Mar 18, 2013

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Question – Have You Ever Re-Read A Book Only To Think “I Liked This?!”

reallyI can’t say that I have the opportunity to re-read as many books as I would like but I do try to read some of my most favorites once in a while, especially after having read a particularly heavy book or after reading an extraordinary book that I know no book will compare to.  Or sometimes if I’ve been in a bit of a rut and I need to read something I just know I will love in order to break the rut I’ll re-read some past favorites.

I have re-read Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis, Sweet Possession by Maya Banks and Poison Study by Maria V Snyder many times and each time I love them.  I have re-read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series in anticipation for a new installment and find I always find I feel the same way about those books too.

But that is not always the case.

When I started reading hard-core, I read all YA.  Most of you know this already but I will give the super-quick version of my story for those who are not familiar with it.  I loved YA.  Started with Twilight and enjoyed it.  I liked the book but mostly I loved the time it gave me for ME.  I hated the idea of reading adult books because I assumed adult reads were heavier and more depressing.  So I stuck with YA…until one day I realized that many YA titles were actually really depressing that adult romance books offer guaranteed HEA.  So I switched.

I have tried going back and re-reading some of my ‘original YA favorites’.  I have tried to re-read Twilight and just couldn’t get through it again.  In fact, I wondered how I ever enjoyed it as much as I did!  I guess I just fell out of love with it.  I will always be grateful to that book for introducing me to reading again but it is not a book I will be reading again.  I’ve moved on to bigger and better books.  And I have no regrets.

Has that ever happened to you guys?  Have you ever re-read a book only to think “I liked this!?”

  1. Yes, yes, and yes lol. Twilight being one of them!

  2. Yes, actually. After the first season of True Blood, I was so excited for the characters in Bon Ton that I spent the summer catching up on the book series and loved it. I waited all fall and winter until the newest one came out in April and was a little disappointed that it was so lame, and it has only gotten worse every year since. I have invested so much of my time into the characters because I’m loyal like that, but I’m convinced my love of the early books in the series is purely based on my love of the first season of the show.

  3. Sadly, yes, I have. Also, this happens with movies. Some movies from my youth I still adore. Some I’ve watched again recently and thought meh. Same with books. There are oldies but goodies. And some that I put in the donate pile the 2nd or 50th time around. I guess we’re always growing and changing.

  4. I’ve totally done that. It’s weird to see what sticks with me and what I just can’t stand a second time around! Oh, well. Like Selena says, it’s a good way to clean off the shelves!

  5. That’s a big fat yes! I had this happen just a few weeks ago, actually. Granted, I hadn’t read that particular book in about 20 years, but still. Used to love it. Now I couldn’t even finish it.

  6. LOL Oh yes. I’ve experienced this exact phenomenon in varying degrees.

    Sometimes I’ll read a series and go into absolute freak out mode thinking it’s the best thing I’ve EVER read, or ever will read. And then later, I go back and re-read (often when a new book comes out) and the sparkle is gone. I still enjoy the series, but it’s no longer the end all and be all of series. An example of this would be the Rhiannon’s Law series, which I still LOVE, but when I first read it, I thought I’d never read anything better, but now I just really like it. I even recently picked up the first Mercy Thompson book to re-read, and it just wasn’t as fabulous as I remember it. Maybe it was my mood. I’m assuming this sort of thing happens because part of the enjoyment of reading a series is the suspense and the discovery of the characters and the story. Once that newness is gone, the series has to have a lot of substance, depth, or smoking hot romance to keep the readers engaged on rereads.

    There are also series that I thought were amazing that seems like so much crap on re-reading them. As others have said, I’d have to list Twilight as an example of this. I still love the first book, but what is UP with the last book? Ugg – Bella get knocked up by a VAMPIRE (wtf?), that twisted birth, and Jacob falling in love with a baby. Gag. So weird. What was the author smoking when she wrote that book? I think the love to disgust phenomenon can be explained by my reading tastes growing and evolving. I read Twilight pretty early in my urban fantasy / vampire reading kick, and having read SO much more from that genre, I now realize just how amazing it can be, and so some of the older books I used to love just seem crappy by comparison.

    Interestingly enough, I’ve also gone back and re-read books and had them seem just as amazing if not better than my first re-read. Examples would be the Richelle Meade Bloodlines series which I sort of disliked in the beginning, but ended up enjoying SO much more on re-read. Or Cinder, which I enjoyed when I first read but loved on re-read.

    One series I can say never gets old or looses any of it’s luster on re-reads would be the Fever series by Moning. I’ve re-read it three times, and it just never stops being amazing.

  7. when i was reading the title to this post, i thought “hmmm maybe twilight?” hahaha. i haven’t really tried re-reading it again in a long time. i know it’s not well written but i will always think fondly of it because of all of the good times my girlfriends and i had while reading it. we were swept away by it, even though we all knew it wasn’t really that well written. but it was fun and was something we could all talk about. and the first book is still my favorite. the others are eh. and omg so many of my friends hate the last book. so yes, i think tastes can change over time. i try to just remember the feeling i had when i first read the book and move on to the next one.

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