Jan 5, 2013

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BIG Jeaniene Frost & Devon Monk News!


I went *squee* two times recently while reading author blog posts.  Once when I read Jeaniene Frost’s blog and once when I read Devon Monk’s.

Jeaniene shared details about her newest upcoming project.  She will soon be writing a new New Adult series so far titled REALMWALKER.  She signed a three book deal with the first book due out in fall 2014.  Don’t worry, this will not cut into her Night Prince and Night Huntress release schedule.  It will just add a wee bit of stress on her writing schedule. 😉

Jeaniene shares this snippet from Publishers Marketplace Deals:

Jeaniene Frost’s REALMWALKER, in which a young woman discovers she’s the last member of an ancient line with an unwanted destiny; and that her only ally, a mysterious young man is destined to betray her… and doom the world.

Sounds pretty cool!  You can check out Jeaniene’s entire post here.


Devon shared specifics about her upcoming Shane & Terric series.  This is a series I CAN NOT wait for!  As of now, the series will be called BROKEN MAGIC.  The series starts three years after the end of Magic for a Price from her Allie Beckstrom series.  (Awesome UF series by the way)  Book one will be titled HELL BENT and so far we are looking at a November 2013 release date and book two, STONE COLD, is slated for an April 2014 release.  The books will be told from Shane’s POV and that for me is freaking awesome.  I love his voice and I can’t wait to see what Devon does with it.

Devon also shares an excerpt (which may or may not make it to the final book) from Hell Bent on her blog!  You can check it out here.


Happy weekend

  1. Oh, yay! I love both those ladies — hot men and kick-ass chicks, indeed.

  2. Mary – Indeed 😉

  3. So good! I want them both! can’t wait for more, I’m sure both will be amazing! thank you for the good news.

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