Feb 18, 2013

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Question – What Are Some Of Your Favorite Character Names?


Later this week, Wednesday and Thursday to be exact, I will be posting What’s In A Name?, a post where authors tell us about how they came up with a specific name from one of their books.  So needless to say that character names has been on my mind lately.

While editing the post I started thinking about what my favorite character names are.  It’s trickier than it seems.  It was easy for me to think of characters but was I drawn to the name or to the character him/herself?  That’s what made it difficult.  But here is what I finally settled on:

I like the name Acheron.  It’s a very strong name and you know whoever possess it will be a powerful character.  Valerius and Kyrian gave me the same impression.

As for women, I like Elena.  As soon as I read the blurb from Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series, I loved the name.  It’s not a frilly name and it said that the character won’t be frilly either.  I felt the same way about Merit, Darian, Arcadia, Mercy and Secret.

Those are the names that came to me first…and now it’s your turn.  What are some of your favorite character names?

  1. I like old fashion names, such as Alexander from The Bronze Horseman or Jamie from Outlander. Ward’s “H” heroes crack me up with their names, including the name Wrath or Wraith.

  2. Acheron is one cool name, I do love it.
    Other names..well Elena is a good one like you said

  3. I love Merit and Darian, too! I also love Annd Rice’s Rowan.

  4. I love Jericho, but I think the character makes the name, I agree, Acheron is awesome.
    I think one the coolest names where the charcter does a good job living up to it, it’s Chess from downside ghost, or maybe I just love the way Terrible says it..

  5. I think the only characters I fell in love with by first reading their names are Reyes from the Charley Davidson series and Penryn from Angelfall (for Penryn it’s what with the cover and the title made me buy the book). I also really like the name Ian, and have loved every character I read about with this name. For girl names, I have a fondness for Anna.

  6. I love names that you can immediately associate with the character by just saying the first name. For instance,
    Ranger – you know who I am talking about
    Curran – see what I mean?
    Mercy, Charley and Nix – female names that you know exactly what book and what series I am talking about.
    And if an author is really smart, you can solidify with strong couple names – Jamie & Claire, Cat & Bones, Barrons & Mac, Lucas and Sascha
    I think historical names are harder because there are so many Ian’s etc but I always remember a strong name like Julie Garwood’s Brodick

    So for me it is memorable names. I once read a Lori Foster book that wasn’t to bad but the heroine was named “Molly” and it just didn’t work for me so I felt like I didn’t like the entire story. Weird right?

  7. I never gave much thought to the name Genevieve until I read Jennifer Estep’s series. I think if I ever had a girl I’d give series thought to naming her that.

    Paranormal Haven

  8. I like names that stand out, and match the personality of the character, without being too “over the top”. For me, I to not like Acheron as a name (mind you he is my least favorite character from the Dark Hunter series, so that could explain it 😉

    I really like Mercy, Curran and Chess. I also like the name Kara from Diana Rowland’s Demn summoner series.

  9. I have a special place for Elena in my heart, since it’s my little girl’s name 🙂

    I think Stacia Kane does a great job with names. Chess and Terrible are the most perfect fitting names. I think Jericho Z Barrons is a perfect name, too. Usually I don’t pay much attention to names as long as they aren’t atrocious. I just can’t get behind Tris and Toby from Divergent, for instance. And I’d recently heard about another YA with a character named Zeppelin. YA always seems to have the worst names…

  10. Acheron is my fav book character name. I like his nickname too, Ash.

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