Mar 23, 2013

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News – Lover At Last Daily Quotes


JR Ward has been posting daily quotes from Lover at Last on her Facebook Page.  These are GOLD! I find them even better read one after the other, so I decided to post them all for you below.  Now these quotes can do one of two things for you guys: they can either tide you over until Lover at Last releases on Tuesday or they can drive you crazy, making you want the book even more (if that is even possible).

Either way, enjoy 😉





Communicating via hand signals, they split into two groups, with him and John taking one side of the mammoth double doors, and Rhage, Blay, and Z zeroing in on the smaller entrance.  Rhage went for the requisite handle while everyone braced for engagement. If there was a football team’s worth of lessers in there, it made sense to send the Brother in first, because he had the kind of backup nobody else did: His beast loved slayers, and not in a relationship sense.
Talk about your thin mints.
-Lover at Last, pg. 107


“I must needs go-“
At that moment, Elan’s eyes went to the window across from him, and he saw the reflection of his killer in the glass.
-Lover at Last, pg. 404


Qhuinn went over to the door and leaned in, listening for Rhage’s voice, closing his eyes, waiting for the hall of statues to be clear.
Jesus, he could be a selfish prick sometimes; he really could—
His body turned on a dime, sure as if Blay’s voice was a ripcord that yanked him around. “Yeah?”
The male walked forward. When they were eye-to-eye, Blay said, “I still want to f**k you.”
-Lover at Last, pg. XXX


Qhuinn froze.
On the other side of the blue mats, Blay was on the machine closest to the door, sitting as still as the weights he was not lifting.
The expression on his face was volcanic. But he wasn’t mad.
No, he wasn’t.
He had a h**d-on big enough to see from across the room. Maybe across the state…
-Lover at Last, pg. 73


Layla opened her mouth to shout. Tried to reach for her savior. Strained against her body’s still-glowing deadweight.  But there was naught else she could do.  The last thing that registered before she lost consciousness was her concern for the other female. And then all went dark.
-Lover at Last, pg. 316


“So be it,” Wrath murmured. “Eight’s a good number. A lucky number.”
That low growl of agreement rippled through the air once again, the sound one of complete and utter solidarity.  This was the future, Wrath thought as he smiled and bared his fangs. And it was right.
-Lover at Last, pg. 165


“Is this real?” he mumbled.
John looked momentarily confuzzled.  It had to be real, Qhuinn thought. Because the Honor Guard had come to him in the summer, and the air he was inhaling was cold.
Are you okay? John mouthed as he signed.
Shoving his hand into the snowy ground, Qhuinn pushed as hard as he could. When he didn’t budge more than an inch or two, he let that speak for itself…and passed the f**k out.
-Lover at Last, pg. 20


She was a hunter.  And the man in that house, whoever he was, was her prey.
-Lover at Last, pg. 68


“Your sex life is out of control. (…) You’re not behaving in a professional manner.”
“You eat your own food at Sal’s.”
“My linguine with clam sauce doesn’t require a restraining order when I decide the next night I want the Fra Diavolo.”
-Lover at Last, pg. 84


“Zsadist! Zsaaaaaaaaaaaaadist!”
The scream carried all the way across the glowing blue lawn as, up at the terrace, a lone figure shot out into the snow at a dead run. Lots of people shouted back at Bella, but he doubted she heard a thing.
As she skidded into range, Blay immediately reached for her- (…) (A)nd, oh, God, he was never going to forget the expression on her face— it was more horrific than any war atrocity he’d ever seen, as if she were being flayed alive, sure as her arms and legs were strapped down and pieces of her very flesh were being peeled from her body…
-Lover at Last, pg 152 (edited a little bit)


Abruptly Qhuinn shifted his position, pivoting around, tilting his head back, sluicing the water through his dark hair, that incredible body arching.
He’d kept his PA.
And holy sh*t, he was aroused—
-Lover at Last, pg. 79


Reassuming his form in a woodland area south and west of the compound, Qhuinn steeled himself against making any inferences about what had detained the guy— although the fact of the matter was, the fighter had gone up to his room and hadn’t come back. And whereas most accidents happened in the home, it was a good guess that he hadn’t had a slip-and-fall.  Unless Saxton had been playing throw rug on the marble in their bathroom.
-Lover at Last, pg. 106


Leaning in, Assail dipped his chin and glared. “I am not upset. Yet.”
One of Benloise’s hands surreptitiously dipped out of sight. A split second later, Assail heard the door down at the other end of the room open.
Keeping his voice low, Assail said, “This was a courtesy to you. The next time I find anyone on my property, whether you sent them or not, I shall not be even half so polite.”
With that, he got to his feet and ground the lit cigar out upon the desk.
“I bid you a fond good evening,” he said, before walking away.
-Lover at Last, pg. 104

  1. Dying! Can’t wait!

  2. I love all the quotes I have seen so far. I can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  3. YAY! I’m super excited! The only decision I have to make is to read or to listen first…LOL. This and the Fever series are the only 2 that I do in both formats….A total nut 🙂
    Thanks Julie.

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