Feb 11, 2013

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Question – Where Do You Buy Your Books Online?


Just over a week ago, I asked your opinion about advertising on personal blogs.  Many of you said that you have never clicked on an ad but you have clicked on ‘buy links’ at the bottom of a review.  I am considering doing this as I like the idea, but when I think about it I start to sweat a little.  Okay, make that a lot.  I mean, have you guys seen all of the places you can buy books online?!  It’s insane!  Great, but insane!

While trying to figure out which to-buy buttons to add on the bottom of my reviews, I started by thinking about where I buy my books.  The first place I always go it Chapters.  (Let’s not forget, I am in Canada and that is the main bookstore chain here and I have a discount card there which helps.)  It doesn’t happen often but the odd time Chapters will not have a title I want and that’s when I go to Amazon.ca.

If I need an eBook, I go to Kobo because I read from a Kobo.  Easy enough.

So help me decide what buttons to add on the bottom of my reviews…  Where to you buy your books online?


  1. Amazon. Whether its paperback or kindle. & Waterstones which is a UK bookstore.

  2. Amazon, but I only buy paper.

  3. Roger Simmons says:

    Amazon is my main source, followed by Barnes and Noble.

  4. Barnes and Noble since I have a Nook. Audible.com for my audios.

  5. Amazon for both eBook & paper although paper is very infrequent.

  6. Amazon and Barnes and Noble since I have a kindle and nook

  7. Amazon. Kindle addict here.

  8. Only one good place and that is bookdepo as the shipping is free

  9. Amazon, I have an iPad but I like Amazon better than iBooks

  10. Barnes & Noble for my Nook

  11. I read on my Ipad, so I buy from all of them, it depends on the price, but I’ve bought most of my book on Amazon.

  12. bookdepository.com/bookdepository.co.uk and amazon.de (I live in Germany..) to equal parts at the moment (But more on Amazon over the yeras). I buy my ebooks also on Amazon, because I have a Kindle.

  13. I buy from amazon for either ebooks or paper books. Ebooks because I use a kindle and paper books because they’re usually cheaper on there than in a physical store.

  14. I only buy my paperback books now fron The Book Depository. I’ll buy e-book from Amazon and Kobo if I get a good discount coupon. I’ve also bought from Books on Board and Sahmain websites.

  15. I buy most of my books from Amazon. Sometimes directly from editors like Harlequin or Ellora’s Cave or such. I buy equally for Kindle and actual paperback or hardcovers.


  16. Andrea DeSherb says:

    I buy only eBooks and the majority come from Amazon I also read on my iPad so I use the Nook app and the Kindle app. I occasionally but from Barnes and Noble.

  17. I normally buy my books from iBooks. If they don’t have what I’m looking for I go to amazon, but recently my local bookstore started using Kobo and they get a portion of the books sales so I am using Kobo now too to try and help my local store because I rarely buy paper books anymore.

  18. Amazon, b/c I have a kindle and am too lazy to buy my books anywhere else. 🙂

  19. I usually buy from Amazon, but with a twist. Another blog I frequent is called “Dear Author,” and includes a lot of features I enjoy. They offer the standard good deals like a lot of blogs, but also cover news about epublishing and the romance/erotica/pnr genres that interest me. To help support the site, you can access Amazon using their link, and that earns them a small percentage of my book purchase. Maybe that’s something that would be of interest to you, too?

  20. Amazon for me as well. 🙂 I’m a little bit in love with Amazon. <3 🙂

  21. I’m a Kindle girl, so 99% of my purchases are at Amazon.

  22. I have a Kindle fire so I buy most of my stuff at Amazon. But I have bought from Google books and some speciality (indie) sites if that’s where my book was.

  23. You should inquire in becoming an affiliate, so you can create those buy buttons. Not that it makes me any money, but your blog is way bigger than mine.
    I buy all my books at Bookdepository, and my ebooks at Smashwords, as they don’t require a creditcard but work with paypal.

  24. Amazon for my ebooks and Book Depo if I want paperbacks 🙂

  25. For me it’s Kobo and Book Depository. I hate Amazon with a passion so I try never to use them or Kindle.

  26. I confess for me it’s Bookdepository or amazon.fr bit this one isn’t really interesting for you I think lol

  27. I used to buy from Sony Reader Store until I discovered Kobo books work on my Reader, since then 99% of the books I’ve got them from Kobo, they usually have better prices and discount coupons.

  28. It’s Amazon for me, both because I have a Kindle and also because I’m an Amazon Vine Reviewer.

  29. definitely kobo for non us market and amazon….

  30. I have an iPad so if I want a book, I use 3 choices. Kobo (Chapters), Kindle (Amazon) and iBook (itunes). I rarely ever buy an actual paper book anymore. If I do, it us a used book store or if I win it.


  31. amazon or book depot. i have a kindle so all my ebooks are amazon as well. b&n only if i want to go into an actual store. their online service isn’t very good.

  32. I buy my paper books from book depository

  33. So what I’m seeing the most are Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Book Depository. There are a few more mentioned but they seem to be the most popular. Thank you so much for answering this week guys! 🙂

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