his breath harsh and his eyes glittering. “You’re trying to kill me.”

“Testing your resolve,” I said. “You don’t seem the type to issue empty threats. Honestly? I’m kind of disappointed.”


I sighed. “All right, Damian. If you think we should refrain, then we’ll refrain.” I gave him my most pitiful look. “But it makes me very, very sad.”

“I bought you cupcakes. They are the antidote to sad.”

“Well, I do love a good cupcake….especially if I can smear it across you and lick it off.”

“You know,” said Damian hoarsely, “refraining may be overrated. Perhaps only a precaution is necessary.”


After the doctor left, I looked up at my very worried lycan boyfriend. “I’m in heat,” I said. “What’s your excuse?”


I was an official werewolf slut.

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  1. Great review! I’m going to look into reading this series

  2. This is a series on my wishlist, and perhaps there are some on my shelves already, not sure about that. But to start with the 8th book in a series? Never!

  3. Adding this to my list. It sounds so cute. I love the title.

  4. Thanks for the review! Because of this review I have started reading the first book of this series and so far so good.

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