Dec 12, 2012

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Silly Stuff – I Went Through Many Emotions When I First Saw This…

I found this on Awful Library Books.  My initial reaction was “Oh my word this is the most disgusting thing ever!”  Then I thought “Well, it’s nasty but I suppose it makes sense…”  Finally I thought “I bet if I were a farmer I would not find this as disgusting as I do.”  Let’s see what you guys think…

I give you Humanure.


  1. I’m a farmer/gardener and this is something I am familiar with, but I would never use “humanure” on a vegetable garden. I might consider using it on a flower garden, but never in one I’d eat from. I know a lot of people who save their pee and use it to fertilize their vegetable gardens too…but I couldn’t go there either! So, yeah, you can be a farmer and still be grossed out by this.

  2. YUK!!!

  3. It makes me think how much my city could grow! Hahahaha. Thanks for sharing Julie i needed a laugh.

  4. I know it sounds gross, but it’s a common fertilization method in some 3rd world countries and it’s one reason that you shouldn’t eat large quantities of veges raw or fruits unpeeled in some parts of the world.

  5. it was one common thing not too long ago, my grandmother did it for her garden ( when you don’t have actual wc it’s the only way) i couldn’t do it but i don’t mind eating from her garden at all ( after all in the earth you have the same from all animals and insect so you did eat already^^)

  6. Kat – Good to know lol.

    Michele – lol

    Jamie – 🙂

    Jen – I know it makes me want to wash my produce twice lol

    miki – Wow. When you mention the bugs…I had actually forgotten about that…lol

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