Feb 7, 2013

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Review: Island Pleasures by KT Grant (a 1Night Stand book)

islandpleasure3 star

Contemporary Erotica
January 25 2013
55 pages
Decadent Publishing
Received from author
Yummy Man – Quinn
Kick Ass Chick – Carly

From Goodreads –
Carly Kimball, columnist for the popular magazine Chit-Chat Weekly, is going undercover to reveal the truth behind Madame Evangeline and 1Night Stand. She’ll infiltrate the Grand Turk Castillo hotel and resort for her tell-all article. But Carly is in for an even bigger shock when she comes in contact with a man from her past, Quinn Alfasi, who she shared one passionate night with back in college.

Quinn never thought he’d see Carly again, and now six years later she’s come back into his life. He’ll do whatever he has to in order to expose her as a liar and a fraud. But then his best friend Woody shows an interest. Quinn won’t allow her to fall for Woody’s charms even if he has to team up with his Lothario best friend to claim Carly as his own.


Island Pleasures by KT Grant is a quick and steamy read.  But it also has something that some quick steamy reads seem to be missing lately:  it has heart.

Island Pleasure is part of the 1Night Stand series.  These are short stories written by different authors.  All of the stories circle around Madame Evangeline and her matchmaking service, 1Night Stand.  Madame Evangeline’s success rate is amazing!  So much so that it draws the attention of Carly, a reporter for Chit-Chat Weekly (one of those ‘not-to-serious-news’ magazines).  Carly is convinced that if she can prove that 1Night Stand is really a crock, that she will be taken more seriously at her job and be able to cover more important stories.

So off to the Caribbean she goes where she plans to make it known to the world that perfect matches and happily ever afters do not exist.  She isn’t going as herself though – she is pretending to be her twin sister Cassidy.  Yeah…never quite understood why she did that.  Then again, she ever planned on running into ‘the one that got away’.

I liked how KT wrote Carly.  You assume she is going to be a manipulative heartless person because of what she does, but she really isn’t that at all.  She is shaken when she meets Quinn after all this time and is torn over whether or not to come clean with him.  Of course, he can already tell that Carly is not really Cassidy but where’s the fun in letting her know he’s on to her…

Can you ever tell that Quinn is into Carly.  And can you ever tell that he is just torn over seeing her again.  He has always thought of her as his, even now after not having seen her since college.  She did have a good reason for leaving but he doesn’t know what that is.  We watch him go from hurt to wanting to anger to missing and more.  KT did a great job conveying exactly how he felt without going overboard.  Let’s just say you never wanted to smack him because he was being a blubbering idiot.

Quinn has a co-worker at the resort named Woody and he is a hoot.  Sexy too, which helps seeing that he is the man who ends up with Quinn and Carly.  Yup.  You read right.  That is a very steamy scene but, as with the rest of this book, it wasn’t just a detached ‘wham-bam’.  Nor was it heavy emotionally.  It was just right.

KT has always had a knack for writing.  Her characters are always believable and her steamy scenes are always oh so steamy.  But in this book her writing was…  I don’t even know what word to use!  It was all so fluid.  The pace, the characters, all of it.  I can tell that she has grown as an author and that she is comfortable with her writing voice.  It was a real treat to see.

I have only read a few books from the 1Night Stand series but I love how they are all so different one from the other.  Whatever you are in the mood for – as long as you are in the mood for a steamy book – you will find it.  If you are in the mood for a ménage without heavy kink or insane drama, you’ll want to check out Island Pleasures.  A quick and fun read.  Great to warm you up in the middle of winter 😉

3.5 stars


  1. Thanks for the kind words about the 1Night Stand series and ‘Island Pleasures’, Julie. We’re very happy you enjoy the series and hope you read more and love those, as well.

    Heather Bennett
    Executive Editor
    Decadent Publishing

  2. This books sounds great, I’m adding to my TBR.

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