Jan 14, 2013

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Question – To Challenge or Not To Challenge?

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It’s January.  And January means one thing for hard-core readers:  it’s time to sign up for 2013 Reading Challenges!

There are buckets of them.  Buckets!  From the Men in Uniform Challenge hosted by The Book Vixen to the Zombie Challenge hosted by Book Chick City to the Amish Fiction Challenge hosted by Amish Fiction Reviews to the Mammoth Book Challenge hosted by Darlene’s Book Nook.  There is literally a challenge for every kind of reading you could possibly be in the mood to take part in!

A couple of years ago, at the end of the year, I sat down and made a list of all of the reading related things I didn’t accomplish that year.  Talk about a great way to spend an afternoon.  Not.  I then compiled a list of all of the reading related things I would like to accomplish in the new year.  Months past and boy, let me tell you, that didn’t work out so well for me.  With books for review and books from series I am already hooked to and, well, life…I didn’t get many things done on my list.  But when I thought about it at the end of that year, I realized that making a “resolution” list wasn’t realistic for me.

Same thing goes with reading challenges.  I thought about signing up for a few before but I know that with how my life works, I would never be able to successfully see them through.  I could probably sign up for a ‘contemporary romance challenge’ or ‘urban fantasy challenge’ seeing that those are two of the genres I read anyways but where is the well, challenge in that?  Isn’t the point of signing up for a challenge a way of forcing yourself to try new books or new genres of books?  To push yourself a little bit harder than you would normally push yourself?

The only challenge I currently sign up for is the Goodreads Reading Challenge.  Basically, you guess how many books you will read in one year and that’s it.  This is the third year I sign up for it.  I have surpassed my ‘goal’ both times but I still don’t want to make it too much higher because there’s ‘challenge’ then there’s ‘suck-the-fun-right-out-of-it’.  So I signed up to read 110 books in 2013.  I hope I am able because really, what better challenge then making yourself read more books.  😉

Now it’s your turn.  To challenge or not to challenge – do you sign up for reading challenges?

  1. Jennifer @ The Book Nympho says:

    I sucked at keeping up the challenges I signed up for in 2012 but I decided to make another go at it this year. I started reading contemporary romances in 2012 so I signed up for The Book Vixen’s challenge to help keep up with the new to me genre.

    I’m also hosting an audio book challenge which will be easy for me to complete since I got hook on them in 2012 but I wanted to get others hooked on audios so the challenge was born.

    I also do the goodreads challenge. I add 10 books to my total I read the following year to push myself to read more.

  2. Meh. Reading is for fun, not for work, so no challenges for me. I read what I’m in the mood to read and nothing more. A challenge would just leave me with feelings of guilt and obligation and possibly disappointment if it turns out that most of the books on the list just weren’t that good.
    Prior to having my baby last summer, I was reading more than 250 books a year, and now my reading time is precious, so challenges haven’t really appealed to me.

    I do, however, cherry pick off the lists that get posted from those who do challenges, so I appreciate that the concept exists!

  3. I signed up for my first 2 challenges this year, actually I still not sure how they work (LOL), I guess I need to put in a list the series I’m going to try to read/listen to this year. I don’t know how good will I do with this, I’m a spontaneous reader/listener, not sure I can stick to schedule of some sort….Will see.

  4. I do, and sure I finish them, but I remember for a month do link up and then I forget about it. So no more for me

  5. I tried to do challenges in the past but I kinda lost interest in them.
    I do like the Goodreads one where you count how many books you read in one year. Its easy enough to keep track of and I like the end of year book montage that I can post on my blog.

    Good luck on your GR challenge this year.

    PS – I am LOVING Kate Daniels’ books. I am just starting #4!

  6. Lol funny you should ask, I started my blog because of them 😀 I kept track of my reading via Goodreads then when I saw all the shimmering enticing reading challenges on blogs I wanted to participate, so that was what gave me that final arghument for starting a blog (was debating before that). Now it’s been 3 years since I started blogging and I lost interest in all the reading challenges. I used to sign up for about 10 or so, but I always forgot to link to my reviews and every month when trying to update my lists was such a tedious chore. So this year I’m challenge-free, except for the Goodreads Reading Challenge (I also surpassed it in the past 2 years), this year I start with 150 books but hope to achieve 170 (just don’t want to stress myself out).

  7. Jennifer – I would love to listen to audiobooks but I just can’t 🙁 Love the idea of an audiobook challenge though!

    sara – Reading is for fun, not for work. Love that!

    Lupdilup – I know what you mean about being a spontaneous reader. I wish you good luck with your challenges Loupe!

    bloedeudd – Challenges are work, I am seeing that lol

    Michelle – You are finally reading Kat?! WooHoo! Book three is still my absolute favorite but book four is great too. As is book 2, 1 and 5. 😉

    Stella – You started blogging because of them? That actually makes complete sense! I’m glad you started blogging because you’re blog is great!

  8. Nope, no challenges for me, but the few I set for myself monthly. I am a total mood reader, and I hate being “forced” to read something because I should at that moment read that book. I’m already finding it difficult to read books from the authors I am going to meet and want to interview first.

  9. Last year and the year before I signed up for a ton of challenges. But for some, like you, they weren’t really a challenge for me. Like the ebook challenge; I read a lot of ebooks. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great challenge. It’s just not a challenge for me since it’s something I already read.

    Aside from the reading challenges I’m hosting, I have 3 reading goals I’d like to reach this year: (1) read 100 books; (2) read 24 books from my TBR pile; and (3) read 12 freebies from my TBR pile. Those are challenges I would like to tackle 🙂

  10. It’s difficult for me to finish a challenge, I only do one as my Friend is doing one for reading YA books. For her I can try but otherwise I stay with Goodreads as well.

  11. I’m going to have to go with Sara O’s sentiment: “Meh. Reading is for fun, not for work, so no challenges for me.” 🙂 I’m a “mood” reader. Depending on my mood, I read different things. I don’t like being forced to read a type of book that I’m not in the mood for. I’m a part of a book club that reads mostly YA books, and even that bugs me at times (as I’m not always in the mood for YA), so a reading challenged that locked me into a particular genre or trope would be unappealing to me. I did sign up for the Goodreads challenge, mostly so I can track how many new (non-re-read) books I pick up every year.

  12. aurian – Monthly challenges make sense! And I have trouble getting into books for review too sometimes because I ‘have’ to read them but don’t really feel like it at that moment. 🙂

    Brianna – I like your challenge choices this year. They sound very reasonable. 🙂

    melliane – A YA challenge is good for you. 🙂

    Jessica – I do think if you don’t pick the right challenges, it will suck the fun out of reading.

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