Apr 4, 2013

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My Life’s Quirks – Addicted to Mousehunt

mousehuntHave you guys ever heard of the game Mousehunt?  It’s a Facebook game by HitGrab that you can also access via an app.

Almost three weeks ago, Jason mentioned that he noticed his co-worker sneaking a peek at his phone at regular intervals through the day.  When he asked his friend what he was up to, his friend told him he was “checking his trap”.  Um…what?

Jason’s friend was playing Mousehunt.  Jason thought the game looked interesting and decided to try it…and was hooked pretty much from the get-go.

Mousehunt is a game of strategy and planning.  Of cunning and wit.  But mostly, it’s a game of luck.  That is what makes it so addictive and that is also what pisses you off to no end many times in one day.

Basically, you set traps and try to catch mice.  That’s it.  That’s the game.

The day after Jason’s friend introduced him to Mousehunt the kids got into the game. Jason was playing at home and the kids were drawn by the sounds the game was making and were quickly sucked into the game.  They cheered when Jason he caught a new mouse and were sad for him when he missed.

With all the commotion, I had to see what was going on.  After watching Jason play and seeing the kids watching Jason play for the better part of a half hour, I decided to try it too.  I suck at video games but I thought I could play this one easily.  I still haven’t decided if joining in the fun that first day was a good idea or a very very bad idea.

Instantly, I was hooked.  The little horn that sounds and the fireworks that go off when you catch a specific mouse for the first time are so gratifying.  Hearing that sound after you haven’t heard it in a while is like getting a fix.  I know what you are thinking.  You’re thinking “crazy” right?  Well, you’re probably not all that far off the mark.

One part of the game that is quite impressive is the artwork.  Just look at some of the mice you can catch!

Mind you, there are also some that aren’t so cute…

lycanmouse hyrdamouse dragonmouse

…but you can’t deny that the art is well done.


There is a whole world you can unlock and explore with each place having its own indigenous mice.  That means there are many many new mice to catch and many hours of fun to be had!  Then of course you have your illusive mice.  Man, they piss you off when they come to your trap and eat your cheese without setting it off.  That means that the damn mouse actually came right up to my trap and tricked me!  F*cking mouse!  I was ‘this’ close and the damn thing got away.  If I ever meet him again I’m going to pounce on his furry little ass and…

*blinks back to reality*  Yeah…it’s a bit additive.

Did I tell you that once you reach a certain level you are only allowed to ‘sound your horn’ once every fifteen minutes?  So you sit there, constantly checking your phone or your Facebook to see if it’s been fifteen minutes yet.  You look and feel like an idiot…but you just don’t care.  Because you next catch might just be the Black Widow mouse and man, she is tough to get!

You think I’m hooked, check this out.  My kids.  They each have this print out with pictures of all of the mice you can catch in the game.  They study it all the time and when we catch a new mouse, they run to check it out on their sheet!

 mousehunt photo

They even invent their own mice.  My 5 year old son has cooked up ‘Wish Mouse’ and my eight year old daughter invented ‘Cool Mouse’ (she spelled it ‘coule’ because “ou” = “oo” in French).

coule mouse

My son actually gives me shit in the morning when I haven’t caught a specific mouse “for him”.  What the hell?!  It’s a total crap shoot!  Yes, you try to pick the strongest trap that you own for the site and the best cheese and so on but ultimately, it’s luck.  Too bad my son (or my patience) doesn’t understand that.

So yes, as I write this post, I have checked my phone a few times to see if it’s time to sound the horn and hunt and I may have cursed once or twice because I either caught nothing or not what I wanted.  Do I have a problem?  Probably.  But I’m still going to play because as frustrating as this game is, it’s a sh*t load of fun.

Addicted to Mousehunt.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.


  1. Michele says:

    Oh boy…sounds fun. Downloading now. 🙂

  2. LOL Welcome to the hunt! :p

  3. Damn you, do not mention a Fb game….arghh I must go and check it!

  4. I checked it when you (little E) told me and closed my browser immediately. It looks so good that I’m afraid of becoming addicted.

  5. ohhh noooo….i just had to ck it out…LOL!

  6. u know when ur addicted to it when ur body clock works in 15 minute cycles

  7. Love this game soooo much, started playing the end of january 2012 and i’ve already caught 21469 mice and sounded the horn 16706 times its that addictive.

  8. You can play at https://www.mousehuntgame.com/

    Hunting Since: Jul 01, 2008
    Hunter’s Title: Grand Duchess (18%)
    Mice Caught: 65451

    Nearly 5 years and still tooting…

  9. DraGGun says:

    Your life will never be the same….

  10. -sigh-

    I’ve been playing for over 4 years. LoL
    Damn game!
    So addicting!

  11. C Rodriguez says:

    Sound? Fireworks? I became addicted without those things. I’ve already had my 4th mousaversary. The community of hunters keeps it going…and going…

  12. Lol, I am going to stay far away from this! But I might send it to my boyfriend … I recently discovered games on Facebook, and got addicted to Candy Crush. Trying to kick the habit now!
    good luck to all the hunters out there!

  13. Michele – Do so at your own rist 😉

    Carmel – lol thanks

    blodeuedd – lol

    Bookaholic Cat – I still can’t believe that the first tweet E even sent you was “do you play Mousehunt?” LOL

    Sharon – I love that you’re playing! lol

    craig – LMAO!

    Jay – Holy crud that is a lot of mice!

    Kate – I believe you’ve been playing as long as my husband’s work friend! Those are impressive numbers!

    DraGGun – I am starting to realize that lol

    brad – Yes! Must catch all the mice! lol

    C – 4th mousaversary! Cute.

    aurian – I’ve heard of Candy Crush but haven’t tried it. I think you’re right with the idea of not too many games to be addicted to at a time lol

  14. Michele S says:

    Great fun read 🙂
    Thanks Julie!

  15. Denise Smith says:

    Julie, it is a wonderful game with players worldwide, great camaraderie lots of events throughout the year and various challenges as you progress through the game.
    ADDICTIVE to the point where going away for a week without access to either the mobile app or the internet is enough to give me a serious case of the mopes. The longest I can manage is about 14 hours and that with the greatest difficulty. Been playing since 2011 and don’t miss a day.

  16. It’s the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do before closing my eyes at night.
    Welcome to the game! Hope you’ve joined a few of the FB communities cause they make it even more enjoyable!

  17. Yup.

    Dean Draper
    Breeds Caught: 432 / 463
    Event Breeds Caught: 106 / 107

    Hunting Since: Sep 13, 2008
    Hunter’s Title: Grand Duke (44%)
    Points: 988,123,440
    Gold: 5,954,451

  18. Balasubramaniam says:

    Felt nice to read this. Almost 6 years into the game and I know how many hours of sleep I had lost and the amount of scolding I get from my wife and mom for wasting my time :-D.

    Just my 2 cents : To me, the “not so cute” are also cute [Maybe, you say so as these are the dangerous ones at your level]. There are some really really ugly ones that you will encounter in the future.

  19. RedHeadTea says:

    Been missing a lot of horns last few months, but I still sound it at least once a day. The only game I’ll play for life.

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