Jan 21, 2013

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Question – To Resolution or Not To Resolution?


Last week we chatted about Reading Challenges.  In my answer to my Question, I mentioned that a couple years back I attempted to make New Year’s Reading Resolutions.  At the time, I thought it was a fantastic idea!  You see, I am a list girl.  I have so much going on in my head that if I don’t write to-do lists (notice the plural in lists), I won’t do it.  I simply forget.  But if it’s on one of the lists, I’ll remember.  Maybe not right away, but eventually I’ll see it there and think “Oh right!  Julie, you better get on that!”

That is why I thought the New Year’s Reading Resolution thing was a good idea!  There were books I really wanted to read but found I never got around to it or only thought about them when I was already in the middle of a book.  So I thought if I wrote it down then I would actually get around to reading the books that year.  I mean, 365 is a hell of a lot of days, right?  I would most certainly be able to get around to reading what I wanted to read in 365 days!

I also thought it would be a push for me to read books I’ve been told by just about everyone that I should read but, once again, never got around to it.  I should want to read these books because everyone tells me to!  So I must fit them in, right?!

Well, turns out that I still forget books even if they are on my list.  And it turns out that I never really wanted to read the books people told me I should.  And it turns out that 365 really isn’t a lot of days.

As I mentioned last week, the year I did a Reading Resolution, I failed miserably at it.  In fact, here is one of the Resolutions I made for 2011:

I am going to read at least the first book in the following series – In Death by JD Robb, Shifters by Rachel Vincent, Sign of the Zodiac by Vicki Petterson, Tairen Soul by CL Wilson, Rough Riders by Lorelei James, The Hallows by Kim Harrison, The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, Southern Arcana by Moira Rogers and Georgina Kincaid by Richelle Mead.

To this day, I have only accomplished three of those.  Three.  Since December 2010.  Yeah…

So no, I no longer do New Year’s Reading Resolutions because, as with Challenges, I just don’t get around to finishing them.  Then I feel bummed.  And I don’t like feeling bummed.

Your turn…To Resolution or not to resolution?  Do you do the Reading New Year’s Resolution thing?

  1. No, sadly New Year’s Reading Resolutions don’t work for me either. Nor does book clubs and much for them same reason. I absolutely have to really feel the book I’m reading/about to read, you know..be in the right mood for that particular book. If I try to read a book I’m not in the mood for I rush through it and ruin it or I don’t finish it at all. Either way, I get no enjoyment out of it. I can be anxiously awaiting a certain book, buy it as soon as it’s released only to leave it unread, sometimes for months (!), just because reading it doesn’t “feel right” at the time. Then one day, it yells my name from wherever it’s hiding and I devour it in just a day or two. I guess I could do a reading challenge/resolution if I kept it really vague like “read more books in 2013” but I’m quite satisfied with the 2-3 books I read every week 🙂 I wish I could do it, as you say it seems like a great way to push yourself into reading all those books you’ve been meaning to read but never getting around to, as well as for finding new books/authors, but it just doesn’t work for me. These days I just embrace the fact that I’m a a “mood driven” reader and get on with it 🙂

  2. I do more of an outline of plans but generally get distracted by shiny new covers…I’m a magpie when it comes to that. I do love a good list but also read what strikes my fancy at the moment.

  3. I tried making reading resolutions the last couple years but I didn’t do so well. This year I have some loose goals so we’ll see how I do with that.

  4. Love Richelle’s Georgina Kincaid books! Addicting characters, hot sex, great story – you’ll love it and read more than one from the series for sure!

  5. Yep I do a resolution. My book resolution was to finally start Kate Daniels. Well its Jan 21 and I can make that series off my list LOL (I love gift cards. Makes buying an entire series affordable!)

    I am also giving myself a “self” resolution to try a “new to me” author at least once a month. I am in the middle of trying my first “new to me” author right now. As a book blogger I am sure you can relate to ton of email requests to review. I am so picky about what I read (mainly because I don’t like not to finish books and rarely do) that I am afraid of wasting precious reading time on something I don’t like.

    I use Goodreads to just save and tag books that I’d like to eventually get around too but I don’t resolution against them.

    PS – Friggin loved the Kate Daniels.

  6. I failed on the budget resolution within a week, but I do have vague resolutions for myself: read at least 1 book that has been on my shelves for over a year; read at least 2 cozy mysteries a month; read at least one book I have won a month. I have been doing this for 8 months now, and it works. It is vague, it doesn’t name authors, I still have plenty to choose from.

    And I think Julie, if a series blurb does not appeal to you, no matter how many friends recommend it to you, don’t go for it. Go for the books you really want to read because you like the blurbs/covers/excerpts.

    Although I really liked most of the series you list 😉

  7. Too funny – We have a similar “to read” list. I just started reading the In Death series by JD Robb, Julie, and I love it. They are highly addicting and entertaining. Thus far, I’ve been able to predict most of the “who done its”, but it’s VERY rare a mystery can surprise me, so I don’t consider that a negative. I also love the relationship in the series. It’s very healthy, sexy, and entertaining – a bit like Cat and Bones in a way. The drama comes from outside, not inside the relationship, so there’s very little angst.

    I’m struggling with Tarien Soul too – I purchased the first book at a friend’s recommendation, but just can’t get past the first part.

    Dresden Files is another series I want to read. Checked out the first book, and enjoyed the plot, but the “romance” was definitely written for men (horny men at that). All the women in the first book want the protagonist, and they are all sex-kitten’esque, which bugged me. Men need to learn how to write women better (but I bet they say the same thing about our Urban fantasy hotties).

    The Hallows by Kim Harrison is another one on my list. The synopsis of the first book and sample chapters just don’t grab me though.

    Richelle’s succubus series was a mixed bag for me – I loved the side characters, and the plot, but was never sold on the main love story. Since it’s a PNR series – you really have to love the romance. Seth just never seemed right for Georgiana, and the cheating themes in all of Richelle’s books make it hard for me to back any of her relationships.

    Now, back on topic – no, I don’t do the New Year’s resolution “thing.” LOL I’m actually a bit weird about it. One might even say superstitious. I fear if I make a resolution, I’m basically dooming it. I guess, at the heart of it, I hate not keeping my word, even to myself, and it seems like more often than not New Year’s resolutions re made to be broken, so I avoid making them.

    Making book resolutions would be a bad thing for me for the same reason I don’t sign up for reading challenges. I need to be in the mood for a book to read it. If I force myself to read a book I’m not in the mood for, I just don’t enjoy it, and I find I’m far more critical of it in reviews.

  8. Annika – It’s true that sometimes when you ‘have’ to read a book, it just looses all it’s appeal. lol

    Mary – Covers distract me too 😉

    Paranormal Haven – Loose goals make sense to me. More likely to stick with them when they are almost flexible. 🙂

    Liz – I did finally read the first book and yes, I did jump right into the second book. I have yet to continue but you are right about them being addictive.

    Michelle – I LOVE that you LOVE Kate. You are so good with your plans. And when you sit to read a series, you read the series! So jealous. 😉 And I like your ‘new to me’ author idea.

    aurian – You are very right about the blurb and even though I’m told to do it, I won’t read it. I just feel guilty! lol

    Jessica – Hmm… I didn’t know that about Dresden Files. Well poo. And you are right about being more critical of a book you are ‘forced’ to read when you are not in the mood to read it. Good observation Jessica. 🙂

  9. I dont have book resoultions. I make lists all the time, some for home and some for work. But they all have the one thing in common and its usually a chore. So a book lists would make reading a chore ( for me) and that would go against the point of reading. There are some books I keep track of because I love the series, however I dont HAVE to read them. Sometimes susprise books (books I just realized were out in book land) have more excitement then a book I already know about or in a series Im reading. It has something to do with the spontaneity… of the find 😉

    Annika mentioned that the book has to “feel right” and I completely agree. Which made me think what makes a book feel right? And why will a book feel right months after I buy it?

    Jessica- I always enjoy how extensive your posts are 🙂
    Thanks for the question Julie!

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