Feb 23, 2013

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News – Lover at Last Updates


JR Ward has been sharing a few photos and one quote from Lover at Last on her Facebook page lately.  First, she shared this with us:

God . . . his eyes . . . they were moonlight and shadow intertwined, an impossible color somewhere between silver and violet and navy pale blue.
“Just so you know . . .” he growled, “you will give yourself to me—”
“Excuse me—”
“But you will beg me for it, first.”
She jutted forward on her hips, her temper blowing all her let’s-be-reasonable right out of the water. “Over my dead body.”
“Sorry, not my to my taste.” He dropped his chin and stared at her from beneath lowered lids. “I prefer you hot . . . and XXX.”

-Lover at Last, pg. YouShallSee

Who is that?!  Man I can’t wait to read those lines in the book to see who says them!

She also shared this photo from one of her edits:



Man, I can’t wait for this book.

Now, if you are one of the lucky ones who managed to pre-order a signed copy of Lover at Last, this could be your copy:



Or if this is not your copy, then one of these might be yours…


And if not, then one of the books in one of these boxes should be yours…


Holy jumpin’ that is a lot of Lover at Last.  There isn’t too much longer to wait.  Just over one month.  31 days.  Not too bad.  Really.

Happy Weekend!

  1. Oh my god, I think this series just jumped to the top of my list!

  2. Ann-Catrin Sköld says:

    I know for sure that this book is on the top of MY list!
    Feels like I’ve been waiting forever…
    Thanks for the update, Julie! <3

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