Oct 21, 2010

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My Life’s Quirks – My Quest for the Missing Sippy Cups

I often feel like 50% of my day is spent sweeping some sort of Cheerios spill off the floor and the other 50% is spent searching for missing sippy cups!  I know the toddlers just dump their cups anywhere when they are done.  I understand that most of the time they don’t even know where the cups end up.  But sometimes I swear they are sticking them in strange places just to drive me mad.  And since I’m not above seeming ridiculous and taking photos of the odd places where I have found said sippy cups (all in the name of my blog), here are some of the most interesting places:

The cup was so lodged in there, I had a real hard time getting it out!  The strength that two years olds possess when determined is unbelievable!

Lodged between my couch cushions.  She was drinking from it there too (not that anything was coming out of it).

In a diaper basket.  It never even occurred to me to look here and boy did it take me a while to find this one!

Yeah…and this is the time the cup decided to leak…and I didn’t notice before putting my Crocs on to go meet the school bus. (And I really hate it when my socks get wet.  I mean, really hate it!)

My son was responsible for this one.  He’s the one who finally found his own cup.  Thank goodness for that because I don’t think I would have ever found this one.

Again, my son…his cup in his laundry basket. *sigh*

This one blended in so well, it took me a while to find it.  When I asked the little one “Where is your cup”, she points to the living room and said “Right there”.  Oh um, thanks for the help.  It’s somewhere in the living room…great.

This cup decided to go for a ride.  Can’t you just hear it going “Weeeee!”

My son (you can tell because his is the blue cup) tried his hardest to lodge his cup in his fire truck and was a little peeved when it didn’t fit…then left it there for mommy to find!  lol

This has to be the best one.  Yup, in the potty.  My biggest question is how in the world did it even get in there?  I mean, the bathroom is gated off?!  *play mysterious music*

Yup…  That’s what most of my weekdays consist of.  I really should have the cups all on stings and have them hanging from the kids’ necks.  Like really cool necklaces!  Wonder if they would go for that?!  Yeah…that might be a little bit of a choking hazard.  Oh well…

My quest for missing sippy cups.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.

  1. Super cute! I really loved this 🙂
    I really love where your son leaves his, they are amazing places to keep you guessing and looking!
    But ew the potty not a good place!
    And wet socks suck, I guess juice is better then doggy drool though!

  2. I love the pics! That last pic and how it mysteriously got in the potty was the funniest one. 😀

  3. Ally – I suppose stepping in juice or water is quite a bit less disgusting than stepping in dog drool. lol

    Bells – I’m still puzzled over how it got there…

  4. Ever find sippy cups in the toilet?

  5. I thought the toilet *was* a sippy cup… D’oh!

  6. Katie – No and thank goodness for that. I mean, Ew! even for a toddler! lol

    Stanley – Well, at least the toddlers know that’s not cool. I guess I just have to work harder teaching you what’s a good idea and what’s a bad idea. 😉

  7. LOL @ the sippy cups!! love how the boys put them in the trucks and such but the potty was tooo funny!!

  8. I loved the pics and your thoughts on the hiding spots. It made me smile. 🙂

  9. Sharon – The boys put everything in the trucks! lol

    Carmel – I’m glad it made you smile. After I pull my hair out, I smile too. 🙂

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