Mar 25, 2013

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Question – Should Reviewers Post Spoiler Warnings For Past Books?

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When writing a review for the book I just finished reading, I try my hardest not to write spoilers into my reviews.  Sometimes it’s very difficult and I may sneak one or two in but I always warn readers ahead of time.  But what I don’t do is write “This review contains spoilers about previous books in the series” if I am writing a review for, let’s say, the sixth book in an ongoing series.

I personally don’t think it’s necessary because I think it goes without saying.  If I’m reading a review for a book nine then decide to read book one, I know that there are things that were said in that review that will make me go O-o.  I expect to find mild spoilers about past books when I’m reading a review for a book found in a series.

When I read a warning that spoilers for past books ahead, I think ‘well, of course!’.

Am I alone in this?  What do you think?  Should reviewers post spoiler warning for past books’ events?

  1. No! I think in a series if you choose to read the review for Book 3 then you can expect information about Book 1 and 2 in the review. I know people are spoiler sensitive but you have to use common sense when reading reviews. Don’t read them if it is further a long in the series than you are (if you are not to that book)

  2. I totally agree with you. If you are reading reviews of book 6 in a series I don’t know how you wouldn’t get a few spoilers along the way. I feel like reading book reviews from later books can intrigue me more to want to read the series. That’s how I found Amanda Bonilla after reading your review about Blood Before Sunrise, and what an awesome series it has tured out to be.

  3. I agree, for me it’s a no-brainer that a review for a later installment in a series will contain spoilers for the earlier books. I mean, how else are you supposed to talk about it, and about how the story is developing? I think even with the second book in a series it’s not necessary to say that there are spoilers for the previous book.
    What I think is important though is posting a warning if there are spoilers in the review for the actual book you are reviewing! I hate it when people don’t do that and take that ‘mindf*ck’ moment of the twist away from me.
    Great discussion topic!

  4. Completely, agree with you Julie.

  5. I agree with you completely, Julie. I expect to find spoilers for earlier books when reading reviews on later books in a series, so I don’t need warning or disclaimers. It’s just common sense.

    When I’m checking out a new series, I’ll read reviews for the first book, and just look at the star ratings for later books to decide if reading the series is worth the time investment.

  6. And I’m with you on this one!

  7. Nope, it’s read at your own warning. Sometimes you have to say certain things even if they are spoilers. And I as the reader knows this

  8. I agree that it should be expected for an ongoing series. And reading your reviews of series books, some with spoilers, have inspired me to start a series or two. Or five. 🙂

  9. I agree with everyone here. Only spoilers for the book you are reviewing should be warned about, and often the new blurb itself tells something about the ending of the previous book(s).

  10. Felicia – Exactly.

    Mama Moon – I would love to see if someone could write a completely spoiler free review for a book 6 – if it’s even possible lol

    Carmen – Yes, DEFINITELY warn of spoilers for the current book. I think that is mandatory.

    Michele – 🙂

    Jessica – The ratings are important for me too when deciding whether or not to try a series that already has a few books out 🙂

    Diane – 🙂

    bloedeudd – I assume readers would know that, yes. 🙂

    Liz – Sometimes it’s dangerous reading reviews for books into a series. I understand that too. Good reviews always suck me into buying the books lol

    aurian – You’re so right about blurbs! Sometimes they are more spoilery than the reviews themselves!

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