Feb 15, 2013

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Review: Before the Mission Begins by Christi Snow (When The Missions Ends #0.5)

beforethemissionbegins4 star

Contemporary Romance
February 14 2013
61 pages
Received from author

Yummy Man – Chris
Kick Ass Chick – Julie

From Goodreads –
Before his mission began, he went home. 24 hours to say goodbye to his twin sister.

Instead he found her. A girl that was nothing like the one he thought he knew.

They have 24 hours. 24 hours before he deploys on an extremely dangerous mission. 24 hours together in a freak West Texas snowstorm. 24 hours that will have to get them both through the awful next year.

When the resident good-girl decides to take on the visiting bad-boy, 24 hours is all it takes to change their lives forever.

This is the story of the 24 hours that no one knew ever occurred…until now.


Before the Mission Begins is a prequel to Christi Snow’s Before the Mission Ends series.  I am so glad she wrote this short story.  In her second book, Operation: Endeavor, Christ hints that there was something between Chris and Julie.  That something happened once upon a time.  What I thought when I saw those hints?  “OMG what happened?!  I want to know!  I want their book right NOW!!!”   Imagine my glee when I learned that Chris and Julie’s story was actually going to start in a novella that is due out before their book!  Yup.  I was Crazy Excited.  And do I feel better and less anxious now that I have read their ‘beginnings’ and know how their tale begins?  Nope.  Now I want their book even more.  But you know what?  It’s okay.  The extra need this novella added is worth it because Chris and Julie’s ‘pre-story’ is wonderful.

Even though this is a prequel to the series I believe you will get the most out of it if you read it after the second book.  You do get a solid story if you just jump in here but you will be missing the sympathy factor.  What I mean by that is going into this novella after having read the first two books you already know what Julie and Chris have gone through – and it’s not easy.  You already feel for these two.  So going into the novella knowing what’s lies ahead for these two adds a level of emotion you would otherwise not feel.

In Before the Mission Begins we find out that Julie has had some pretty traumatic experiences when it comes to sex.  She needs someone she can trust to show her that sex can be a wonderful and loving experience.  I know you are probably rolling your eyes right about now but hear me out.  She does approach Chris to ‘help’ her but how she does it and why he says yes is very sweet.  You instantly feel the connection between these two.  You know that they are meant to be and that their feelings for each other are way stronger than even they could imagine.  Their connection is so well written, you can’t help but *sigh* and want to cry all at once.  A good cry.

The emotion that Christi manages to convey through her characters is amazing.  You can’t help but get sucked in by these two.  That is why now I can’t wait even more for their book.  They totally deserve each other and they deserve a HEA more than any other couple in this series.  I can’t wait to reconnect with them and to see how Christi pulls everything together.  But I have to wait because the book three, Operation: Endurance, is not due out for another couple of months yet.

Maybe I’ll re-read this novella to make the wait less painful…

4.5 stars

Books in the When the Missions Ends series –
Before the Mission Begins
Operation: Endgame
Operation: Endeavor
Operation: Endurance (April 2013)


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